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Found 3 results

  1. The game has been around for how long and we can't get a board that can hold 10 pieces of paper with messages on them? PLEASE? make it similar to the recruitment board, but let it have spaces for papers that can be read, and require activated paper to post. Hell maybe you need to have a hammer and a small nail. I don't know, but please make this happen?
  2. Model would be similar to recruitment board (or this same). We'd be able to pin papyrus sheets by clicking right, typing "open" and placing sheets inside. Only owner of the: papyrus sheet/building/deed/bulletin board, would be able to unpin it. Papyrus also would decay slower inside it.
  3. The fountain in the center of Glasshollow Market is now a public meeting place! Anyone is welcome to take a sheet of papyrus and a pen from the red cart just nearby, about six tiles away towards the guard tower. Inscribed messages may be placed into the center fountain at the token so that they may be viewed by anyone. Name buy/sell requests starting with "WTB" or "WTS" in order to allow easy sorting. You may also request a rename for your merchant's market stall. Remember to rename your sheet before posting, so people will know which ones to read. A system of sub-containers to sort older sheets until their decay may be implemented as the fountain becomes full. Any message is welcome! You may place your village ad, or just say hello to Glasshollow! I will continue to supply papyrus, pens and dye in the red cart as more are needed; I have just installed a small reed farm on my nearby deed, Golden Glass, with plenty of room to expand. NOTE: The ornate fountain next to the red cart may be the future location for this 'message board' (current location promotes awareness of new message system)