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Found 5 results

  1. *EDIT*Apparently it takes a special tool, a gem Staff crafted from a regular Staff and a star gem(Star Diamond, Star Emerald, Star Sapphire, or Star Ruby, each resulting in a different gem Staff with its own name and graphic, but all equally functional for spells), thanks Capi and MootRed for the info!*END EDIT* How does a player cast a Sorcery spell once they have been acquired? Do you need to go through the whole rigamarole of opening the character window, r-clicking on the Body or Hand, opening the Karma menu, and selecting the spell after all that or is there a better way? On a side note, do the charges on the item that gave you the spell mean you lose the spell after using it once and need to relearn it with another charge before being able to use it again or something?
  2. I didn't see anything specifically about this, so I figured I'd write up an idea for it. Originally, I was thinking that this could be put into the select bar, but after typing all that up I figured it would look better in it's own window. Like the crafting window, I propose a "Spell Book" or a "Casting Window". 1) Either activate the statuette, or drag it into the casting window like you would a tool into the crafting window. It could also be an unneeded step, instead just having it gray out the "Cast" button if there is no statuette in your inventory. 2) Right-click, add to casting window - or drag an item to it. 3) List of available spells for target item will appear on the left, like recipes do in the crafting window. 4) Select a spell, if you don't have enough favor then it will appear in red. 5) Choose the number of casts you wish to queue 6) Click "Cast" As for the window, it should contain your current favor. It would also be nice to have favor amounts from any linked priests show up here too, as well as who has linked to you. I think this will help to continue the modernization of Wurm that the Devs have done a good job on so far. I do know that people will be concerned that such an interface could be exploited by macros, but I should point out that an ambitious cheater would find a way to do this, with or without such a window. I don't think we should let the fear of macroing stop the game from becoming more modern in terms of interface and overall ease of use. Wurm has it's own challenges, but using features shouldn't be one of them.
  3. Noticed today that casting will start right away even if another action is happening. However, the cast doesn't interrupt the original action, it continues on in the background. First noticed while farming when my finger clicked early but reproduced on pray and meditate as well. Meditate was fun, got three separate casts in and the meditate still ended at the expected time. Also appear to be getting full skill for both sets of actions. Is this intended? Does it apply to anything else or just casting?
  4. I read on the forum a couple weeks ago that enchanting had possibly been nerfed. I tried a bunch of casts on my Vynora priest on Epic with 56 channeling (around 80 effective). I got many sub-50 casts, and a LOT of sub-30. My brother has access to a priest on Chaos with 90 channeling, and he had similar results. Both priests have 32-33 soul depth and 100 alignment. The average cast power and number of 70+ casts has drastically dropped for both of us, and this hurts PvP, where good casts are needed on gear. Please fix this, as we are not the only ones to have noticed this problem.
  5. I'm cleaning inventory on rather decently casted weapons. Life Transfer, and especially Venom, are not the easiest casts to find. Most of these weapons just have either LT or Venom, but a couple have a decent CoC or Nimbleness cast. All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. I will not be accepting buyouts this auction as I feel people should have a fair chance to bid against each other. I do, however, accept private bids and requests on weapons. If you don't see a weapon you were looking for here, don't be afraid to PM me for an inquiry. There are also no reserves, meaning that if nobody outbids your first bid, you get the weapon! Weapon 1: 51LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 2: 56LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 3: 58LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 4: 63LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (AndreC) Weapon 5: 64LT 44C Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Ragnarok) Weapon 6: 65LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 7: 66LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 8: 74LT Longsword Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 17s (Skren) Weapon 9: 52V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 10: 56V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 11: 54LT Small Maul Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 10s (Skren) Weapon 12: 71V 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 2.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Weapon 13: 68LT 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Private Bid) Weapon 14: 54LT 57NB 55C Short Sword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Thanks for bidding, and hope you enjoy your new weapon! Remember, All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. Also, please note that I cannot mail any of the Longswords. I will at my best attempt try to accomdate for this, allowing free pick-up anywhere on the Norhteast coast of Celebration or Southeast Exodus. Everything else will be mailed COD, unless buyer picks up at Northern Sanctuary on Celebration.