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Found 2 results

  1. Valrei International 025

    Strongbox, Serenity - Blart Step right up Wurmians! Another week down and more news for you all, let's jump right in! Midsummer madness It's been an awesome week with the midsummer events, many of you got lost, scared, and some even went insane, which is about par for the course of any of our events! I'd like to thank you all for attending and hope you all enjoyed it, it'll run until the end of July and then we'll look at dismantling it, so make sure to attend before then and get your mask! Forum upgrades As many of you will have noticed we had some performance updates with the forums, hopefully eliminating the double posting and extra threads. We also included two factor authentication, which will provide even greater security for accounts on the forum moving forwards. While hopefully the larger issues have been resolved, we'll continue to work on tweaking the forums to ensure they are an enjoyable and easy experience for all (Not including the posts!) WU Beta Wurm Unlimited is here! With all the bridge textures and underground changes, they mark the next major update to the game. The beta will run throughout the week and we'll keep an eye on any issues raised by those running it, before launching the live version, so stay tuned for that! Cave exits Some players asked about the ability to pave cave exits, and while the answer was that it was unlikely, it did get some cogs turning. With a bit (lot) of work, I'm pleased to announce they will be coming soon! There's a bit of work still being done but cave exits will be able to be paved! Cooking rarity and affinities As you all know we ran the in-game poll on cooking affinities, and the results were extremely close. With a difference of less than 1% of the total votes. Being such a close result, we have decided to go with keeping rarity affecting affinity on both cooking systems. This was the slightly favoured result and avoids those who have spent time learning their affinities on rare+ cookers losing that time spent. We appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts on it, and will continue to use in-game polls for important issues such as this in the future. Community content I spend a fair amount of my time on YouTube watching Wurm videos, and the other day I stumbled across one, Riddles explores Wurm online. It's an amusing series that I hope continues, because I certainly enjoyed the first three, catch the first here: That's it from us this week, I hope you all have a great weekend, and as always, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. I have a few Items I'd like to sell before I leave wurm... I've enjoyed the game so much, I just don't simply have time anymore. Thanks for being a great community! Please don't tell me that I'm wrong for selling this or that. I'm simply getting rid of the items so they don't go to waste... The money is if I ever decide to come back, and for all the work I put into the game. If you buy, Pick it up or pay COD! (Message for location details) Yellow Potions - Offer a price and pick up on Deli Tools over 70Ql or close (Includes unmarked enchantments on many) - 50c 48QL enchanted steel hatchet - Starting at 1s 70QL rope tool 32Coc, unknown if WoA or not - 60C 28QL Rug 23botd - 80c Gems/Crystals go at 1c per QL Anvil S/L - 70c Leather studded 70ql rare Jacket (Not sure if AoSP is still on it or not... Either way, that does not effect the price.) - 2.5s Chain set 70QL - 1.5s No picture of - Oakenwood Sailboat, Anchor + Lock - 2s Sleep powder x2 - I will sell for 1.5s EACH piece! In other news I'm looking to get my Deed off my hands in hope that a nice owner will take care of it! Its a nice starting place... Though, I'm looking for a price check. I might sell it if you can interest me. Heres a picture of it - And the info section from this date currently (1/17/2014) -