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Found 3 results

  1. Rotgut's General Store

    Hi everyone and welcome to my shop. I can offer almost any type of bulk goods for sale: nails, planks, veggies, sprouts, bricks/mortar, dirt, clay, etc. you name it! I am located at Xanadu G23, Summerholt lake, which is easily accessible for ships via underground canal system at G23/24 or H23/24. I can also offer delivery to coastal areas (except for Chaos) or delivery by wagoneer if you happen to live on Xan. Pricing: Blacksmithing: Small Nails 1.5s/1k Large Nails 2s/1k Ribbons 5s/1k Rivets 2s/1k Fence Bars 1.5s/100 Carpentry: Arrow shafts 1s/1k Floor Boards 5s/100 Pegs 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Shafts 1s/1k Support Beams 5s/100; current stock - 100 Wood Shingle 1s/1k Masonry: Bricks (round stones/sandstone) - 2s/k; current stock: 9k sandstone bricks Slabs (stone/sandstone) - 3s/k; current stock: 2k sandstone slabs Colossus bricks - 3s/k Mortar - 2.5s/k Colossus - 12s (price can be reduced down to 4s if you provide construction materials) Resources: Clay, dirt, peat, sand, tar - 1s/1k Please note - all prices above are set for creation ql, if you want specific ql pm me and we'll negotiate. Farming (animals) and forestry products current stock and prices: Food: Barley - 4.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k Buffalo cheese - 9.2k 89+ ql - 2s/k Cabbage - 12k 99+ ql - 1s/k Carrot - 12.8k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cheese - 64k 83+ ql, 36k 99+ ql - 2s/k Chestnut - 1.5k 79+ ql - 3s/k Corn - 48.3k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cucumber - 13.4k 99+ ql - 1s/k Dough - 3s/k Feta cheese - 44.7k 95+ ql - 2s/k Flour - 2s/k Garlics - 157.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Green apples - 18.2k 69+ ql - 3s/k Green grapes - 5k 90+ ql - 3s/k Honey (ql 70+) - 20c/small barrel Lemons - 10.9k 76+ ql - 3s/k Lettuce - 11k 99+ ql - 1s/k Milk (cow, sheep) - 20c/small barrel (current stock - 300 barrels of cow milk, 200 barrels of sheep milk) Oat - 8k 97+ ql - 1s/k Onions - 11.6k 99+ ql - 1s/k Orange - 2.1k 85+ ql - 3s/k Pea pods - 20.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pine nuts - 9k 85+ ql - 3s/k Potatoes - 18k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pumpkin - 10k 99+ ql - 1s/k Red cherries - 2.4k 88+ ql - 3s/k Rye - 9.6k 98+ ql - 1s/k Strawberries - 6.2k 99+ql - 1s/k Sugar Beet - 9.5k 99+ ql - 1s/k Tomato - 10.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k Wheat - 4.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Misc: Beeswax - 1s/k Cotton - around 66k 90-99 ql - 1s/k Paper - 1.5s/k Waxed paper - 2.5s/k Wemp (plants) - 72k 99+ ql - 1s/k Wool - 71k 90+ ql - 1.5s/k Sprouts (all 1s/100): Apple – 3.9k 51+ ql Birch – 1.6k 53+ ql Blueberry - 100 57+ ql Camelia - 100 57+ ql Cedar – 3.6k 51+ ql Cherry - 1.5k 56+ ql Chestnut – 1.8k 52+ ql Fir – 1.3k 51+ ql Grape – 6k 57+ ql Hazelnut - 300 52+ql Lavender – 600 54+ ql Lemon – 11.6k 51+ ql Linden - 400 53+ ql Maple - 300 51+ ql Oleander - 600 55+ ql Olive - 200 54+ ql Orange - 1.7k 53+ ql Pine – 4.3k 54+ ql Raspberry - 100 52+ ql Rose - 1k 55+ ql Walnut - 1.2k 51+ ql Discounts are provided for large orders and/or pickup, minimal order for free delivery to your coast - 5s. I also take orders on single items (like ships, wagons, tools, lamps, leatherworking items, beehives or furniture) and offer imping services with the following skills: blacksmithing (90), carpentry (90) (fine carp 80, shipbuilding 75), leatherworking (90), masonry (90) (stonecutting 90). To make an order, pm me here or in-game. If you want something that is not in the list, feel free to ask, I'll see what I can do. I accept silver and referrals (those count as 6s) as payment. My time zone is UTC+3. Looking forward to our cooperation
  2. Is your Wurm life looking a little too bland? Message me today to brighten your world! Now offering dyes to paint all your favorite things! Not sure how much you will need? Check out the chart here <Wurmpedia Dye Information>. 90 Natural Sub Skill @ Your service! *~*~*Now offering Transmutation Liquid!!*~*~* 1.8s per tile on deed - 2.50s per tile off deed (off deed uses double amount) + 21c/42c cod for delivery, or free pickup @ Amish Paradise - Xanadu Most Popular Colors 99ql White Dye - Per Lantern Dye - 25c *******UPDATE 7/10/17 - With the addition of Runes to the game, this changes the amount of dye needed for the items with a rune attached. Any item that is runed will add 10% to the price listed******* Custom Colors Available by request (See Color Chart - pricing will be same as popular color family above) ->Color Chart<- **Custom colors are approximate** Due to the nature of dye making in Wurm, exact colors may not be possible. We will do our best to match as close as we are able. ***NEW ***Not sure which colors you want? Try one of our set flask packs!***NEW*** Over the Rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Pink - 1.50s Trial Pack - Over the Rainbow pack + White + Black - 1.75s -----PLEASE OPEN SPOILER FOR EXAMPLES OF COLORS ON BOATS, STATUES, AND CARTS----- Shown in both Current & Unstable Clients Order delivery **All colors are made to order & therefore are all sales final** If there is an issue with your order, I will try to assist in correcting it There will be time required to create the desired dye - larger orders will take longer. Most turnaround times are within 48-72 hours currently. Orders can be done via pickup at Amish Paradise - Xanadu (G24) Or COD COD cost = 1c per kg + 1c for each container required Have other Wurmian needs? Check out our other shop - Amish Corner Store!
  3. FatJack handsome bulk orders shop

    Hi Wurmians We are opening We would like to introduce you to our new shop - FatJack handsome bulk orders shop - its placed on Xanadu at coordinates of J26 In our offer you can find variety of items, especially mass production items. We are offer: - (1000) Stone bricks 2s - (1000) Mortar 3s - (1000) Clay 1s (60QL) - (1000) Planks 1s - (1) Large crates 10c The deliveries may delay up to two days if ordered items are not in our storage. Large crates are included in price if order cost more that 12s(without transport cost). -We also have to sell 2 Sleep powders for 1,25s/per We offer also delivery of the order but the delivery cost depends on distance, every square(map square) travelled to the wanted location costs 1 copper, and if you like to get your order on other continent than Xanadu cost will increase by 15 copper. The distance will be counted based on the shortest possible way from our seat. We offer massive production of colossus bricks but price of them is a subject of negotiation, just PM us and we will come to terms. Of course prices can be negotiated. If you are interested in purchase any of our products just PM komandoso,komandos,Rhyxus,Dzwiedz we can talk too on forum Squad: komandos komandoso Rhyxus Dzwiedz Shaher Mrkarek Zsunaj Quarantinium