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Found 20 results

  1. Newly founded Heathen Trading Co. Services We are currently offering are. Cross server wagoneering. 50c 1-10crates 1s 11-20 crates 1.5s 21-30 crates 2s 31-40 crates 50c is minimum fee Will ship to any server. Coastal deliveries are available for 1s per 10 crates Oceans side coastal 2s per 10 crates for intercoastal coastlines Return crates are available at 25c per crate for deposits. whoever is taking Responsibility for the Deposit is between the seller and the buyer. Buyer is to get their full fee from the buyer before shipment is introduced Heathen Trading Co. Does not handle the cost of the good between the buyer and the seller. It is the sellers Responsibility to collect payment . Shipment logs are available to the seller upon request Personal Deliveries to non coastal area can be made at higher surcharge Bulks Goods Merchant and stalls available At Heathen Trading Co. in cadence,1902 Terraforming services offered surface mining or leveling Pm Oneeyedgod in Game for available stalls. Coming Soon Available Bulk Goods @ Heathen Trading Co. Happy Wurming...
  2. Got everything I needed, this can be closed.
  3. Looking for work, finances are tight and need silvers to pay for deed so i will do pretty much anything just tell me what you need and offer a payment for it. i am flexible but also a full time husband and father and going to school so itll be something i do in spare time thank you!
  4. Delivery - 50c (to coastal areas) - Pickup available near Summerholt Bulk Items-Filled to order ** In Stock (there may be more available and just not yet updated) (For all bulk: crates not included) Rares Priest Services Vyn, Magnaron, Fo (ask for quote) -*-*- Custom Enchanting Pricing -*-*- Enchanted Tools (items are also on a merchant at NEXA Market & may sell before updated here) Misc Items Leather Goods Services -Travel cost may apply- Enchanted Grass = 50c/tile Genesis Cast = 50c/cast Strongwall = 1s/cast Imping Services Price quote avail upon request BS imping - 80ql and below JS imping - 60ql and below Carp Imping - 80ql and below Fine Carp Imping - 70ql and below Tailor Imping - 70ql and below Leather Imping - 80ql and below (see Spoiler above) Stone Imping - 80ql and below Please post or send a pm on forums or ingame with your request - Aniceset DYES - Please Jump to here for all useful info on ordering
  5. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  6. Esteron Market is Rebuilt and Once Again Open! Come place your merchant today at the newly re-opened Esteron Market! Esteron Market is once again open to the public. Still a bit of a work-in-progress, so please don't mind the mess. But we have rebuilt and are opening the doors to new merchants who wish to set up shop in our corner of Xanadu. The Market is located directly East of the Esteron starter town in SE Xanadu. As a hub of activity in the area, there are always things going on, folks about and coin to be spent! Feel free to come and place a merchant in one of our open spots. Let us know if you are interested in selling horses or other animals. As well as if you might be interested in our upcoming bulk sales building. Just get in touch at all if you are in the Esteron area and want to be involved with the Market or our Kingdom of Esteron alliance. Message Araninco, Beastwolf, Cambriaa, Polojordan or Treadwell for more information. Currently 57 open merchant spots Mailbox (courier 86) Accommodations for 2 additional horse (or other animal) merchants Guard Tower protection on each end of the deed Easy highway access to East, West and South Ships can be docked along Esteron East coast and/or Southern Comfort with efficient Lakeside Highway access In the works Bulk sales building Inn with rentable beds Starter housing plots Chapel dedicated to white light gods Public crafting area Monument to those who helped out rebuilding the Market Market Pictures
  7. Nippy General Store Helping you play the game you love, your way Leather works Blacksmithing Bulk Workload: Empty Blacksmithing Workload: Empty Armour Workload: Empty ***Special offers*** Currently no special offers Masonr​y Bricks - 1s per 500Mortar - 1.5s per 500Slabs - 1s per 75Carpentry ​Planks - 1.5s per 1kSmithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500Iron Fence Bars - 2s per 100Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100Rivets - 75c per 500Blacksmithing Tools 50ql - 15c60ql - 35c70ql - 50c80ql - 90cHorseshoes x4 50ql - 1sx4 70ql - 2s 10cLarge anvils 50ql - 30c60ql - 60c70ql - 80c80ql - 1s 60cLamps 30ql - 80c per 1040ql - 1.2s per 1050ql - 1.5s per 10Armour Leather 40ql - 40c50ql - 50c60ql - 60c70ql - N/A Studded Leather 60ql - 1s70ql - 2s80ql - 4s90ql - 7s Chain armour 40ql - 50c50ql - 1s Leather Goods Toolbelt 50ql - 40c 60ql - 50c 70ql - 60c 80ql - 1s 90ql - 2s Containers (standard 30ql containers, higher ql on request) Backpack - 5cQuiver - 5cWaterskin - 5cHorse gear - Bridles 50ql - 30c60ql - 40c70ql - 50c80ql - 75c90ql - 1s - Saddle 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1s80ql - 2s90ql - 6s- Leather Barding 50ql - 60c60ql - 70c70ql - 1.5s Nature Enchanted grass/trees - 70c per tile Merchant in Freedom Market last stocked 02/09/2013 Contact Shads or Boobaby in-game or on the forums either via pm or comment below to place an order. We're located on the independence server, our co-ords are 24x 46y. Deed name is Nippy shores. We do NOT deliver to other servers Fast service, good bricks as always, excellent on site brick crafting service. Would recommend any time.
