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Found 13 results

  1. Since a tractor is too advanced for the tech of the Wurm, could we have a animal plow to tend the fields in the farm? Horse plow, Bull plow and so on. E.g.: You just have to lead the horse with the tool behind it or you can push the tool behind the animal (or animals).
  2. I wonder if it would be possible, and desirable, to have a visible indicator than animals are hitched to a wagon or cart? My idea would be that when you hitch a horse, bull, unicorn, hellhorse, or bison, a yoke would be applied to the animals model, making it seem slightly more like the animal is hitched to the vehicle rather than walking in front of it, unattached by any means other than strong strands of air. Even if the yoke is only attached to the animal and not to the actual cart or wagon, I feel like it will still help; but if its possible to actually make them part of the wagon model and scale the animal into it, that would be grand. They could be as elaborate, or as simple as whatever is desired, traditionally, equines get nicer yokes.... than bovines do.
  3. I saw this, and just had to share it! Oh, and does that happen to be a forest giant in the background, top left?
  4. ..

    Gone Delete.
  5. I love the visual look of the bardings! But feel both the visual and possibly added benefits of having a harness for the animal-drawn vehicles would be an fine addition. Maybe it could add a slight speed bonus when pulling carts etc. I do not think it should be required to be able hitch animals to carts, as leather can be hard go get when you fairly new to the game. But would mean more uses for the leather working skill. Perhaps a new features could be to: Pull trees etc through the woods without the use of a wagon at all Plow fields Cut grass Harvest some types of fields Help tear some types of fence down More ideas anyone? I also posted this on uservoice, not sure if that's used much anymore? I apologize if I missed out on others posting this idea, but I did a fair share of searching before posting. -Bene
  6. For a price of a few coins, you can buy a small statuette of livestock. When used it offers a pop-up where you select species (chicken, bison, cattle, sheep) and gender. The appropriate basic, non-traited animal spawns in that tile after a delay (no insta-horses for pvp). Ideally it would be worked into the normal domestic spawn system to keep the server balanced. Priced specifically to be cheap enough for a player to buy several, but high enough that it is cheaper to buy from another player.
  7. Hi, I want to sell 7 animals, 4 bulls and 3 cows, all with random traits, no negative Traits that I could know (I have only level 38 of AH). The herd is formed by: -2 venerables bulls -1 Mature bull. -1 Aged bull -1 venerable cow -1 Adolescent cow. -1 mature cow The entire herd : 50c Each animal 7c. Sorry no deliver service. I am at Deliverance server, 32x 46y , Templarios de Hispania village. SOLD
  8. Closed

    *Wrong section*
  9. I hitched my large cart with an adolescent and mature fat bull, then began riding the cart through a tunnel that is in line with the water table. I got off the cart to clear a cave in, then continued forward on horse to run an errand. I returned to the cart about 20 minutes later to find the bulls dead under the cart. I was really confused and butchered the corpses to confirm they hadn't starved (both had 10 and 12 meat) and were adolescent and mature, so shouldn't have died from old age. Both entrances to the tunnel are secure and tracks gave no results of anyone around to kill the bulls. It was a very short period of time and I think it has to have been a bug. Only factors I can think of was the specific tile they died on was about 1 tile below water level, can animals drown in a shallow mine like that? It was only about 20 minutes that they were left standing there.
  10. Here is a list or things i want to buy: 20K grass Any QL. Needs Delivered** Buying any and all chicken eggs you have! 2s for every 100 eggs! (OBO, must be delivered. Delivery paid: 1s for Exo, 2s for Celeb and Deliverance, and 3s for Independence) More to come soon! Orders Filled: Unfinished BSBs (Finished to the last piece, WITH last piece included!) Delivery ONLY! NO MAILING! 1-3 Gold Coins (price is in USD PM me to talk about this. NO POSTS Order Filled Enchanted Saw low ql with COC 60+ (needs mailed, ill pay COD) Order Filled Breeding pair of horses (Prefer Bad traits and low trait counts) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Cow/Bull (again low trait count and bad traits) Needs Delivered** Order Filled Enchanted Hatchet low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) Enchanted Sickle low ql with COC 60+ (Needs mailed, ill pay COD) 500 low QL lumps of copper (1-20QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled 10k Dirt (need delivered, 1s for deliver (if you do live on Golbin Pen then it is 50c delivery Order Filled 500 low lumps of Gold (1-20 QL, price will differ from AVG QL) I will pick up Order Filled Breeding pair of pigs Needs Delivered. Added 1s for delivery (if you are not on Goblin Pen.) 50c for players on Goblin Pen if you deliver ) Order Filled If you are on diff map then exo. ill need them delivered! PM me for delivery prices! More items might be added as the week progresses. So keep checking! I am on Exo at 17x 39y. Village deed is called Bad Company. PM wantsome my main or GetSome my alt. **Delivery Cost is 1s Exo, 2s Celeb and Deliv, and 3s Indy.** *INFO* - All items will be paid in Silver! NOT USD!
  11. Northern Auction and Trade. Moving to epic and need to sell all horse. Currently in stock: Horses. 5cp each. Buy 2 and get the third for free.;rm=full#gid=0 Location: Celebration Illiad Ridge(BI.32 Darkmalice map) Contacts: Nefilim or Thunderthor.
  12. WTB a bull independence preferably near to 39x 27y (
  13. Hello there I am locatet at Germania, this town is located on Celebration at http://forum.wurmonl...salpha-edition/ AB31 http://forum.wurmonl...elebration-map/ X25/Y29-30 For requests, send me a mail in the forums, a PM ingame or a letter over the mail system or simply reply to this topic. I am breeding horses and bulls. Animals are in self service pens in Germania near south gate. Keys are on the merchant near the pens. Livestock: