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Found 3 results

  1. Awwe Yeaaah! So they must be scary maybe a Halloween 2021 event special. I'd like to see it in a pose like laying on it's side with its elbow on the ground and its hand on it's face like it was reading a book and when you get near it it gets up and murders you or maybe just a troll rug. As for the goblin cape have it bite the other side of the cape like a clasp with it's own head... like a fox fur neck warmer! or since it looks like baby Yoda, use it as a backpack...
  2. I know these items aren't in game yet, but lets put together in this thread what we do know. I've noticed that tower guards seem to be wearing chain shoulders. Does anyone have any information on these new items?
  3. I did a couple searches here and don't see any evidence that Worm has been discussed. Worm is here: Updated two or three times a week, about 10k words per update, since June of 2011. Wildbow is the author, and Worm is wrapping up - the last story chapter happens tonight, then a couple weeks of post story content that has been paid for by donations recently. They doesn't write in some black and white sort of universe, they live in the grey areas. They are also rather good at leading the readers by the nose, sending them off on false trails, and generally not being completely obvious about what will happen next. In other words, it's about 1.5 - 2.0 million words of pretty good fiction, cut up into little chunks of 10k each, most of which have some of cliffhanger or hook at the end. It even inspired me to try to blow off 25 years of writing rust and do a fanfic, which, in turn, will lead to me doing some original fiction, I hope It's a good read folks, unless you just can't stand the superhero genre, or fiction in general, you will probably like it.