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Found 2 results

  1. SHALLOW BAY BULK TRADING SHOP We are selling bulk items. We are located at E13 Exodus server so pickup is available at that coordinate. Delivery to all freedom servers (except Chaos) is available. Contact Davion or Loaded for orders in game. Prices are below for specific in game materials: STATUS : CLOSED BULK CARPENTRY: 1000 planks = 1.50s 1000 shafts = 1s 1000 arrowshafts = 1.50s 10 support beams = 50c 10 floor boards = 70c BULK MASONRY: 1000 Stone Bricks = 2s 1000 Collosus Bricks = 2.5s 1000 Mortar = 2.5s 100 Slabs = 1.50s SHIP BUILDING MATERIALS: 100 tenons = 50c 100 pegs = 50c 100 hull planks = 50c 100 deck board = 70c 100 belaying pin = 50c 100 oars = 70c CARPENTRY ITEMS (Unfinished , Last item included) BSB/FSB = 15c Large Crate = 15c Small Crate = 10c Raft = 8c Small Barrel = 10c Small Bucket = 10c BULK BLACKSMITHING: 100 small nails = 70c 100 large nails = 70c 100 ribbons = 1s 100 fence bars = 2s 100 rivets = 50c 100 frying pans = 2s RAW MATERIALS: 1000 dirt = 1s 100 logs = 75c (normal ql) 1000 clay = 1s 1000 tar = 1s 1000 iron lumps = 1.50s (normal ql) DELIVERY PRICES: We do not deliver inlands, only to coastal areas. Place your orders by writing under this thread. Completing orders may take some time so thank you for your patience. Thanks.
  2. Blackbourne Bulk Shop Located at C20 on Xanadu Bulk orders: Filling in Orders Shipyard orders: Available [22:49:11] You have just received the title 'Digger'! [21:50:55] You have just received the title 'Mason'! [10:50:56] You have just received the title 'Carpenter'! [18:46:49] You have just received the title 'Miner'! Raw Materials: Dirt - 1s/k Sand - 1s/k Clay - 1s/k Tar - 1s/k Rock Shards - 1s/k Marble shards - 1s/k Building Materials: Stone Bricks - 2s/k Colussus Bricks - 2s/k Mortar - 3s/k Planks - 1s/k Smithing Materials: Large Nails - 20c/100 Small Nails - 20c/100 Ribbons - 1s/100 Fence Bars - 1.5s/100 Frying Pans - 50c/50 Metal Lumps: 30QL Iron - 10c/100kg 40QL Iron - 15/100kg Slab Materials: Stone Slab - 1s/100 Marble Slab - 1s/100 Farming Materials: Pumpkin - 1s/k Potato - 1s/k Corn - 1s/k Onion - 80c/k [10k instock] Miscellaneous Materials: Charcoal - 4s/k Kindling - 75c/k Shaft - 1s/k Arrow Shaft - 1s/k Support Beams - 3.5s/100 Cooked Meat - 2.5s/k Rope - 1s/150 Pottery Brick - 1s/100 Bulk Storage Bin (20ql) - 25c/1 Large Chest (20ql) - 15c/1 Large Crate (20ql) - 1.5s/10 Small Crate (20ql) - 75c/10 Small Chest (20ql) - 1s/10 Small Rafts (20ql) - 1s/10 Shipbuilding Packs: You need to build this by your own! Rowboat - 35c Small Sailing Boat - 80c Corbita - 2s Cog - 2.8s Knarr - 6s Ships: Rowboat - 75c Small Sailing Boat - 1.5s Corbita - 3.5s Cog - 5.5s Knarr - 13.5s Delivery costs: 1s if order is not above 10s We deliver to: All Freedom Isles (Except chaos) Chaos? PM me to make a appointment of delivery. You wanna order? Please fill in this form: Additional Payment Methods for Bulk Goods: Sleep Powder: 1/1.5s Referral: 1/7s Paypal: 1s/1e You don't see the item you want listed? Please feel free to PM me here on the forum or ingame with Stonecutter Or you have a Question about the Farming/Ship products please feel free to PM Mubelsjedenn1 on forum or ingame with Mubelsjedenn We also have a town smith who can Make/Imp your tools up to 90ql Please visit him at You need some help with your Big Project? Please dont look further and hire this person