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Found 13 results

  1. One stop shopping! We are located at Cadence O17, on the highway system! Delivery can also be arranged! **Contact Chaosmeow in game** Pizzas - Affinity and Filler Carpentry Fine Carpentry Blacksmithing Masonry Priest Services Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Pottery Ropemaking Archaeology Sprouts We can get most sprouts that are requested. Sprouts are 1c each, except oak and willow which are 3c each. Animals For Sale If you need a product or service that isn't on this list, please contact me in game (Chaosmeow), or post here.
  2. Location & Delivery Taishar Manetheren is located on Harmony at M21/M22 with water access. Delivery is possible by Wagoneer to deeds connected to Harmony Bay by highway. Contact Taldrageron in game (spelling different than post name). Masonry Items (Pick up or delivery to Harmony Bay and East coast) Oven / Forge / Kiln 2S 60ql 3S 70ql Smelters 4s 50ql 5s 60ql 6s 70ql Statuettes for Casting (Gold) 20c for 10ql [ Quality does not effect casting] (Vynora, Fo, Magranon, Libila) Bulk Items Empty Large Crates 20c Mortar (300) 1.2S Crate Exchange Bricks (300) 0.6S Crate Exchange Round Bricks (300) 0.6S Crate Exchange Support Beams (150) 10s (small crate included for free) Chiibea's Stables Horses at Tai'shar Manetheren
  3. We provide construction,mining,digging services. To order a construction you need just make a "blueprint" in deed planner , send it to us and leave everything else to us! We'll do the maths,make\buy resources and deliver them to your location! You'll get calculation tabs of materials and work cost. Contact DaaDaaa via ingame or post a message here. Our finished projects: Ravenhelm Storage @ Deli We opened a shop! Come and see!
  4. WTS 4k bricks at 2s/1000 and 5k dirt at 1s/1000. 1s delivery fee for orders under 10silver. Coastal deliveries only and I deliver via a corbita so please keep that in mind if travel routes include canals. I can do crate exchange or 5c per large crate. Pickup is always welcome! I live on Xanadu. PM me for details/coordinating deliveries. Please and Thank You, Sarru~
  5. Nippy General Store Helping you play the game you love, your way Leather works Blacksmithing Bulk Workload: Empty Blacksmithing Workload: Empty Armour Workload: Empty ***Special offers*** Currently no special offers Masonr​y Bricks - 1s per 500Mortar - 1.5s per 500Slabs - 1s per 75Carpentry ​Planks - 1.5s per 1kSmithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500Iron Fence Bars - 2s per 100Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100Rivets - 75c per 500Blacksmithing Tools 50ql - 15c60ql - 35c70ql - 50c80ql - 90cHorseshoes x4 50ql - 1sx4 70ql - 2s 10cLarge anvils 50ql - 30c60ql - 60c70ql - 80c80ql - 1s 60cLamps 30ql - 80c per 1040ql - 1.2s per 1050ql - 1.5s per 10Armour Leather 40ql - 40c50ql - 50c60ql - 60c70ql - N/A Studded Leather 60ql - 1s70ql - 2s80ql - 4s90ql - 7s Chain armour 40ql - 50c50ql - 1s Leather Goods Toolbelt 50ql - 40c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1s 90ql - 2s Containers (standard 30ql containers, higher ql on request) Backpack - 5cQuiver - 5cWaterskin - 5cHorse gear - Bridles 50ql - 30c60ql - 40c70ql - 50c80ql - 75c90ql - 1s - Saddle 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1s80ql - 2s90ql - 6s- Leather Barding 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1.5s Nature Enchanted grass/trees - 70c per tile Merchant in Freedom Market last stocked 02/09/2013 Contact Shads or Boobaby in-game or on the forums either via pm or comment below to place an order. We're located on the independence server, our co-ords are 24x 46y. Deed name is Nippy shores. We do NOT deliver to other servers Fast service, good bricks as always, excellent on site brick crafting service. Would recommend any time.
  6. Hi all i dont know if this has been sugested but is there any posibile way to sell bulk items eg stone bricks from a merchant. I would really like to here the reasons why this carnt/shouldnt happen thankyou in advance.