  8. Xanadu E21 Bulk clay, bricks and mortar available Clay 1k -1s Bricks 1k - 2s Mortar 1k - 2.5s Ingame contact rhondeau or chemistchibi Pickup is free Delivery is 1s to xanadu coastline (no delivery to other islands at this time)
  9. Welcome to Stone Rose Indy's all new Inter-web Page! Stone Rose Indy Carpentry: Planks--------------1k---------------1s Kindlings-----------1k---------------1s Wood Shingles----1k---------------1s Shafts-----------------1k---------------1s Masonry: Stone Bricks--------1k-------------2s Colossus Brick------1k-------------2s Mortar-------------------1k-------------3sSlabs----------------------100------------1s Digging I do dig on slopes up to 215 for now. My digging skill is 71.56. I do sell dirt on rare occasions. I do sell clay up to 70ql, Certain range of ql (eg. 60-70ql) of products can be requested at a slightly higher price. The rates are as follows: Clay--------500-------50c Clay---------1k--------80c Clay---------2k--------1.5s Dirt---------500-------50c Dirt----------1k--------80c Dirt----------2k--------1.5s Shipping I ship the products myself but I do deliver to only a few select servers, these are as follows: Indy Deli However the servers that I do not deliver too are the rest of the servers, these being: Xanadu Chaos Pristine Release Celebration Exodus Delivery fees do not apply to the server of Independance. These prices are added additionally to the price of the product you are buying. Delivery to Indy: N/A Delivery to Deli: 25c If you are unable to pay the delivery rate for any reason, you can pick up your ordered product at: Stone Rose 10x16y Independance E10 Ingame Map Have a brilliant day and hope to see you ordering soon!
  10. Stocks: Horses. Enchanted tools and weapons. 85ql weapons. 80ql studded. 80ql chain. Horse gear. Bayview is located in the South East of Release, at X40, Y35 on this map. COD is 10c for Release, 20c for Pristine. approximately 5 min mailing times. Talk to Delakar to discuss delivery if an item cannot be COD'd. We accept Sleep Powder and referrals in trade. 1 SP =1s or 2 horses. 1 Referral = 6s value. No change given. Bayview Stables 5-speed horses (any colour) with up to 3 extra traits: 40c - pickup only Lithien is the contact for horse sales. Available animals are listed here on this spreadsheet. 5-speed cows (best mount for non-prem chars): 30c 5-speed bulls: 20c Market Merchants: Bayview Weapons QL85 - 1s 50c QL80 - 1s QL75 - 75c QL70 - 55c QL60 - 40c QL50 - 25c Imping up to ql 50 - 20c from 50 to 60 - 15c from 60 to 70 - 15c from 70 to 75 - 20c from 75 to 80 - 25c from 80 to 85 - 50c The stock on the merchant includes all large weapons (huge axe, large maul, 2 handed sword), and WS tools (scythe, sickle, carving knife, butcher knife). Currently QL70 and QL80 are stocked. PM Delakar to check availability, or to order a specific item. Bayview Goods - ropes, sails + misc Ropes - 1c (5 in stock) Mooring Ropes - 5c (5 in stock) Thick Ropes - 15c (5 in stock) Cordage Ropes - 20c (5 in stock) Mooring Anchors - 25c (1 in stock) Door locks - 3c (3 in stock) Small Square Sail - 10c (3 in stock) Triangular Sail - 20c (3 in stock) Square Sail - 30c (3 in stock) QL70 Toolbelt - 60c (2 in stock) QL80 Toolbelt - 1s (2 in stock) QL90 Toolbelt - 2s (2 in stock) QL40 Meditation rug - 30c (1 in stock) QL50 Fine Meditation rug - 40c (1 in stock) QL60 Beautiful Mediation Rug - 50c (1 in stock) Dredge - 50c (0 in stock) Bayview Equestrian - horse equipment 51QL, Leather Saddles - 45c (2 in stock) 61QL, Leather Saddle - 60c (1 in stock) 50QL, Cloth Barding - 50c (2 in stock) 61QL, Leather Barding - 75c (2 in stock) 50QL Chain Barding - 2s - (1 in stock) stocks the following at 71 QL: Horse shoe w/61 WoA - 1s 10c Horse shoe w/62 