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Found 4 results

  1. Probably someone has noticed that I spend time in Non-English Help, offering English/Spanish/Basic Portuguese translation. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and in my personal estimate, the 2nd most abundant language in games in general, forming large communities nder the moniker of "Hispanic". That said, the channel, intended as a multi-language CA help is slowly degenerating itself into a all-language Global chat, with mostly Spanish speakers coming together and talking about topics not related to asking for help. This is in large part due to the excitement of finding other speakers of the same language. In addition, not having another place to interact with others, as well as the fact that culturally, few Latin Americans (which holds the large majority of native Spanish speakers) can speak or understand English makes the channel a natural place for chitchat. All things considered, I believe Spanish global chat is direly needed, and I personally see it as something that will benefit the whole community. I believe Portuguese speakers would benefit from a channel since it is also an abundant community, and despite not being fully versed on the topic I would like to take the chance to speak on their behalf. It's a smaller community with more average knowledge of English, should be noted. I propose as well to enforce moderation in currently existing Non-English help to become essentially an all-language version of the English-Only CA help. Thanks and keep up this amazing game that brings people together. Ltnicolas. Bladesman of Barbarian's Forge. M11 Harmony. edit: Someone gave me his opinion on the topic and suggested it's not feasible to have more personnel. I would like to offer myself as a possible moderator candidate; I did not proposed myself initially out of humility, but because I don't want to sound like "we need more resources (people) and we are already short" I state my volunteering.
  2. I finally have my server up and running. I plan to offer one free mutation of rock to iron vein for all newcomers to the server. That said, being around every time someone comes in and requests an iron vein may prove daunting, and 24/7. Is there a way for players to put in a 'ticket' when requesting to have their free vein created? I would like to get an email notification when they request such a service so that I can quickly tp to them and do it. Any tips, thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Read the Wikipedia. Yes, the info can be so-so; however, its still invaluable. Ask questions. ALOT. Just pester everybody... especially the CAs. The masochists actually volunteered for this. Never click on a link posted by Glory. EVER. If you have to ask, the answer is, "No, you cant kill it." Steal everything not nailed down, then come back for the nails. Its perfectly fine to spam Enki with pms.
  4. right now the /ca command turns off the ca help channel forever until you use it again,but the /gchat command only turns it off until you move to another server,log out or get reconected. it would be great if /gchat worked like /ca does. i know there is workaround that kinda reduces the problem,would be nice to see it fixed.