  7. Enderman's Shop: cheap bulk orders, ships, food Status: Accepting new orders Ingame charname: Enderman Pickup preferred in Tarsis East (P25 Xanadu) or Hispania (E11 Xanadu). If you want delivery in your place, consult price before. Price doesn't include the crate (you must buy every crate or trade for an empty one). Bitcoin accepted as payment method too . Large orders can be divided in several orders and queued accordingly for providing a fast service to all the customers. Prices: Coins Silver coin: 1 euro Fine carpentry 50ql wagon: 80c Ships Caravel: 15s 50ql Knarr: 10s 50ql Cog: 5s 50ql Corbita: 3.5s 50ql Small sailing boat: 1s 50ql Rowing boat: 50c 50ql Bulk orders Stone bricks: 1.9s / 1K Colossus bricks: 2s / 1K Slate shards: 1.5s / 1K Slate shingle: 2.5s / 1K Slate slab: 10.25s /100 Concrete: 1s / 100 Mortar: 2.5s / 1K Planks: 1.5s / 1K Small nails, large nails, rivets, hooks - 1s / 410 Ribbons, frying pans, sauce pans 1s / 110 Ores under 37ql (iron, copper, zinc): 1s / 1K Wemp plants: 1s / 1K Large crate: 9c each Small crate: 4c each Food Cooked meat: 1s / 1K Vegetables (corn, onion, potato, pumpkin, etc..): 1s / 1K Items now in stock (ready for pickup) Tarsis East (P25 Xanadu) 500 wemp 800 barley 700 potatoes 600 corn Hispania (E11 Xanadu) 1000 onions 500 cooked meat Orders Orders being worked on Orders awaiting start Orders ready to pickup/deliver Reyaa - 2k bricks, 1k mortar included crates. Pickup in Hispania. 6.2s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s
  8. Lost Shores Smithy, Tailory, Carpentry, and Farm Grand Opening 20% Off For the rest of this month everything is 20% off the listed price. Get your items soon, this is a limited time offer. Map location: Xanadu, s15 Map Location Lost Shores Thanks for visiting with us today. We have a lot of items to offer. Everything from the bulk items to plate sets. Take a look and see if you like anything. Buyer pays CoD on all items or pickup can be arranged at s15, Lost Shores, Xanadu. *Tools* Iron Steel 20ql - 5c 20ql 15c 30ql - 10c 30ql - 20c 40ql - 15c 40ql - 25c 50ql - 25c 50ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Carpenty* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c 60ql - 35c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Tailory* 20ql - 5c 30ql - 10c 40ql - 15c 50ql - 25c *Custom qualities available *Ask about our imping prices *Metallurgy* prices and quantities will be discussed upon order Steel Brass Bronze *Bulk* Bulk Veg Pumpkins - 1s/1k Wemp - 1s/1k Corn 1s/1k Wheat - 1s/1k Cotton - 1s/1k Garlic - 1s/1k Onion - 1s/1k *Hold on all veggies until further notice Bulk Mats Tar - 1s/1k Clay - 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Small/Large Nails - 1s/500 Ore - 1.50s/1k (iron, slate, zinc, gold, lead, silver - max ql being 56ql) *Plate Sets* 42ql - 1.50s 52ql - 2s 62ql - 3s *70+ql coming soon Individual Pieces: 42ql - 20c 52ql - 30c 62ql - 40c *70+ql coming soon
  9. I took some things out of a BSB earlier, using right click -> "take" rather than dragging them to my inventory, after doing so, they are in my inventory as a bulk item rather than the individual items. I went through these same steps to reproduce it, and it happened again. I am unable to put either of these items back into BSBs, as it says that it will destroy them. Examining the items in inventory gives: [15:19:55] A generic bulk item Dropping them on the ground makes them look like they're in a sack with a red question mark on it. Dragging from BSB to inventory still works fine.
