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Found 5 results

  1. Hi peeps, I guess I had another dream of wurm being what I wanted it to be but it not being. As so I'm leaving again :c I'm selling a package of both my characters Menachem Path of Knowledge - Observer You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Wurm, week 3 of the starfall of Silence, 1000. That's 3040 days, 17 hours and 22 minutes ago. You have played 104 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes. You have been premium a total of 28 months until Dec 2013. You have been premium a total of 15 months since Dec 2013. You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. You have premium time until 28 Mar 2018 17:07:38 GMT Hello Path of Love - Giving (refresh) You entered through the portal to Wurm on Wrath day, week 1 of the Raven's starfall , 1023. That's 2076 days, 9 hours and 17 minutes ago. You have played 50 days, 4 hours and 17 minutes. You have been premium a total of 4 months until Dec 2013. You have been premium a total of 2 months since Dec 2013. You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. You have premium time until 1 Mar 2018 18:06:34 GMT Has an 100 imbue rare pickaxe with rune for sweet ql 100 ore, for Mena's smithing sprees. Toons are currently on Deli, located on an off-shore Knarr. Willing to trade for a decent Eve Online character or sell for Euros. Please contact me through these forums, thanks.
  2. Sixiron's Smithy

    Sixiron's Smithy is now open for business. All information can be found at or for those who are scared to click tiny links
  3. Black Brigade Smithery

    Squirrelnutz and Bonefly are here to serve your needs ! Smithing items: Blacksmithing: Ql 50 - 10c Ql 60 - 15c Ql 70 - 25c Ql 80 - 60c Ql 85 - 85c Ql 90 - 1s Ql 92 - 3 s needs personal agreement before ordering, not taking simultaneous 90+orders but only 1 at a time Items : Hammer, File, Needle, Awl, Trowel, Stone Chisel, Rake, Shovel, Pickaxe, Leather knife, Hatchet, Scissors, Saw, Small anvil, Frying pan, etc Large anvils + 15c to the above prices Max Ql is 90 for Large Anvils Horseshoes (set of 4) Ql 50 - 40c Ql 60 - 60c Ql 70 - 1s Ql 80 - 2.4s Blade type tools (sickle/knives/scythe etc) Ql 50 - 40c Weapons: Ql 50 - 40c Chain armor: Iron Ql 50 - 80c a set or 10c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 60 - 1.5s a set or 20c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 70 - 2s a set or 30c/piece (Jacket+10c/Leg+5c) Ql 80 - 3s a set Gold Ql 50 - 3.5s a set Ql 60 - 4s a set Ql 70 - 6s a set Ql 80 - 8s a set Barding (chain) Ql 60 - 1.5s Ql 70 - 2s Ql 80 - 3s Large metal shield : Ql 50 - 30c Ql 60 - 40c Ql 70 - 60c Ql 80 - 80c Ql 85 - 1.2s Jewelsmithing : Golden Rings/bracelets/necklaces Ql 50 - 20c Ql 60 - 30c Ql 70 - 40c Ql 80 - 50c Altars: (Silver of Gold lumps supplied by you) Ql 30 - 2.5s Ql 50 - 3s Ql 60 - 3.5s Ql 70 - 4s Ql 80 - 4.5s Altars: (Lumps supplied by me) Ql 30 - 3.5s (Silver/Gold) Ql 50 - 4s (Silver/Gold) Ql 60 - 4.5s (Silver/Gold) Ql 70 - 5s (Silver only) Ql 80 - 6s (Silver only) On request i can Bless the altar to Fo for an extra 30c charge. If the altar is on Celebration or Deliverance, the travel fee is 1s, if its on Independence its 2s. Other items: Whetstone: Ql 90+ - 20c Work: Mining up to ql 90 / 12i / action Digging 10i/action Flatrising up to 246 slope - to be discussed Enchants and Enchanted stuff: Vynora casts Not available at the moment. Magranon casts Can be discussed. Plz see Squirrelnutz. Fo casts Courier makes your mailbox work and lowers the delivery time according to the cast power. Price : 3s for 10 casts. (no specified power) Bulk items: Average ql70 iron lumps : 100kg/1s Average ql80 iron lumps : 100kg/2s - Average ql85 iron lumps : 100kg/2.5s Average ql90 iron lumps : 10kg/35c Average ql70 silver lumps : 10kg/2s Average ql70 tin lumps : 50kg/1s Clay : 1000 kg/1s (please be aware that 500 clay is 1000 kg) To place your order : Reply this topic Forum-pm PM squirrelnutz or bonefly in-game
  4. Hi, Cathor's Link 'n' Clink Chain Smithing long standing merchant at FM! Various weapons mostly chain armour and various other items, bardings gold or iron can be made to order. A set of 70ql chain armor is on my merchant at FM for just over 2s a set!! Going quite quickly get some while you can. Please reply if you fancy something special made such as a set of 70ql gold chain or gold barding. (currently one on the merchant at a steal for 1.65s.) Also various tools made to order up to around 50ql. My deed is located on the east edge of the eastern plains should you be closer to there than FM. Hope to be working with you soon! Cathor. Final Sacrifice.
  5. I am Blob, i am a chainsmith. I have 99cas and over my time have made many sets of armour. Today i was given the idea to show some of these, so here they are. A 95ql gold chain set made by me and a rather famous miner, go HOGWILD!! for..........Hogwash one of if not the greatest miner around on independance.Also the cleanest Hog in all the kingdoms and some other people who helped who shall not be mentioned (you know who you are ). This rather nice bling chain set was commissioned by non other than Elwood the master carpenter himself (the price ofc will not be disclosed as im sure someone would ask hehe) In this picture below is a rare forge , with the 95ql gold chain set and 2 full rare chain sets which over the coming days will probably be completely imped to 90ql there is also a extra coif. (I did not make all the rare chain sets myself, most was bought at lower qualities). Hope you like seeing part of my chain armour collection, what weird and wonderful chain sets have you made? The big questions is though: Is this the highest quality gold chain set ever made? During the making of this set i got some rarity achievements which are as far as i know are for imping the highest ql item of its type on the server. Details over how the achievement works would also be appreciated as my count went a bit weird. I now have 78 rarity achieves Hogwash's store: