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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to someday see an in-game window that has the current (Wurm) time and date. TIME: maybe just an icon showing the approximate time of day maybe a sundial that points to the hour DATE: a calendar showing the current day, month and season events that can be pinned to a day or span multiple days events could be private, deed, alliance or server based Time and date information is already freely available (in-game) in text form. I believe this would be a nice welcomed next step for wurm game time immersion.
  2. [12:41:58] You see an old Apple tree. The apples will soon be ripe. [12:45:40] It is 07:20:03 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1056. Apple season is now over and no apples have ripened on Exodus, Xanadu or Independence... edit: Indy now has apples.... Guess, we have to wait for the nest restart to remove the April fool's mob models ???
  3. Since events need to be marked in some meaningful way and in real life we have the Gregorian calendar with B.C and A.D Anno Domini should we have our own? Like B.U Before Unlimited and A.U? Few games have an extensive calendar and time system like Wurm and part of the charm at least for me is the lore behind events that are marked in the wiki and even the days that I entered the portal. What is everyones opinion on how or if time should be preserved?
  4. Sometimes the grapes come early, and they're harvestable five days in a row. Sometimes they come late, and you can get in one harvest before the end of the season. Calendars can tell you which starfall is coming next, but they can't tell you when the fruit is actually ripe. Knowing when the trees are ripe might save you some sleep and peace of mind. I've been wrestling to beat the seasonal harvests, and what I've come to realize is that I can't do it alone, and it's time to crowdsource this thing. So, I'm going to attempt to record it all in this thread. Please feel free to post updates and I'll see to it they make it into the list. Follow this topic and you can get email updates when things change. Wurm Year 1029 Bear Starfall: Week 3, Day of the Ant: Camelia is ripe. Maple is still ripe. Week 1, Tears Day: You see an old Maple tree. The maple is brimming with sap. Week 1, Wurm Day (Roses, Lavender are ripe. Maple ripe soon.)
  5. Dear Rolf, I was asking in chat if anyone would consider buying a Wurm Calendar that we could put above our computers or where we want in our real life house walls. I got a positive response about it so I am posting it here for your consideration. The calendar would show our real month and an inlay of the actual Wurm months. It would show what is harvestable for the Wurm month also. It was suggested you pick from a pool of screenshots as to what is placed on the calendar for each real month. Positives would be: Extra passive income for you. We would have beautiful pictures of Wurm on our home walls. It could be a talking point to our real life guests which could bring in new players. Wurmians would know what Wurm month it is at a glance and what is harvestable. You already have a shop set up for people to buy from. Negatives: A little more work making and shipping the calendars around the world. I love calendars and I personally would enjoy one on my wall. I am about to open up a newsagent business and I would even like to have them in stock with my other calendars. I trust you would at least consider this idea. Sincerely Fron, aka Kaytra, Prinzess (ingame)