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Found 10 results

  1. We are looking into the mission ruler and have noticed that although there are base missions to kill creatures there is no option for that on the mission ruler that we can see. I was wanting to know how you would make a kill mission that requires you kill x number of creatures to obtain a reward; or even a mission to bury x number of creatures. Any ideas?
  2. Adt'l Rewards

    I have two requests both of which I know have already been accomplished but are unavailable to the public (as least that I'm aware of). The first is a configurable method of rewarding players for burying corpses 3 potential reward paths that I can think of are: money, karma, item. Karma would be my preferred reward though it would be awesome to be configurable or random. Additionally could also provide potential skill up contribution towards one of the existing skills say either digging or butchering as examples. Second request would be a way to reward players for their voting action via wurm-unlimited's API. While this is a competitive action I realize I may need to provide additional incentive for someone to provide this ability to me. Thank-you for your considerations.
  3. Lately, since rifts have begun, we've been having fun displaying rift corpses on our deed next to a large highway. Unfortunately, deed permissions don't allow blocking of the "bury" action. So invariably someone comes along and buries our corpses and we don't have a display anymore. To alleviate this problem, we had a writ with an open arched wall section where we put a corpse. Unfortunately, that corpse was butchered since writs have no way of blocking the "butcher" action. It'd be great if burying things was tied into another on-deed permission. Say butchering or digging. Similarly, I don't see why someone on a writ with no rights to enter a building or pick anything up should be able to butcher corpses there. (especially when it's also on deed). Thanks for your time,
  4. Bury-All Weirdness [Fixed]

    There's a couple things wrong with the new bury-all feature. 1. the BURY_ALL keybind only buries the corpse, not the items inside. 2. the Bury All option on the select bar has a red-and-white checkerboard image instead of the bury icon used for the normal Bury option.
  5. Love making corpses into plant food, but how about letting us bury other items? I know this could be tricky, since we all butcher, then bury and magically all the stuff "in" the corpse stays in inventory, but I sure would like to bury crap pelts, rather than leaving them laying on the ground. How about when you find an old settlement that looks crappy. Nice to just bury the eye sore piles of garbage. Lower server load and objects the client has to render.
  6. Currently "burying" simply makes a (butchered?) corpse disappear. However, the terrain/surface where it's buried should be affected. If it's farmed/grass tile, it should become 'packed'. If it's rock or road, it should not be allowed (destroy the pavement first). And there should be some small exp gained, probably 'digging' and/or 'paving'. Maybe even create a tile-surface that is a burial mound, with time it could revert to 'dirt'. 'Burning' dead bodies is another form of corpse dispensing. It could be a subskill of 'firemaking', with a new 'furnace' creation: 'funeral pyre'. 'Mummification' and burial in mounds/pyramids is another idea, but this needs new models, both for items and buildings, and maybe a new skill.
  7. Same with the bury keybind. They do work with corpses on the ground.
  8. I think you all know why we should encourage people to bury animal corpses. Getting 1 karma every time you bury animal corpse would be cool and useful.
  9. Butchering Selected Items

    I did the round on my deed butchering creature corpses and in the process collected a myriad of useless items. I just imagine if I'm butchering any animal, I'm not going to butcher the things I don't want. This led me to wondering: would it make sense to have a window come up when butchering to have you select which items you want to carve from the corpse. The same check applies to whether you successfully butcher the items or not. But then the unwanted pieces remain attached to the corpse and can be buried with it. Would this not reduce item count?
  10. It seems like when person A buries a dead mob, it does not update for players B and C who are close by. For 2 days running, I've buried a dead horse after culling, and while the body disappears for me, it does not vanish for my alts who are standing just a couple of tiles away. Additional info : If the alt's look at the body before it is buried, it does vanish. If they look in that direction only after it's buried, they still see the body. Additional info : If the alt's look at the body before it is BUTCHERED, it does vanish. If they look in that direction only after it's butchered, and then it's burred, they still see the body. So they must see the unbutchered body for it to be removed from view.