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Found 12 results

  1. Welcome to The Foundry, providing Benediction Vynora enchants, Tools, & Armor! In-Game Info Location: S17 Cadence - The Right Spot In-Game Names: Fadden or Forbes. Current Professions: Pottery: Fadden up to 70QL Blacksmithing: Fadden - up to 60QL Leatherworking: Fadden - up to 60QL Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 80QL Fine Carpentry: Elvirah - up to 75QL Vynora Priest: Forbes - Benediction 90.70 channeling Fo Priest: Fort - Casting coming soon. ON DEMAND CUSTOM CASTS Pricing for each range is a set charge, the final cast is guaranteed to be at or above the power listed for that range. If cast power is higher than requested range there will be no additional charge. Price is for any item that can accept a cast (tool/wep/armor/etc) SHATTER RISK Casting is based around RNG and there is a chance of shattering an item. If the item is important please imp to 50QL before sending to reduce chances of shattering. Any common (none rare/supreme/fantastic) item that is above 50QL that is crafted by any profession listed in the "Current Professions" section will be replaced free of charge. Outside of what is listed above we will not be held responsible for any shattered item. BLACKSMITHING CARPENTRY & FINE CARPENTRY SERVICES LEATHERWORKING POTTERY - Pricing Coming Soon <---CURRENT PRE-CASTED INVENTORY BELOW---> HORSESHOES (Sorted by Cast Power) TOOLS (Sorted by Cast Power) GENERAL DISCLAIMERS Any item turned rare during the imp process is at no additional charge to the customer. Any order involving items that can not be sent via mail is subject to additional delivery costs, which will be handled/priced on a per order basis. CUSTOM ORDERS/REQUESTS/FEEDBACK Requests and orders can be submitted via in-game PM or posting here in this thread. We would love to hear any feedback you have good or bad just drop a reply here in this thread.
  2. Want enchanted tools, weapons or armor but don't have the silver to pay for it? I got you covered! Located in T13 Celebration, we open our doors for our fellow Wurmians who are unable to pay with silver. In exchange for bulk items, I will provide you with a level of enchants of your choice. Generally, the customer delivers the bulk items, and would be present for the casts if they so desire. Here are the details. With an 88 channeling Paaweeler Priest, I will perform cast trades as follows: 1 spell cast (single cast) of your choice in exchange for 150 agreed upon bulk items*++ 3 spell casts (3 single casts of any tool or item of your choice) for a single large crate of 300 bulk items.)*++ 10 spell casts of your choice for 3 full large crates of bulk items*++ List of spells can be found here: ***LIFE TRANSFER IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!***. Any cast below 20 will be automatically recasted and will not count towards your cast quota. Casts by Quality - Guaranteed casts over the quality indicated. (Varies by bulk offered)++ 50ql+ - 300 bulk items 60ql+ - 400 bulk items 70ql+ - 600 bulk items 80ql+ - 900 bulk items 90ql+ - 1500 bulk items Shatter Protection: In the event of a shattered item, I will waive the whole transaction including price, and you will be granted 3 free item enchants of your choice, 50ql or above each guaranteed. You will then be able to place a new order if you so wish. Items of low quality can be refused, unless the client waives the shatter protection. Traveling Services: For a fee, I will perform at location services (Courier, Genesis, Strongwall, etc). Travel fee can be paid in either bulk or silver at the customer's choice. I have access to both Paaweelr and Nahjo enchants for this service. Contact us for a quote of your project. Pricing generally follows the amounts indicated above, plus travel fee. NEW!! Paaweelr Roulette! For a limited time, send me an item of 70ql or above, and I will cast on it once. What it lands is what you get. 20+ power guaranteed. I will then mail it to you for 15c, regardless of the cast. (Paaweelr Casts Only). Items with no enchants only. * Pricing is for each single successful cast regardless of quality. Failures do not count towards your casts limit ++ I understand that the value of bulk items varies by type and quality. The prices listed above are simply a guidance, and will be adjusted to accommodate the product offered. I reserve the right to reject or adjust any offer. Note: Any unclaimed items after 2 weeks (mailbox returned items) will be forefit to cover expenses incurred during casting. Client is responsible for any mail costs incurred in any transaction.
