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Found 29 results

  1. Selling this stuff, just offer it all needs to go Shoulder Pads - SOLD Rare Longsword - SOLD STEEL Rare Horseshoe 79 QL - SOLD STEEL Rare Horseshoe 81 QL 82 WoA - SOLD Rare Large Maul 91 QL 92 Nimb, 98 Frostburn, 91 Coc - 6s Rare Butchering Knife - 2.5s Rare Pickaxe 87 QL 82 WoA 61 Coc - SOLD
  2. Lately, since rifts have begun, we've been having fun displaying rift corpses on our deed next to a large highway. Unfortunately, deed permissions don't allow blocking of the "bury" action. So invariably someone comes along and buries our corpses and we don't have a display anymore. To alleviate this problem, we had a writ with an open arched wall section where we put a corpse. Unfortunately, that corpse was butchered since writs have no way of blocking the "butcher" action. It'd be great if burying things was tied into another on-deed permission. Say butchering or digging. Similarly, I don't see why someone on a writ with no rights to enter a building or pick anything up should be able to butcher corpses there. (especially when it's also on deed). Thanks for your time,
  3. Not sure if this is the right spot or been reported already... but I've noticed just recently that Hell Horses can't be butchered.
  4. WTS Rare Butchering Knife 60.02ql - 5s Rare Butchering Knife 59.26ql - 5s Rare Carving Knife 59.34ql - 5s Rare Carving Knife 59.30ql - 5s Rare Carving Knife 53.83ql - 5s pm Kose @ forum / in game
  5. I was skilling my pottery & weapon smithing at the same time and thought "It would be cool if we could make ceramic knives". Not sure if a ceramic carving knife is very realistic, but I'm sure a ceramic butchering knife would make sense. Figured I'd throw it out there and see what the rest of you think.
  6. Low weight. Rare Brass Butchering Knife 90 QL 0.90 Weight !! Fits in BoK Only 6 of these in all of wurm.
  7. As title says, I'm looking to Buy a Supreme Hatchet & Supreme Butcher Knife. Quality and enchants don't exactly matter as I'm able to do it myself, but if it already has them, that's perfectly fine. Pm (Or post) what price your looking for, as I'm trying to get a hint at how the market is again (I've been gone a few months) Also will be looking for other items as I'm trying to get back what I once had, but Hatchet and Butcher Knife will come first. (feel free to PM me though if you've got something you think I may want, I am mostly interested in Supreme items that give +Quality or more resources. Though anything that speeds up them dreadful timers I will take a peak at. UPDATE - - - Still looking for the hatchet, But all other items i'm putting on hold (need to save for the hatchet) So if you've got a supreme one, Hit me up!
  8. Seeking another butcher knife of the old weight 0.4kg For those not already aware, this weight has not been capable of being crafted for some years. Current weight is 1.2kg Material, ql, rarity, and even enchants do not matter; however, I will consider my offer based on such.
  9. Would be nice if it had CoC on it, ql doesn't matter.
  10. Want to buy supreme butchering knife. Ql and enchants not essential. PM me with offers please Elf
  11. [14:43:06] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is glowing from the heat. You need to temper the butchering knife by dipping it in water while it's hot. [14:43:06] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ou.neofclubs'. [14:43:06] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [78] [14:43:06] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [87] The knife is at 83.56 quality Starting bid 7s Min Bid increment 50c No buyout 1 hour sniper protection No reserve Buyer pays COD
  12. while hunting today, had a couple of my kills turn into a butchered corpse immediately on death. Nothing on them and not butcherable. 2 out of maybe 40 kills did this.
  13. 70ql Clean Rare Butcher Start bid 5s Buyout 8s +cod from Xanadu No private bids. Yes private buyout. No Reserve No Sniper This is a quickie
  14. Ql 70 Rare Butcher Knife. Start bid 5s Min bid increment .50 copper Buyout 8s Buyer pays cod from Xanadu No Reserve No Sniper Pm buyout only please, all other bids post here. Thank you
  15. Selling a Rare Butchering knife Quality: 51 Wind of Ages: 83 Circle of Cunning: 75 Price: 8s The buyer pays for the mailcost, the item is located on the Independence server.
  16. I found 2 old butchered seals inside my deed. I trust in my citizens, and butcher is forbbiden to non-citizens. Also I think seals don't eat seal. Maybe a bug?
  17. So I have a corpse in my inventory and a keybind for Butcher. I press the key while hovering, and nothing happens. The keybind does work with a corpse that is on the ground. Other keybinds like Examine work fine for me in inventory.
  18. Closed

  19. For Sale Rare Butchering Knife 71.12QL Starting Bid: 3.5s Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Private bids: Yes Sniper protection: 1h Location: Exodus Pick up only at x23 y31 Sandhill area. Good luck!
  20. [00:36:05] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The butchering knife has some dents that must be flattened by a hammer. Strating Bid: 3s Min Increment: 50c Sniper Protection: 1h pickup at Exo Sarmatian Stronghold [x45y37] or cod
  21. 1. Iron Rare Small Anvil - 97 CoC - 78 QL - 9.5s 2. Iron Rare Butchering Knife - Unenchanted - 90 QL - 10s 3. STEEL Carving Knife - 96 CoC - 90 QL - 4s 4. Iron Trowel - 88 WoA / 86 CoC - 75 QL - 1.5s 5. Iron Rare Chain Sleeve - Unenchanted - 19 QL - 1.5s All items mailed CoD from independence at buyer's expense. Thank you! Will also sell all the items for an even 25s if someone wants to snatch them all up. EDIT: All items sold, close! Thank you.
  22. Same with the bury keybind. They do work with corpses on the ground.
  23. It might be cool to have the chance to skin a kill with a decently high butchering skill and have the skin as a rug, "bear skin rug anyone?", , maybe need to add in taxidermy then we can stuff kills and display them