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Found 4 results

  1. I still have the same issue I had in the original post, evidently I forgot about it. This happens on the Xanadu server. I still get the same messages. The old dog was killed by a troll on Indy, so it is obviously not tamed or caged. I have also put horses in the cage since, and I am able to tame animals on Indy, and don't see the old dog or get the Un-tame option there.
  2. On 06 July 2018 I caged an old dog on Xanadu and transported it to Independence. I released the dog on my deed on Independence, and then traveled back to Xanadu. Today, 07 July 2018, when I tried to tame a deer I got the following message: "[13:23:56] You have a pet in a cage, remove it first, to tame this one." I tried Pet > Clear orders with no result. I tried the Un-Tame option under Manage > Animals (yes, the dog is listed on the Xanadu server) and got the message: "[13:25:25] This animal is caged, remove it first." Looks like this may be a bug concerning transporting tamed animals across servers.
  3. Small/Large Animal Cage

    A large gripe of many players is that it is so difficult to transport animals. Especially ones that cannot swim. To help a bit with this, I'd like to suggest the addition of animal cages. Construction wise, they would be similar to small/large crates, requiring a good bit of carpentry to start/create one. You would put an animal in a cage in the same way you would hitch an animal to a cart, and you load a cage into a vehicle the same way you would load a crate. Smaller crates would hold only the smaller animals (a wolf or sheep being the largest animal that would fit inside), while large crates would be able to hold pretty much any animal. In order to stop people from having animals in cages all the time, and animal stuck in a cage too long would starve to death and turn into a corpse. I think something like this would be a very useful addition to Wurm.
  4. It might be neat to be able to semi-live on the large boats corbita,cog,knarr, and caravel. What i mean by live on them is have an oven, forge, bed in them that could be usable while moored and not moving. Maybe even a very small fsb and bsb type item that would hold slightly less than a raft could so if it was dirt it would be 30 dirts for example or even 20, it doesn't have to be big at all just enough to live on the boat for a while. That way you could be out at sea and light the oven and cook a meal cause you would have a small amount of food in the fsb type item not rotting away, same with the mini bsb holding the fuel for oven/forge. Each of these items would count toward the 100 item limit in the hold of said ship. Would make for some fun long adventures going to other servers and being able to cook up some food along the way or reimp something etc. And while I am thinking how about a cage that would take up 1 of the 100 too and it would be something you could put a lead-able animal in so you could transport an animal, it would have to have some sorta decay death rate to it so you couldn't store an animal in it for a long time. And maybe even have it that it won't allow you to cross servers with a caged animal in ships hold ( not too sure on that aspect but just thought about it, might or might not be good in the long run ) If these have been mentioned befor my bad, at bad searching skills