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Found 4 results

  1. Please could we make it so that we can care for aggressive animals? Having to tame them first is fine for animals that can be tamed, but for animals that can't be tamed, you spend hours luring it into a pen, and then it dies of old age eventually. I'd love to have a champion spider that I could care for. Better yet, let us tame everything! But if not at least let us care for anything, tameable or not...
  2. So aggressive animals can only be cared and branded for once they're not aggro anymore. This can usually be solved by taming or dominating, but there are some animals, such as spiders, laver spiders, sharks, etc. that you can't tame or dominate. Please could we make it so that when the love effect de-aggros these animals, they can be cared for and branded? I'd particularly like this for my champion lava spider.
  3. It's nice having an animal that's cared for by someone else, with one glaring problem: if it's someone you don't know (personally I have a few animals cared for by people I don't know), they could log on one day and decide to stop caring for the animals they don't have anymore to clear their caring for list. A venerable cared for animal can die within hours of someone stopping caring for it, so you probably won't get a chance to care for it yourself, unless you happen to be online and examining it the moment it's no longer cared for; most likely it ends up dead. I suggest we make a caring for override option. If you have an animal that's already cared for, you can care for it as well, overriding the original caring for. If the other person stops caring, it won't die because you're caring for it, and if you stop caring for it, the other person's caring for still stands, so you won't be able to use it as a way to kill other people's animals.
  4. Please add under the Care For heading of You can get a list of all the animals you are currently caring for by using the command /caringfor