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Found 3 results

  1. Oakdale Bulk Supplies delivery's ask for a price Bulk items bricks 2s/k mortar 2.5s/k clay 1s/k planks 1s/k large nails 20c/100 small nails 15c/100 ribbon 1s/200 fence bars 1s/100 shafts 1s/k support beams 3.5s/100 if you have any requests feel free to ask ingame pm: caniee
  2. Looking forward to creating that gargantuan death-trap for any wandering adventures who haphazardly trespass in your evil domain? Have a recently kidnapped princess, but only own one castle with which to hide her in? Do you fear that other overlords are mocking you because of your castle size? Never fear! The morally flexible men of Phoenicaea Contractors and Bulk Supplies have got you covered for all your nefarious needs! We here at Phoenicaea Contractors and Bulk Supplies believe that every warlord needs a warm throne to park his prestigious patootie - and with our world class designing capabilities, we can make you only the finest of throne rooms, war rooms, castles, barricades, keeps, great halls, houses and more! The only limiting factor is the size of your plot of land! (and the size of your gold pouch.) Phoenicaea is unlisted on the map, but is located at 19y, 34x, directly west of Withimund in Independence. Map found here: Bulk Supply Costs: All Bulk Supplies are made to order. We do not keep overstock. Random QL (15ql - 40ql average). Pickup/Delivery dates may vary. Concrete - 1c per Concrete (10s/1000) (Lower than Market Price!) Clay - 10i per Clay (1s/1000) Clay Bricks - 20i per Clay Brick (2s/1000) Large Nails - 15i per Large Nail (1.5s/1000) Mortar - 30i per Mortar (3s/1000) Plank - 15i per Plank (1.5s/1000) Ribbon - 1c per Ribbon (10s/1000) Shingles (Pottery) - 20i per Shingle (2s/1000) Shingles (Wood) - 10i per Shingle (1s/1000) Small Nails - 10i per Small Nail (1s/1000) Sprouts (All Types)- 1c per Sprout (10s/1000) Stone Bricks - 20i per Stone Brick (2s/1000) Marble Shards - 5i per Marble Shard (50c/1000) Unfinished Bed - 16c per Unfinished Bed (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Large Cart - 24c per Unfinished Large Cart (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Bulk Storage Bin - 8c per Unfinished Bulk Storage Bin (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Food Storage Bin - 8c per Unfinished Food Storage Bin (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Weapon Rack - 16c per Unfinished Weapon Rack (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Small Cart - 12c per Unfinished Large Cart (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Small Cart - 12c per Unfinished Large Cart (Lower than Market Price!) Unfinished Small Crate - 16c per Unfinished Small Crate Unfinished Large Crate - 24c per Unfinished Large Crate Unfinished Wagons (Freedom Isles) - 1s per Unfinished Wagon Unfinished Support Beams - 5c per Unfinished Support Beam Field Sowing Costs: 20i per field. (This flat fee covers cultivation, tree clearance, harvesting, and/or road clearance. Lumber and harvested food is your property.) (This flat fee does NOT cover land flattening, land raising, building destruction or anything not listed above.) Construction Costs: 15i per Action. (Example: 3c per Wall {20 actions to make}, 1.5c per Roof. {10 actions to make}) Any jobs requiring over 5s in materials and/or labor must be paid up front. Order size, screenshots of finished order, and design screenshots are used for promotional material, you can request your name be anonymous. If you provide the materials, I will only charge for the labor! Rush jobs are available for hire, and are negotiable. Interior design examples with floating platforms: Surveying, Mapping and Designing Costs: Surveying and Mapping includes: Using Deedplanner or Wplanner to map out your entire deed and it's perimeter tile for tile. Mapping costs: 1s base cost. 1c per 10 tiles afterwords. (Perimeter included.) Designing Costs: Free with Mapping or Contractor work. Otherwise 50c standalone. Delivery/Travel Costs: Delivery and Travel are free for any orders worth over 5s for Inde, 10s for Deli, 12.5s for Exo and 15s for Cele. Shoreline: 40c to Independence, 1s to Deliverance, 1.5s to Exodus and 2s to Celebration. Inland: 1s to Independence, 2s to Deliverance, 3s to Exodus and 4s to Celebration. Mountaintop (No Delivery): 60c to Independence, 1.6c to Deliverance, 3s to Exodus and 5s to Celebration. Delivery costs are per Knarr (with 100 rafts) boatload for shoreline delivery. Inland deliveries are based per Wagonload (with 9 large crates). Contract History: Niki: Designer Image: Finished Images: Deedplanner Pastebin Link: Materials Used: 90 Slate Shingles (18c), 2625 Mortar (7.875s), 20 Felled Trees (2c), 2860 Stone Bricks (5.72s) Labor: 2990 total actions -- 124 x 20 actions (2480, 3.72s), 45 x 10 actions (450, 67.5c), 12 x 5 actions (60, 9c) Contract Requests: Owner will create their own Parapets and Flooring. Travel/Delivery: Free Time Allotted by Negotiated Contract: 2 Weeks. Time Completed In: 4 days. Total Cost: 18.28s Theflash: Designer Image Before: Designer Image After: Designer Changes Suggested: Level jagged hillsides, and current fencing surrounding jagged hillside. Level the entire deed into three heights.Bottom height: Shoreline/Pier - Medium Height: Wooden Fenced Animal Pen, Crafter Building, Guard Tower, Central Highway through Deed; Top Height: North-east Corner.Allow the central highway to go all the way through the deed.Remove current perimeter fencing and rebuild it two tiles outward to allow for additional deed tiles for deed use.Suggestion: Expand deed westwards using dirt in the ocean, otherwise money is wasted on water tiles.Designer opted to keep enchanted grass tiles unchanged. Deedplanner Pastebin Link: Materials Used: Design Only Sale Price (1s) Labor: 2 Hours Survey and Mapping, 30 Minutes Design. Contract Requests: Nothing requested. Travel/Delivery: 20c (Independence Shoreline) Time Allotted by Negotiated Contract: 1 day. Time Completed In: 2 hours, 30 minutes. Total Cost: 1.20s If you ever need a helping hand to do any of the heavy lifting your frail priestly and wizard-like fingers can't handle - contact me in game or on the forums. User Name: Dairuka Posting your order in this thread will get you 10% off any order of any size. (This bonus is not cumulative with other sales.) (Compliments aren't required to get the 10% off. Thanks for the high praise though!) And now jokes Highlight the gray text for the answers. What do Michael Bay scripts and PvP in Wurm have in common? They only sound exciting in text. What do Epic and Chernobyl have in common? They're both epic disasters that ended in Ghost towns. What do Wurm and Huffington Post have in common? All the fighting is done in the forums. Why do Epic players brag so much in the forums? Because there's nobody on Epic to listen. How many epic players does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One, because hes the only one there. Why are Wurm's PvP'ers so scared of showing up in killspam? One of the other three PvP'ers might make fun of them for it. Five PvP games sit down at a diner and order lunch. Roma Victor orders a lamb that was crucified in the most expletive way possible. Darkfall orders a slab of beef that was brutally exploited before it's slaughter. Shadowbane orders a salad with a glass of glitch, before crashing on a cot someplace in the back room. Rust orders a male prostitute. Wurm orders a pair of rose-tinted glasses because food nowadays just can't compare with staring at a wall for eight hours. Don't get it? That's because Wurm's PvP is always the least interesting one, even in the jokes about it.
  3. I have 15,000 pumpkins at 70.71ql, it's about 2 months of farm stock that we're now selling. This is a perfect high number of pumpkins for some serious hot food cooking gains. Or, a lifetimes supply of village vegetables! It is very rare to see any food sold in such large numbers, so take the chance! They all fit together into one juicy FSB of orange goodness. Free delivery to anywhere in Freedom!! Start price: 1s Minimum increment: 50c Hidden reserve: Yes (will notify once passed) Auction length: 5 days Snipe protection: 1 hour Happy bidding! PM me if you have any questions.