WoA - 1s 20c Horse shoe w/63 WoA - 1s 30c Horse shoe w/64 WoA - 1s 40c Bayview Enchants - CoC and WoA tools CoC Pickaxes: QL1 (steel), 54 CoC - 54c QL1, 67 CoC - 67 c QL1, 78 CoC - 1s 56c QL1, 87 CoC - 1s 74c CoC Pelts QL71, 68 CoC - 68c QL86, 70 CoC - 1s 50c QL90, 82 CoC - 2s 64c QL95, 73 CoC - 1s 73c CoC Shovels QL54, 78 CoC - 1s 56c CoC Mallets QL70(oak), 79 CoC - 1s 83c WoA Mallets QL80 (oak), 64 WoA - 1s 14c QL80 (oak), 77 WoA - 1s 27c QL80 (oak), 82 WoA - 2s 14c CoC Spindles QL50 (oak), 66 CoC - 66c QL50 (oak), 72 Coc - 72c QL50 (oak), 86 CoC - 1s 72c WoA Spindles Out of stock CoC Fruit press 50 ql (oak), 62 CoC - 62c WOA Stone Chisels Out of stock WOA Trowels Out of stock CoC Ropetools QL50 (oak), 60 CoC - 90c QL50 (oak), 73 CoC - 1s 03c QL50 (oak), 81 CoC - 1s 92c WoA Ropetools QL70 (oak), 60 WoA - 1s QL70 (oak), 72 WoA - 1s 12c QL70 (oak), 89 WoA - 2s 18c WoA Saws QL74, 67 WoA - 92c CoC Saws Out of stock WoA Grooming Brushes QL80 (oak), 61 WoA - 1s 11c QL80 (oak) 75 WoA - 2s CoC Grooming Brushes QL1 (oak), 84 CoC - 1s 68c QL4 (oak), 77 CoC - 1s 54c QL50 (oak), 60 CoC - 60c QL55, 63 CoC - 63c CoC Carving Knives QL80, 75 CoC - 2s 50c QL80, 82 CoC - 2s 64c QL80, 96 CoC - 3s 88c WoA Carving Knives QL80, 75 WoA - 2s 50c QL80, 82 WoA - 2s 64c CoC Whetstones QL71, 66 CoC - 81c QL90, 68 CoC - 98c QL90, 77 CoC - 1s 84c CoC Meditation Rugs QL13, 80 CoC - 1s 60c CoC Scythes QL70, 68 CoC - 1s 18c QL60, 74 CoC - 99c CoC Butchering Knives QL1, 79 CoC - 1s 58c QL70, 83 CoC - 2s 16c CoC Hammers QL71, 68 CoC - 98 c CoC Rakes QL13, 61 CoC - 61c QL14, 77 CoC - 1s 54c QL14, 80 CoC - 1s 60c QL58, 80 CoC - 1s 60c CoC Hatchets QL1, 69 CoC - 69c QL1, 75 CoC - 1s 50c QL1, 83 CoC - 1s 66c QL50, 71 CoC - 71c CoC Fine Fishing Rods QL70 (Willow), 73 CoC - 98c Bayview Leather - Studded leather armor QL60 Set - 1s (1 in stock) QL70 Set - 1s 44c (1 in stock) QL80 Set - 3s (2 in stock) AOSP set - 633 power total (9s 42c) QL70 pants, 78 Aosp - 1s 86c QL70 glove, 63 Aosp - 75c QL70 glove, 74 Aosp - 86c QL70 sleeve, 64 Aosp - 76c QL70 sleeve, 66 Aosp - 78c QL70 boot, 67 Aosp - 79c QL70 boot, 67 Aosp - 79c QL70 cap, 88 Aosp - 1s 88c QL70 jacket, 65 Aosp - 95c Bayview Chain ql70 bronze - made to order only - 6s per set ql70 Iron Sleeves, Boots, Gloves, Coifs - 30c each Jackets, Pants - 45c each Clearwater merchants with BS tools - stock listed on this link. Bayview Goods and Services: Enchant grass: 1 tile - 1s, 2nd tile - 75c, 3rd tile - 60c, 4th tile - 50c. Max 4 per day. Stock available: - Crops - 10c/100: 1k corn 1k rye 1k strawberries 2k onions 1k wheat 1k barley 1k pumpkins 1k oats - Dirt - 50c/500 - 16k+ in stock - Cooked meat - 1s/500 - 10k in stock Completed orders: 07/08/13 - 4k grain + 4k vegetables - delivered. 08/08/13 - 100 marble slabs - completed + picked up. 11/08/13 - special order of vegetables - picked up. 12/08/13 - 1.5k bricks + 1k mortar - delivered. 15/08/13 - small order of cooking supplies - picked up. 17/08/13 - sailing boat - picked up. 25/08/13 - 10k grains - delivered. 01/09/13 - 12k dirt - delivered. 03/09/13 - 1k tin 40-60ql - picked up. 05/09/13 - 2k pumpkins, 2k rye, 2k garlic, 2k corn - delivered. 09/09/13 - 8k dirt - delivered. 09/09/13 - Lemonwood Corbita - complete, delivered 14/09/13 - 4k dirt, 2k onions, 2k potatoes - delivered. 17/09/13 - 100 stone slabs, 100 shafts, 100 ropes - delivered. 18/09/13 - 500 each of pumpkin, corn, potatoes, onions - picked up. 28/09/13 - 100 concrete - picked up 01/10/13 - Oakenwood Knarr - picked up 14/10/13 - 1k mortar, 2k bricks, 100 fence bars - delivered22/10/13 - 2k bricks, 2k mortar, 300 ribbons, 400 large nails, 400 small nails - delivered 25/10/13 - 1k bricks, 1k mortar, 1k cotton - picked up 27/10/13 - 5k bricks - delivered 10/12/13 - Delakar has been horribly lazy at keeping the orders updated. 