  3. New batch of WOA horse shoes for sale! Excellent casts folks! Why ride slow when you can ride fast? Reply or PM with the set you want! You will receive them promptly from my 100 cast mailbox!
  4. =Enchanted= 71QL leather knife,iron 93botd- 2,5 silver 89QL ropetool, oak 86 botd-1,6silver 86QL ropetool oak 80woa 85coc-1,6s 18QL ropetool oak 88coc-1,8s 80QLpickaxe,iron 85botd-1,5silver 74QL pickaxe 86woa 79coc-1,5s 77QL pickaxe 83botd-1,3s 83QL hatchet 86botd-1,6s 83QL hatchet 84botd-1,4s 84QL hatchet 90botd-2s 76QL hatchet 92botd-2,2s 82QL hatchet 85botd-1,5s 72QL hatchet 82woa 72coc-1,5s 44QL large maul 73aosp 84coc 67N-2,6s 51QL huge axe 79MS 87coc 74LT 87N-5s 44QL bridle 83botd-1,3s 46QL bridle 84botd-1,4s 39QL saddle 88botd-1,8s 78QL chisel 74woa-60c 22QL grooming brush oak 73coc-60c 39QL carving knife 80woa-1s 83QL scissors 71botd-80c 90QL clayshaper,oak 90botd-2,5silver 82QL spatula,oak 84botd-2silver 83Ql mallet,oak 86 botd- 1,7silver 81QL mallet,oak 81botd-1,5silver =Pelts= 85QL large rat pelt 96botd-2,5 silver 85QL large rat pelt 92botd-2 silver 91QL large rat pelt 82botd-1s =Meditation rugs= 61QL meditation rug 87coc-1,5s 59QL meditation rug 85coc-1,3s 8QL beautiful meditation rug 86coc-1,5s 11QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s 13QL fine meditation rug 83coc-1,5s =Rares= 5QL rare clay shaper, cedarwood- 4s 84QL rare horsheshoe-4s 95QL fantastic tin knapsack-10s =Food= 98QL rice,10k-1s per k 98QL wemp 8k-1s per k =Bulks= Bricks 3k-2s per k Mortar 1k-2,5s 36QL hide 2,8k-2,5s 60QL hide 1,4k- 1,5s 83QL hide 400-1s per 100 15QL wool 1,6k- 3,5s 1k cotton 75QL-1s Animal bits all potencies and QL's alltogether 12,3k-1,5silver per k PM Raldon or Zoranah ingame for info! Pickup Deli H8-Sunburst
  5. SOLD

    as title says asking 14s Rare LONGSWORD QL85 c89 Fb98 Nim81 MS76
  6. SOLD

    As title says I'm asking for 12s feel free to message me. Rare longsword 85QL, CoC85, FB,83, Nim89, MS80
  7. Hello, I have few items for sale, cod or pickup at Sarmatian Stronghold Y37X45 (Exodus) 1# Plate set Starting bid: 4s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 2# 91ql Rare oakenwood mallet (coc81) - 9s Dishonour Starting bid: 3s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 3# 90ql Rare oakenwood spindle (woa88) - 3,5s Vectrius Starting bid: 1s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 4# 86ql Rare pinewood grooming brush (coc74) - 2s Dishonour Starting bid: 1s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 5# 79ql Rare carving knife (coc75) Starting bid: 4s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 6# 92ql Rare file (coc87) - 4s DoctorAngus Starting bid: 4s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper 7# 80ql scissors (coc93) Starting bid: 2s increment: 50c No reserve 1h sniper Good luck!