  10. MadHill Merchants Last Updated: 07 Feb 2014 Location: MadHill Village is located in Exodus at X4, Y20 MadHill Merchants will usually Host Special Bundles at Special Prizes with limited stock. Current Special Bundle: Horse Gear Bundle Bundle Contains: 1 Saddle QL 70+ 4 Horseshoes QL 70+ 1 Bridle QL 70+ First Re-Improve Free Bundle Price: 2.2 Silver 15 Bundles Available (Including Merchant Stock) PM me for bundle Purchases or /tell Reaverkane ingame Current Merchant Stock: Merchant_MadHill Wares: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL* ------------ Price (silver) 20 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 10 Saddle 70+ 1 10 Bridle 70+ 0.5 3 Toolbelt 70+ 0.6 Other Merchants to be added Soon Merchants are located on-deed at the "DockHouse" Building *Ql will vary between the stated ql and up to 5 ql over that. Other Items available on Stock: Qty--------Item ------------------ QL ------------ Price (silver) 38 Horseshoe 70+ 0.25 100 Butchering Knives 50+ 0.10 300 Carving Knives 50+ 0.10 20k Dirt ?? 1 Silver/1k6 Items available on Order1: Blacksmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.15 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.20 Silver QL 70 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 80 --------- 0.60 Silver QL 90 --------- Not Available For large anvils multiply price by 1.5 (IE QL 70 Large anvil will cost 0.60 silver) Bulk Items (nails, ribbons, etc) Cost 12 iron per Kg of items. Weaponsmithing2 QL 50 --------- 0.30 Silver QL 60 --------- 0.40 Silver QL 70 --------- Not Available QL 80 --------- Not Available QL 90 --------- Not Available Jewelry smithing Pendulum QL 504, 5 --------------------------- 0,30 Silver Gold Statuettes (any god) QL 504 --------- 0.50 Silver Silver Statuettes (any god)4 ----------------- 0.40 Silver Altar (Gold) QL 304, 5 ------------------------- 2 Silver Altar (Silver) QL304, 5 ------------------------- 1,70 Silver Brazier Bowls Ql 30 ---------------------------- 0.20 Silver Bracelets, Rings, Candelabra, etc are also available, and follow a simmilar price range to pendulums. Full Braziers are available for crafting, Price is negotiated upfront. Mining Rock Shards --------- 1 Silver/ 1000 Items Iron --------- 1 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 80 --------- 5 Silver/1000 Kg Iron QL 90 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc --------- 1.2 Silver/1000 Kg Copper/Zinc QL 70 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 80 --------- Not Available Copper/Zinc QL 90 --------- Not Available Gold/Silver --------- 10 Silver /1000 Kg Gold QL 70 --------- 20 Silver/1000 Kg Woodcutting Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple --------- 1 Silver / 1000 Logs Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 70 --------- 2 Silver / 1000 Logs6 Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 80 --------- Not Available Pine/Cedar/Birch/Maple QL 90 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 70 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 80 --------- Not Available Willow/Oak QL 90 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 70 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 80 --------- Not Available Fruit Trees QL 90 --------- Not Available Walnut/Chestnut/Fir/Linden --------- Not Available Leather Works3: Toolbelt QL 50 --------- 0.2 Silver Toolbelt QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Toolbelt QL 70 --------- 0.6 Silver Toolbelt QL 80 --------- 0.8 Silver Toolbelt QL 90 --------- Not Available Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.4 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 0.5 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 0.7 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 1 Silver/Full Set Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Studded Leather Armor QL 50 --------- 0.7 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 60 --------- 1 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 70 --------- 2 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 80 --------- 3.5 Silver/ Full Set Studded Leather Armor QL 90 --------- Not Available Saddle QL 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Saddle QL 60 --------- 0.7 Silver Saddle QL 70 --------- 1 Silver Saddle QL 80 --------- 2 Silver Saddle QL 90 --------- Not Available Bridle QL 50 --------- 0.3 Silver Bridle QL 60 --------- 0.4 Silver Bridle QL 70 ---------0.5 Silver Bridle QL 80 --------- 0.7 Silver Bridle QL 90 --------- Not Available Barding Ql 50 --------- 0.6 Silver Barding Ql 60 --------- 0.8 Silver Barding Ql 70 --------- 1.5 Silver Barding Ql 80 --------- 2.5 Silver Barding Ql 90 --------- Not Available Containers (Water Skin, backpack, quiver) Ql 30 --------- 0.05 Silver (5 copper) More TBA. To place an Order PM me or /tell Reaverkane ingame 1Completion and Delivery time will vary with availability, PM for information. 2 Steel Items - Available by pre-order, at maximum ql 60 (Confirm via ingame PM). 3 Armor and Toolbelts are free up to ql 50 For Allies. Saddles are free up to Ql 30. 4 Base QL, Higher QL is available, PM for details and prices 5 Enchantments available at times, i don't have all priests premium at all times, so either order has to justify premium time, or you'll have to be lucky and get me at a time when priest is premium. So best PM in advance. 6 Items provided by Wolfikita from Port of Outsiders - Westside Alliance. I can still mediate contact. Alternative Payment: Should be discussed by case, but we will not dismiss direct trades for items. Leather items can be traded/price discounted for hides or leather of sufficient amount and Quality. High QL Logs, Bulk Bricks, mortar, dirt and sand will be accepted as payment in general. Referrals will be accepted. Sleep powders maybe. Final Notes: - Alliance discounts available for members of the "Westside" Alliance - Improvements are available and discussed by case, except when included with bundles, or when free improvements are included with original deal. - Delivery Available by mail or boat/cart. Delivery Fees: By Mail - 10 Copper per Item for Exodus, 20 Copper per Item for the rest of Freedom (actual mail fees, not my own). By Boat/Cart - On Exodus: Free for the areas between X1 and X11 and Y1 and Y24 on the Exodus Map, and less than 1 Cart Load. Other areas, fee will be negotiated upfront and will depend on the weather conditions and distance traveled. By Boat - Other servers: No delivery on Chaos ATM. Delivery to other servers is available for Coastal Deeds, or Rendezvous on coast. Delivery fee will also depend on distance and weather, and will be negotiated upfront.
