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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, This is the list of upcoming changes to caffeine and related items. We will review replies to this thread and may adjust functionality further. One thing to keep in mind about caffeine is that it is designed to provide a boost for casual players. We understand that it takes quite a bit of effort to make these drinks, but this is by design and creates a market for caffeinated beverages. Caffeine Changes: Fatigue usage will no longer be part of the caffeine system. To balance the removal of fatigue, the following mechanic will be introduced: Through using caffeine, over the course of about 5 hours (depending on caffeine level), you will build up intoxication. At 100% intoxication, caffeine will stop being effective. Caffeine intoxication will decay linearly over the course of about 5 days. Once caffeine intoxication decays below 100%, caffeine will once again be effective. Intoxication will only build up while sleep bonus is active. This mechanic will be represented by an effect and status icon. Caffeine’s bonus will no longer affect meditation and lockpicking. This change is due to the ability to quickly toggle sleep bonus at the end of a timed action, which evades the intoxication mechanic. Decrease the amount of liquid needing to be drunk to get an effect from caffeine. Increase the amount of caffeine provided by each type of drink. Increase the caffeine hold timer provided by each type of drink. The “hold timer” is the duration of the caffeine buff before the power begins to decay. (Already live) Disallow sipping small amounts of caffeine to refresh timers. (Already live) Ensure that smaller sips do not overwrite the caffeine hold timer. Caffeinated Beverage Changes: Caffeinated drinks will now bypass the water bar like alcohol does. As a result of this change, they will no longer provide temporary affinities. (This is currently in discussion.) Optional ingredients can be added to teas and coffees, such as milk, cream, spice, and sugar. Miscellaneous Changes: Increased volume of teapot and coffee pot. Old tea recipes can now be made in a teapot. Fixed the difficulty of pottery planters for tea, coffee, and cacao. Renamed legacy camellia to camellia flowers. Renamed legacy camellia tea recipe to camellia flower tea to avoid confusion. Added a roasted state to cocoa beans.
  2. Welcome to my Coffee Shop, I'll let you taste what I got, Go 'head now don't you stop, Keep sipping 'til it hits the spot Kahvesi is currently the most caffeinated drink and will give you 20 power per 0.20kg sip. Your hands will be shaking after a mere 5 sips and you will receive the full benefits of 100 power caffeine effects! Kahvesi gives the most bang for your buck, so this is my focus for now. Currently serving up Kahvesi On the menu for delivery now - just PM me! 92+QL (56+ min timer) 2kg jar (1c COD) - 20c 10kg Measuring Jug (2c COD) - 40c 45kg Small Barrel (10c COD) - 1s COD - Postage paid by buyer - container is yours to keep. 98+QL (58+ min timer) made to order 45kg Small Barrel (10c COD) - 2.5s COD - Postage paid by buyer - container is yours to keep. Basic overview of caffeine effects/advantages (currently): Extra Sleep Bonus daily! 0.20kg sip of coffee within 10min of first login per server day gives you 10mins extra sleep bonus. Increases skill gain 300% while 100 power caffeinated using SB (SB gives you 200% without caffeine buff) Sobers you up fast from alcohol effects One 0.20kg sip of kahvesi (currently most caffeinated beverage) gives you 20power, 1kg/5 sips will get you to 100 power. You will stay caffeinated for the amount of time listed above (directly correlated to quality). To keep the effect active, you must drink again before the timer runs out or your caffeination will decay and require more sips to boost back to 100 power. At 100 power caffeine: 2x sleep bonus usage rate while boosting skillgain. Caffeine skillgain provides 2x the benefit of sleep bonus at 100% caffeine (300% skillgain total). It doesn't effect some skills such as faith, meditation, lockpicking, and shield bashing. 4x Alcohol decay rate. (sobers you up fast!) Restlessness develops up to 5 hours maximum (only develops while SB is active) before caffeine become ineffective. Restlessness Breakdown: Upon reaching 5 hours, caffeine will stop providing its extra skillgain and sleep bonus drain. When logged out regardless of bed, restlessness is reduced at the same rate that sleep bonus is gained. Sleeping in beds does not affect how restlessness reduction performs. Restlessness and Alcohol Decay Rate can be found in the Spell Effects window. If you are a casual player (like me), caffeine will make your limited grind time much more rewarding and allow you to progress through some of the more tedious skills needed to have some real fun! Great for skilling things with limited materials, such as restoration, farming, nat subs, channeling, cooking, panfilling, skilling alts and priests etc. as these won't eat up your SB and gain restlessness as quickly as other things. Grind focused players can still benefit from caffeine use in some specific skills as well. Skilled Actions Need bulk quantities of high quality juices or oils? You provide the fruits (quality of fruit will effect the max output quality), and I will squish them into high quality juices. You can either send crates/barrels/amphoras/whatever via wagoner, sail to me, or I can come to you depending on your location (I'm in S11). If you want to run a test, you can mail a couple fruits and I will juice and return. 1s per 500 actions (1 fruit pressed = 1 action produces .27kg juice) Coming soon: Teas & Other Coffee Brews - if there is something specific you want, just let me know! I have the supplies to make small barrels worth of most caffeinated beverages in high qualities.
  3. After some Devs decisions with balancing caffeine and drinking coffee mechanics, I came up with an idea that might make an agreement to both sides. As we all know, salt have too few uses these days, so why not use it as a factor of control on the water bar. We have such control on stamina bar by walking around with climbing toggle on. Basic mechanics is to each salt unit player eat, some % on water bar is lost, as salt is known for making ppl thirsty. Let me know, what you think on the subject.
  4. For the sake of new players - who should all be allowed access to the benefits of caffeine - please allow them to drink coffee/tea/cocoa which has a QL below 10. Just seen someone in CA_Help who made their first coffee, and being disappointed at not being able to drink it for the skillgain effects. This is really important for folks who want skills during this event but can't play much. Thanks.