  8. PM me to place your order. Payment on delivery, if COD is used an additional 10c for mail fee is applicable within Release. After order is received then we begin working on an order. ULTIMATE PC - Prices of new Unique Drops- BULK ITEMS: Bulk Masonry: 500 Bricks for 1s 500 Mortar for 1.5s 100 Slabs for 1s 10 Slate slabs for 1s 500 Colossus Bricks for 1s Bulk Carpentry: 1000 Planks for 1s 1000 Shafts for 1s 1000 Arrowshafts for 1s 15 Support Beams for 1s 10 Floorboards for 1s Ship Building Materials: 100 Tenons for 20c 100 Pegs for 20c 100 Hull planks for 20c Bulk Blacksmithing: 100 Small nails for 20c 100 Large nails for 20c 100 Ribbons for 1s 100 Fence bars for 1.5s 100 Rivets for 20c 100 Frying pans for 1s Raw Materials: 1000 Clay for 1s 1000 Tar for 1s 100 Iron ore for 1s (40QL) 100 Logs for 1s 1000 Dirt for 1s 1000 Peat 1.5s 1000 Zinc ore 2.5s (30QL) Furniture (unfinished, last piece included) BSB/FSB - 15c Large Chest - 10c Small Chest - 5c Small Barrel - 5c Small Bucket - 5c Small Raft - 15c Weapon, Bow, Armour Rack - 15c Bed - 30c Small crate - 15c TOOLS AND ARMOUR: Armour 70 QL leather armour for 2s 40 QL cloth armour for 40c 50 QL plate armour for 4s Tools 50 QL iron tools for 20 c 50 QL steel tools for 50c 50 QL large/small anvil for 50c 50 QL lamp for 30 c Weapons 50 ql 30 copper 70 ql 75 copper 80 ql 1.5 silver Farm items 1000 veggies for 1s 1000 wemp for 1s 1000 cotton for 1s Animals Normal horse 10 copper Normal bison 30 copper 4 speed horses 50 copper 5 speed horses - 1.5 silver Casts Price for Spells such as Circle of Cunning (CoC) and Wind of Ages (Woa): 1c/power for spells below 60 power and 1s at 60 power + 10c/power above 60 per enchant. 70-79 = 2s+10c/power (2s to 2s90c) 80-89 3s+20c/power (3s to 4.8s) 90+ Note: Will not be liable for any shattered items provided by the customer. Unique feature of Our market We take Rare Tool orders also You tell us which Rares u need and we will provide you as soon as possible . Price and tool info would be discussed and we will arrange for the tools Labour service We will come to your place and work for you also. Get what u want If u don't find something u need, message us and we might arrange it for you. Thought of the day : This is not a personal market, this is OUR market Contact - Evilprince
  9. Offer me just about anything fitting those. Pm or leave post, also lithi in game.
  10. I was thinking about priests on independence today and noticed that black dog sermons aren't really that central, So I thought maybe the community of this server might want to get together and build a 'Central Sermon Centre', The sermons would be held as often as possible and the priests attending could then discuss who was to hold the next sermon. (I would appreciate any feedback or advice on this matter Facilities would include Beds Animal pens Ovens Altars of each deity Farms Forges Mine If you could find anything else to add please PM me (shads) If any player is interested in helping out or thinks this is a good idea, please comment below
  11. I'm cleaning inventory on rather decently casted weapons. Life Transfer, and especially Venom, are not the easiest casts to find. Most of these weapons just have either LT or Venom, but a couple have a decent CoC or Nimbleness cast. All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. I will not be accepting buyouts this auction as I feel people should have a fair chance to bid against each other. I do, however, accept private bids and requests on weapons. If you don't see a weapon you were looking for here, don't be afraid to PM me for an inquiry. There are also no reserves, meaning that if nobody outbids your first bid, you get the weapon! Weapon 1: 51LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 2: 56LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 3: 58LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 4: 63LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (AndreC) Weapon 5: 64LT 44C Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Ragnarok) Weapon 6: 65LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 7: 66LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 8: 74LT Longsword Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 17s (Skren) Weapon 9: 52V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 10: 56V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 11: 54LT Small Maul Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 10s (Skren) Weapon 12: 71V 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 2.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Weapon 13: 68LT 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Private Bid) Weapon 14: 54LT 57NB 55C Short Sword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Thanks for bidding, and hope you enjoy your new weapon! Remember, All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. Also, please note that I cannot mail any of the Longswords. I will at my best attempt try to accomdate for this, allowing free pick-up anywhere on the Norhteast coast of Celebration or Southeast Exodus. Everything else will be mailed COD, unless buyer picks up at Northern Sanctuary on Celebration.