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Found 4 results

  1. Use of a sextant would require the flat-horizon of the sea, (embarked on a boat with no land masses in the direction of the celestial body) and a celestial body currently above the horizon, plus some of the Study mechanics. The reports that can be recorded after using a sextant, would go in an Astronomer's Almanac. Reading an Astronomer's Almanac would tell you the current compass direction of the celestial bodies recorded in it. Use of a Dioptra on a celestial body is different to a sextant. A Dioptra is self-levelling. A Dioptre used on a celestial body whilst carrying a Survey Marker, outside of perimeter, within Kingdom influence, would Plant the Survey Marker at centre of the tile. No trees or bushes could now spawn on this tile, and none of the tile corners could now be modified. Survey Markers would have a minimum distance spacing between each other and deed tokens. Survey Markers would chain to deed tokens and give a relative compass direction and distance to the nearest same-Kingdom deed token when Examined, as well as Survey Marker # and Creator - as with Towers. And as with towers, they may be Bashed and take Decay. Activating a completed Astronomer's Almanac/Sextant/Dioptra and using it on a Survey Marker would tell you the same information as using a Dioptra on a celestial body. If/when there are X number of Survey Markers in a map region, the information available from doing this would result in progressively more accurate information. Mapping a Survey Marker using a sextant would allow one to Record the information on a Survey Map, which would be stored in a Mapcase. Each map would be labelled according to Survey Marker #. A Mapcase would fit in the quiver slot and must be equipped to access functionality. In-game map would have the added option to Toggle mapcase annotations (default off). Accuracy of these annotations would depend on number of Survey Markers in the map-regions, combined with the effective-quality of the individual survey maps contained within the mapcase for that region, and modified by percentage of same-Kingdom Influence in that region (100% for Freedom Isles, so no modifier on PvE). Equipped mapcases would take damage. Mapcases below X effective-quality (quality * damage/100) do not protect their contents from decay, with incrementally decreasing effectiveness. Mapcases cannot be repaired except with Mend. A Survey Marker would also be able to be directly attached to any same-Kingdom constructed mission structure, resulting in a high accuracy of approximate location derived from that specific marker, and acting as a chain-anchor in leiu of deed tokens, including outside of Kingdom Influence. A pendulum enchanted with a new Lurker (in the Wilds? Vynora, Libila) spell would detect nearby Planted Survey Markers. Astronomy reports would be required to create and to improve a brass Orrery (repaired with brass component). Orrery would only be able to be loaded into a wagon, and take damage from being pushed/pulled. Place would be as slow as Smelter/Kiln. Push/pull gently, and turn, would not cause damage. Activated complete Astronomer's Almanac used on an Orrery, would popup a zoomed-in map (4x4grids-worth worth on 8x8km servers, 1x1grids-worth on 32x32km servers) with a marker indicating the approximate current location, based on the effective-quality of the brass Orrery combined with the total-effective-quality of the Astronomer's Almanac.
  2. Hi Ya'll Not sure if this has been suggested before but I would like to suggest a new profession or feature to Wurm Online, dynamic map making (not a unique idea). The idea would be that an individual could create a small paper map that represents 1 single map tile, say N17. The paper map would get updated as the person journeys and travels within the N17 tile and would be based on view distance. As the person walks around the local area, the map would become more detailed showing the houses, roads and landscape. Locations far away within N17 would be less detailed until the person walks over. The single map tile could be duplicated, a copy feature, and traded to other individuals and joined together to create a huge detailed world map. Map makers all over the continent could trade, copy, maps with each other. The map could have restrictions where only if you have a higher map making skill then the original map maker could you update the map. If the map was made by a level 65 then only a level 65+ could add more detail to the map. This is to create an incentive for the map making skill and creates value for higher quality maps. The maps would then need to be updated by map makers as the landscape and towns evolve. This helps keep the profession "alive". Make mappers could add unique logos, lore history, town names, road names, and other map symbols to spice the map up. "Old maps" could have some historic value as they have updates/information that can no longer be created because of the landscape changes. Maps could be turned into villages to update a global map outside of the video game. This could be linked to or something. That way the community has an influence on updating the maps instead of devs creating a map (ruining the immersion).
  3. For those that don't know, cartography is the study and practice of making maps. If you have an area of land you want mapped out, I'm your man! With the upcoming changes to the enclosure rule, many people will be watching their undeeded sections of land quite closely. If you'd like a detailed map of this land, I can do just that for you! I can use a flat 2D program like Excel or a 3D program like the Deedplanner to map out anything you choose. Things I can map and detail for you: Deed and Perimeter Off-deed areas you use close to your village Lands that exist amongst your alliance Hunting grounds Mines you have access to Trade routes for easier travel to other villages So whether you're wanting to help out your new villagers or alliance members with a map of the local area, trying to keep an eye on the progress and changes to off-deed land you use, or would like a detailed layout of your cave systems or hunting grounds; I'm the man to hire! Since I have no precedent with this kind of hired work I wouldn't begin to know what to charge for the size and detail of a job. With that being said I have a special offer for the first 2 customers who want a map created for them (one map must be 2D and the other must be 3D). For the first 2 customers I'm willing to map an area at 1s each. After these experiences I'll have a better idea of what I'd like to charge for such a service. I'm located on Independence in the Freedom Cluster and I am willing to travel anywhere on Independence to map an area for you. I look forward to your responses and thank you in advance for any business you send my way! EDIT: A 3D map and a 2D map have both been ordered and completed, so now the price will rise based upon the project desired and can be negotiated.
  4. I have an idea for a cartography skill. This was discussed by several players on global a couple days ago and I have been thinking about it. Some people may not agree that this is a good idea, especially our current map makers, but, on the other hand, it would save them some time, and they wouldn’t have to constantly update maps. It would also add to the content and economy of the game. Here is what I came up with: MAP TEMPLATE The first thing required to make a map would be a map template. The materials required would be parchment, ink and stylus. The size of the template (in tiles) would be determined by the ql of the template. A 1 ql template would have only 1 tile on it. From there, the radius of the map would be increased by 1 tile per ql, so a 2 ql map would have 9 tiles; 1 in the middle with 8 surrounding it. A 3 ql template would have 25 tiles, and so on. CREATING THE MAP Once the template is made, the cartographer would stand on the tile he/she wishes to be the center of the map and draw the map using ink and stylus. The area that the cartographer can draw would be determined by the cartographer’s skill level. A cartographer with a skill level of 1 can only draw the tile they are standing on. A radius of 1 tile would be added for each skill level beyond 1. A skill level of 2 could draw 9 tiles, a skill level of 3 could draw 25 tiles, and so on. A cartographer also would not be able to draw areas that are hidden by tall stone walls or palisades. This would be a way for players to prevent maps being drawn of areas they don’t want to be common knowledge, especially on pvp servers. If the cartographer’s skill level does not permit him to fill the template upon map creation, he/she could draw in other tiles, through map updating. MAP UPDATING Once a map has been created, it CANNOT be imped, but it CAN be updated. This means that the size of the map cannot be changed, but the contents can. As with map creation, this would require stylus and ink. The cartographer would stand on any tile in the area represented by the map. The radius of the update would be determined by the cartographer’s skill the same way it is determined when creating the map. The same rules in map creation with tall stone walls and palisades would apply here as well. If the cartographer is standing close to the edge of the area represented by the map, only those tiles that are on the map would be updated. PIECING MAPS TOGETHER I have not thought much on the mechanics of this concept, but maybe it would be possible for a cartographer to piece maps together to make larger maps. This would make it possible to make a somewhat complete map of a server. Of course this would be difficult and time consuming, because the cartographer would be required to travel the entire server, or buy smaller pieces from other cartographers around the server every time he/she would want to make such a map. This would make complete server maps or maps that cover large areas very valuable and would be a nice source of $$ for those who are willing to put forth that effort. MAP CONTENT I am not entirely sure what should be included when a map is drawn or updated. It may be as simple as a map dump of the area being drawn, but here are my thoughts of some things that should be included on the map: -Deed names: This is essential because it is the best way for the map holder to determine his/her location on the map -Tile types: grass, trees, buildings, rock, cobblestone, slab, etc. -Tile borders that have fences or hedges -Maps would be created from a bird’s eye view, meaning that if a tile had a building on it, it would be designated as a building tile, and it would not show anything inside the building, such as what type of flooring it has or what types of walls/fences are on the tile borders. -The names of buildings (same name as the writ) ENCHANTED MAPS I’m not sure how I feel about adding this, but I thought I would throw it out there anyways. Certain priests (maybe Fo) could enchant a map with a spirit in a similar way Fo priests enchant mail boxes. This would make it so the map would mark the current location of the holder every time it was viewed. If this was implemented, it is my opinion that this should require a very high level priest to enchant. I’m interested to see what other people’s thoughts are on this subject. Maybe some folk have better ideas on how this should work, or maybe it’s not a good idea at all lol. -Uian