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Found 8 results

  1. So I looked at the forum to find anything about saddlebags and indeed the community has quite a bit about wanting it. So, I will not go into detail about it other than... Saddlebags would be a great addition to wurm! Seriously. Now onto the Small Carts. "But wait Enigma... There are small carts." Yep, I think it would be a nice addition to the game to have the ability to hitch one horse to the cart. it makes sense to me considering that is what people do with horses. They hitch them to stuff they would rather not pull on their own.Of course you would still have to lead it. The other thing that would be a nice addition is the ability to load a single Large Crate or two Small Crates in the Small cart. I cannot count the number of times where I needed to carry just one or two crates somewhere or needed a crate in a location where horses are unable to go. Hitching up a large cart for one crate just seems... excessive to me. In these instances I am forced to spend a large amount of time pushing or pulling it to the location. Even if the ability to hitch is not going to fly, loading into a small cart would be awesome. Well theres my 2 cents worth of Saddlebags and Small Carts!
  2. Using unload_cargo keybind on the contents of a crate unloaded them on the ground as a single bulk item. The crate behaved as if the unloaded items were still inside it. Moving the contents to a different crate by drag and drop left the original crate bugged. It would appear full but expanding it to see its contents revealed it was actually empty.
  3. With the recent increase in the size of the storage area inside a wagon to 12 large crates it would be nice to increase the storage of sail boats to one or 2 large crates.
  4. You cannot Load Cargo a large cart that you own, into a ship that you own, because "The guards kindly inform you that you are not allowed to load cargo here". Since you can do almost everything else with things that technically belong to you through the item ownership system, I would believe this to be an unresolved oversight. Relevant seems to be the position of the boat or the commander, e.g. a large cart that is off deed (in perimeter) cannot be loaded while the boat/commander is on deed. I guess with the frequency that Load Cargo is used, it would be appreciated to look over the Load Cargo function and deed permissions VS item ownership.
  5. Wagons take up alot of room loaded in knarrs, and while I'm not sure how it is with caravels (never really explored the limits of their cargo holds) I imagine its similar. Now I'll grant you I don't want something ludicrous like thirty wagons in a knarr, just reduce the space to two-thirds or half of what wagons currently occupy.
  6. Proposed: Canal boats, based upon those along the Erie Canal in upstate New York during the 19th century. these are shallow draft boats, hauled by a team of two mules. In the game use horses, bison, bulls, etc. They can carry a LOT of cargo, including people, animals, and heavy bulky items, but move slowly. They would need to stay near the shoreline because they are hauled along by the animals, not sailed. This would give an option for moving groups of animals other than trailing them by ropes behind you. Also you could haul that BSB full of dirt, providing you had a way to get it to the canal. It would also encourage improvement of our canals.
  7. As of right now, Rafts are used as the intermediate method of transporting items. Creating 100 rafts to make a ship somewhat worthy of being a transport vessel is tedious. To make matters worse, There is practically no difference between a Corbita, Knarr, or Caravel as far as transportation abilities. For ships of this size and difficulty to build, the transportation abilities should be a better reward as you go up. Suggestion: Cargo Containers. Basically they would function as a floating BSB. Larger ships allow more containers within. For simplicity of coding, I suggest to allow 2 types of containers to be built: Cargo Container and Food Container. Back-end code wise, they use the exact same storage logic as a BSB and a FSB respectivly. As far as adding to ships, Rather than trying to figure out how to allow BSBs to function within another container, make it a right click option. Select the container, right click ship, select "install _______". To access said container: right click ship, select "Cargo container 2" enjoy your floating BSB. Now for the separate ship types: Being personal use boats, they do not allow additions of cargo containers As a farm ship with plenty of room and a sealed under-hold to keep crops safe from the sea. The corbita can have 2 FCs With it's sturdier frame and large holds within, a cog can hold 2 CCs The Knarr is primarily a looting vessel but also is used for long voyages away from home. It can fit up to 3CCs and 2FCs. The Caravel is the King of the seas. A massive merchant ship can hold up to 4 CCs and 4 FCs, worthy of any fleet. Those are my starting suggestions for this idea. Questions,comments,additions ~ Please post below! *Edit* Don't forget to vote! ->
  8. I have ready 15 (unfinished -1 large nail, included) rafts and will be making more. They should all become cedarwood when completed. Pickup only. Price 10c each. Pickup point: CelebL AR 35, oreimo/arnshire, a mere ten minutes' walk north of TD.