  11. Dziki Gon Traders (Independence) I'm glad to welcome you to the Dziki Gon Traders! Past few last months our village has grown big so we decided to unite our traders and place everything in one advert. Our nicks are: Ading, Mechan and Wsrich. There are more villagers of course but if you need to order anything, it's best to write to one of us. Soon I'll try to update this advert. It's incomplete yet, so don't worry about anything! Bulk items: *The item is unfinished (needs the last material). The material is included. **The QL is lower than 90. Blacksmithing: Leatherworking: Improving armors from 50-80ql costs 1c=1ql. 80-90ql costs 2,2c=1ql Improving toolbelts and saddles from 50-70ql costs 1c=1ql 70-80 costs 2c=1ql 80-90 costs 4c=1ql Ship Building: All ships but rowboat can be delivered for free! At the moment we have in stock: -Rowboat (pinewood) -Small Sailing Boat (pinewood) -Corbita (willow) -Knarr (oakenwood)
  12. Who are we? We are a new corporation located just south of the Western Wall. We specialize in contract negotiations between buyers/sellers and the shipping of goods. We have on roster a list of contractors for hire for whatever business you may need. From building placements, to flat-raising, and even to furniture improvements. We have it all! Whatever business or order you want, our agents will seek out and find for you the best deal possible and get it delivered right to your doorstep. How can I place a Buy/Sell contract? You can do it in one of 3 ways! By posting below, by sending a message to Governor Xemos in his Private Male box, or lastly by contacting one of the agents in game! From there we will negotiate the Item size/quantities you can produce or wish to purchase. And the price range you are acceptable with. Delivery/pickup is handled by us. You do not need to fear of those swashbucklers who only wish to steal your goods. You receive payment in full for you goods upon pick-up from one of our agents, Funded for of course by the Bank of Independia, Which then delivers the goods to receive the final payment ( plus shipping and handling ) from the customer! At absolutely no risk to the seller whatsoever. ​What benefits come from using your services? You get our triple company booster services FREE! One with our agents constantly on the look for buyers, you will have the joys of knowing that someone is out looking for your sales while you are asleep, 24/7! So there is the first bonus. Secondly, we handle all the shipping for you. Thus your company does not need to employ a sailor nor do you have to miss out on productivity to sail your goods yourself. Lastly, Being insurance backed by the Bank of Independia, You have a 0 risk sale to any customer! You get paid upon pick-up long before the customer finishes his end of the deal! If the customer turns out to be a pond-scum swashbuckling scallywag. You still make profit and the West Independia Shipping Company bites the bullet for you! What more can you wish for? ​How could I join this fine agency/become a villager to your town? Just simply fill out our job application below! What is your Full name ( Wurm name ) What skills do you possess? ( Titled traits ) What are your aspirations? Do you have a valid Sailor's Licence/what endorsement do you have? ( Mind Logic level, <19 - 24+ If yes, Do you currently own a ship? Are you willing to relocate to the Independia township? If yes, Do you need assistance? Additional Comments IE: Xemos Renowned Carpenter, Woodcutter, Excavator, Lumberjack To be a great trading company conglomerate owner. Yes: 24+ Knarr, Sailboat, Rowboat(s) Yes No I love WISC!!!! To sign up as a suppliers post below with: Supplier sign up Company name: Location ( If in city ) Cordinates ( X/Y ) Number of workers: CEO ( the boss man ) Authorized reps: ( others who can make deal decisions ) Normal business hours: ( your game schedule ) Additional Comments ​For any Questions Comments or Concerns, Please post below and Governor Xemos will answer promptly!