12/12/13 - 500 cotton, 500 cooked meat, 500 pumpkins - delivered 19/12/13 - 1k bricks - delivered 19/12/13 - 4.3k garlic - picked up 30/12/13 - 500 planks - delivered 31/12/13 - 4k dirt - delivered 04/01/14 - 60ql chain and 60ql huge axe - delivered 12/01/14 - 2k bricks - delivered 15/02/14 - Del sucks at updating this bit. 11/03/14 - 4k bricks - complete, delivered 11/03/14 - 500 bricks, 100 potatoes, 200 pumpkins, large cart with 6 rafts - delivered 12/03/14 Bulk orders no longer accepted. 09/10/14 Yeah, forgot about this part. Oh well.
  11. The Gnome Depot, your one stop shop for all things Wurm! Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Spring Special on Dirt! Purchase a knarr full of dirt, that is 12.9k dirt in total for only 11s. That's 2k free dirt plus free delivery to a coastal location of your choice! Bsb's / lg crates can be provided at extra cost. (First come first serve) Please message Gnomegates in game or on the forums. Custom Landscaping! Landscaping prices Land cleared of all trees / bushes / growth 6c per tile terraformed / landscaped Land needing trees / bushes / growth removed 6.5c per tile terraformed / landscaped All trees cut down will remain as logs where they lay unless storage containers are provided for us to move them to. All excess dirt (dirt remaining after the job) will be collected and removed by us unless storage containers are provided. Storage containers can be provided to you if needed at discount. Any dirt not on the job site that is needed will be provided by the customer unless otherwise arranged for the Gnome Depot to provide required dirt. Dirt provided by the Gnome Depot will be done so at arranged discount. Max slope of 240 All prices reflect the landscaping of dirt / sand only. Any surface mining of rock will require additional funds, subject to area needing to be worked. It is encouraged that you use "Deed Planer" or any other program of your choice to show an example of desired landscape look. You can show ramps, terraced levels, docks, piers, raised and lowered areas this way to help remove any confusion. Security is provided by you via a Templar on deed or guard tower nearby, (within 15ish tiles of job site). If neither are available, we can build a guard tower at added cost. Photos of previous jobs can be provided upon serious inquires! Ships in Stock! Ready for pickup or delivery! PM here or in game to discuss prices 1 Cherrywood Caravel 1 Cherrywood Cog 1 Cedarwood Sailboats 1 Cedarwood Corbita 1 Applewood Corbita ~ Accepting Bricks as Payment for any order! ~ ~ Accepting Referrals for any order 6.5s credit per! ~ ~ Now Delivering to Release and Pristine! ~ ~ 50ql (5 guards max) Guard Tower Construction service! ~ Your materials 2s Gnome Depot Materials 4s If inland you will need to supply transport of materials from coast to prepared spot for the guard tower. One day service, guard tower will be finished same day construction starts. Click here for a full listing of current inventory and prices! Special Gnome Partners Audrel's World of Woodcraft! All things Oak Now Selling Marble Braziers! Click here to view current inventory and prices! Coastis' Artisan Tools and Enchants ...for all your enchanted needs Click here to view current inventory of enchanted tools and custom enchanted services Coastal pickup available or delivery to Release or Pristine available for a fee. Please discuss delivery when placing order. As always, The Gnome Depot is always looking for a few good wurmians that are interested in making some silver. That is right, The Gnome Depot is Hiring! Current positions to fill Brick Maker! If interested please PM Gnomegates on the forums or in game.
