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Found 13 results

  1. I am suggesting that the guards maintain the candelabras on the deed like they do with the lamps filling them and turning them on and off at night.,
  2. Lamp, iron 51ql+ - 15c each, or 10 for 1s. Candelabra, silver - 50c for the set. Lantern, iron - 30c each. Rare torch lamp, iron - 1.5s each Rare lamp, iron - 1.5s each
  3. Want to Sell Rares Rare Coffin - Taking offers (SOLD) Rare Armour Stand - 3s (SOLD) Rare Candelabra - 2s (SOLD) Rare Archery Target - Taking offers (SOLD) Rare Lamp - 2s Rare Torch Lamp - 2s
  4. Welcome to the first Krow's garage sale - deed kickstarter edition Here is the thing, I found some items roaming through the map and I was willing to sell them so I can place my first deed. ~ Item List ~ Decorations: - 2x Gold candelabra (QL 10 & 7) - 1x RARE lindenwood high bookshelf (QL 45) [SOLD] - 1x Gold hanging lamp (QL 4) - 1x Gold hanging lamp head (QL 5) - 1x Yule goat (QL 99) [SOLD] Gems: (1c p/ ql) - 5x Opal - 5x Ruby - 2x Diamond - 4x Emerald - 2x Sapphire - 15x Source crystal (might be included for free) Misc.: - 12x Yellow potion (QL AVG 81) Note: If you are interested in something please leave a comment here or contact me in-game, I'm near Green Dog @Deliverance *QL AVG = quality average
  5. From what i have gathered there is some kind of bug that is causing some candelabras to stay lit forever while others do not. (both on and off deed has been reported) Here is the suggestion i posted that brought to light the issues with a link to an old topic on this very thing. While you are looking into this i think the players would like them to work like lamps on deed and be managed by the guards like all the other lights.
  6. Greenwood Market - "Light up your Life Sale" SOLD OUT - THANK YOU ALL! Brass Oil Lamps 8x Brass Oil Lamps - 70ql - 70c each [8 left in stock] 5x Brass Oil Lamps - 60ql - 60c each [5 left in stock] Iron Lanterns 5x Iron Lanterns - 70ql - 25c each [0 left in stock] Candelabra 5x Iron Candelabra - 50ql - 10c each [5 left in stock] 5x Copper Candelabra - 50ql - 10c each [0 left in stock] Braziers 5x Copper Braziers - 50ql - 20c each [0 left in stock] You can either pick up from Greenwood [26x 27y on Indy] or it can be mailed to you. Mailing cost to be paid by buyer. If interested reply here or send me a PM on the forum or in game
  7. Selling a rare iron candelabra. QL is deliberately low, at 11.64 QL to give you the opportunity to make it supreme or fantastic, if wanted. Great for sacrificing as well ;P The pelt is a rat's pelt, so it's fairly light, but it's 80.95 QL with no damage on it and no use. PM me in-game, name name as my forums account, or reply to this thread for offers. I will deliver it to you by boat ASAP.
  8. WELCOME TO: Black Pearl Shop on Xanadu Bulk stuff, chain armours, street lamps, candelabras, planks, mooring anchors, ships To order or get prize contact us via game or forum: BeKa, Tadzwirz, Arthpl or Darknos delivery on south xan is free, other part of server just ask us. Sleep Powder: out of stock Bulk mortar: 3000 Bulk Bricks: 3000 Chain Armours: - all up to 70ql -Seryll Chain Coif 70ql Plate: up to 50ql Street Lamp: all type up to 60ql Candelabra: all type up to 40ql Planks: 1000 Ships: raft, row boat, sail boat, corbita, cog and knarr
  9. rare candelabra, silver QL 12,34 Starting at 1s Min. increments: 20c Pick up or cod (cod cost covered by buyer) (Deliverance, Zbuczyn 38x 7y)
  10. As hard as I've been trying, I seem to be unable to solve this mystery. I have 3 deeds on Deli, 2 old ones and a new one. All three deeds have a lot of candelabras with candles, inside of houses as well as outside. Now, here is the mystery: The candles in the two old deeds are everburning ones, while those in the new deed regularly go out after a couple of days. To be more specific: The candelabras and candles in the first two deeds were made and lit more than a year ago, and they are burning constantly since then. I never had to relight them. So I assumed that my templars were taking care of them, as they usually do for on-deed lamps and off-deed lamps within a radius of 50 tiles. In fact, some candelabras outside those two deeds (pretty far away, but inside the 50-tile radius) are also everburning ones! They even keep burning after I dismissed my templars some months ago! The candelabras in my third deed were placed and lit about 2 months ago, and they never burn longer than a few days. So I placed an oil barrel with some olive oil, employed a templar, made new candles and lit them. But still they are gone after a few days, so my new templar seems to ignore them. It looks as if the old candles, made years ago, "remember" the previous templars and stay lit (deed 1 even has no oil left), while the new candles in the third deed behave completely differently. I'm out of ideas - so maybe someone else can step in.
  11. Rare Candelabra made from copper with 70ql. Starting bid : 1.5s Minimum increment : 25c Reserve : No Buyout : 4s Sniper protection : No Location : Exodus x17,y23 The buyer pay CoD fee.
  12. Selling those. Rare bowl, iron, QL60. Starting bid 1s Min increase 50c Rare candelabra, iron, QL60. Starting bid 2s Min increase 1s Rare exquisite meditation rug, COC67 QL80. Starting bid 8s Min increase 1s Buyouts are possible. Alternate payments: Referral -6s
  13. I have to sell supreme gold candelabra [12:33:47] A beautiful candelabra. The number of arms on a candelabra varies depending on a number of factors, but mainly by the preferences of the designer. Apparently even fairly intelligent people sometimes fail to recognize the proper number which causes mild confusion. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. You need to temper the candelabra by dipping it in water while it's hot. Ql: 55.49771, Dam: 0.0. [12:33:47] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'M.we.'. Starting bid: 1s Min. increment: 50c No reserve No buyout 1 hour sniper protection 3 days auction It can fit into mailbox, so can be COD (Buyer pays cod 10c Exodus, 20c others). It can be also picked up from Exodus x: 17, y: 34 (PM: Mawej).