  12. [Picture coming soon] Located on Release at WinterSping Y37/38, X46 [East Coast] Located on Release at Bulkshop Release Y26, X48 [East Coast] Bulk Store Status: Available Prices: Raw supplies 1000 Dirt - 1s 1000 Sand - 1s 1000 Sand - 1s 1000 Clay - 1s 1000 Rock Shard - 1s 100 Log (20ql) - 75c 100 Log (30ql) - 1s Building Materials 1000 Stone Brick - 2s 1000 Colussus Brick - 3s 1000 Mortar - 3s 1000 Plank - 1s Smithing Materials 1000 Nails (Large/Small) - 1s 1000 Rivets - 1.5s 1000 Ribbon - 3s 1000 Fence Bars - 5s 100kg iron lump (20ql) - 75c 100kg iron lump (30ql) - 1s 100kg iron lump (40ql) - 1.5s Misc, Items 1000 Shaft - 1s 1000 Kindling - 1s 1000 Arrowshaft - 1s 1 Small Crate (Can be loaded for you) - 10c BsB/FsB (includes padlock + key) - 15c Bundles 1. 5000 Mortar + 5000 Stone Brick (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 20s 2. 5000 Planks + 5000 Nails (Small/Large) (Includes small/large crates and delivery) - 10s *If a order is below 10s and it needs to be delivered it will cost 1s (Release/Pristine/East Xanadu) *A order of above 10s is needed for free delivery Interested in anything? Paste your message/order here! You wanna have more information? Just PM Stonecutter1995 on forums or Stonecutter ingame If you wanna have it delivered for cheap, go for more information to this thread: Highly Preffered by us. Completed Orders: 500 Clay + 500 Tar - Simju
  13. Mercury Dragons Elite is on the west coast of Release with a Public Market (12 Merchants), Public Mailbox, Token and a Free Parking area (unlocked) for horses and carts available to visitors and customers. Our deed is found at coords Y21 X3 (this is a player-made peninsula, accessible from land with 2 Guard Towers to increase security for visitors, the one in front of MDE is rare with 6 guards, sexy avatar not guaranteed). Delivery of goods (any amount which fits in 100 small rafts) by boat is 50c within Release, 1s to Pristine. Drop-off must be accessible by Knarr. MAILBOX DELIVERY TIME: 15 Mins ORDER STATUS: OPEN (Accepting Orders) CONSTRUCTION STATUS: AVAILABLE SHIPYARD STATUS: NOT AVAILABLE Contact (in-game and forums): Windguaerd PM me to place your order. Payment MUST be received in advance, if COD is used an additional 10c for mail fee is applicable within Release, 20c for Pristine. After payment is received then we begin working on an order. Need to know how reliable MDE is? Check the second post in this thread for all the completed orders as reference. We accept Referrals, Sleep Powders and Bricks as trade-in payment. Referral: By paying via Referral(s), you get a credit of 7s for goods and services per (1) Referral. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Sleep Powder: By paying via Sleep Powder(s), you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per (1) Sleep Powder. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. Bricks: By paying via Bricks, you get a credit of 1s for goods and services per 1,000 Bricks. You must offer a minimum of 1,000 bricks (QL 20 or higher) as trade-in. Any difference between the credit and amount of goods and/or services requested is non-refundable. If order of goods and/or services requested is above the value of the Trade-in, any remaining payment must be paid with in-game coin in advance. Trade-ins must be given before we work on an order for goods or services. 10 Slate Slabs - 3s 500 Mortar - 1.5s 500 Cooked Meat- 1s 500 Stone (2500 in stock) or Colossus Bricks - 1s 500 Dirt - 50c (2,000 in stock) 1,000 Planks - 1s (9,000 in stock) 100 Pottery Bricks - 1s 250 Slate Shingles - 1.5s (500 in stock) 100 Marble or Stone Slabs - 1s 10 Support Beams or Floorboards - 1s 100 QL 50 Logs - 1s 100 Ribbons - 1s 100 Ropes - 75c (100 in stock) 100 Common Flowers (white, yellow, purple, orange-red) - 1s 100 Large or Small Nails - 25c (1,000 Large Nails - 1,000 Small Nails in stock) 10 Hard to Find Flowers (greenish-yellow, blue) - 20c 100 Common Sprouts (olive, lavender, cherry, lemon, cedar, birch, fir, walnut, grape, apple, chestnut, pine, thorn, maple, rose, camellia, linden, oleander) - 1s 1 Semi Hard to Find Sprout (Willow) - 10c 1 Hard to Find Sprout (Oak) - 20c (20 in stock) We build unfinished Floorboards (last piece, large nail included), so they are able to fit in rafts. If you are picking up your order, we have a very spacious Loading Dock. We sell large ships mostly, and on occasion we can also do smaller boats. All large ships include delivery anywhere on Release (reachable by sea), sailboats and rowboats are pick up only. Custom wood finish when requested (otherwise it will be cedar). Delivery of ships guaranteed within a week if in stock, otherwise check our prep and build time info below. Boat: Prep Time: Build Time: Corbita: 8s 4 Days 4 Days Knarr*: 20s 7 Days 10 Days Caravel: 30s 8 Days 12 Days 10 Small Rafts: 1s 1 Day 1 Day Prep Time is the amount needed to make all the parts needed, Build Time is the amount needed to put it all together to make the boat. Each boat has a boat lock attached (you get the key on pickup or delivery) and a mooring rope anchor included. Currently In Stock None Local residents and visitors can park their boats near our Loading Dock, please do not block the way because players come often to pick up their orders for bulk goods. A few Market Stalls are still available, anyone is allowed to place a merchant. I charge no fee as I want this to truly be a public market. Forges are also available. We are the preferred Public Market for the entire west coast. If you are interested in placing a merchant, feel free to PM me on these forums, or send me a /tell in-game to Windguaerd. Available Market Stalls: 0 out of 12 Business Partners: Masterentaro, Nusty, Taronual Merchant Phryne Stock Thick Rope (15c) Cordage Rope (20c) Triangular Sail (20c) Small Square Sail (10c) Square Sail (30c) Mooring Anchors (20c) Merchant Theodora Stock \ QL 60 Tools (25c) QL 60-68 Whetstones (25c - 30c) QL 67 Iron Large Anvil (20c) Merchant Aspasia Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels Merchant Rahab Stock QL 70 Iron Tools (30c) Needles, Hammers, Scissors, Saws, Rakes, Leather Knives, Hatchets Rakes, Whetstones, Mallets, Files, Metal Brushes, Awls, Trowels QL 80-90 Pelts (25c - 30c) QL 70 Small and Large Iron Anvils (25c) Merchant Felicia Day Stock Brass Small Bells (10c) QL 50 Rare Birchwood Spindle (4s) QL 95 Soft Cap (Santa Hat) (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) QL 51 Rare Grindstone (3s) Rare Bricks (30c each) Supreme Flowers (30c) Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Rare Sprouts (20c each) Rare Ribbons (30c each) Rare Square Pieces of Cloth (20c each) Merchant Will Wheaton Stock Rare Logs and Planks (20c each) Rare Dirt (20c each) Rare Shards (20c each) Rare Lumps (20c each) Merchant Whitikar Stock QL 59-61 Saddles (70c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Pants and Jackets (30c) QL 59-61 Studded Leather Armor Pieces (10c) Merchant Andromeda Stock QL 50 Copper Hanging Lamps (20c) QL 50 Tools (15c) QL 50+ Whetstones (20c) QL 50 Grooming Brushes (15c) QL 50 Sickle (40c) Merchant Enchantress Stock Vynora Puppet Fo Puppet YoYo 4x - 56QL Whetstones (CoC 20-50) Merchant Stellaris Stock QL 60 Plate Armor Sets (5s per set) QL 70-80 Tools (35c - 50c) Merchant Nusty Stock QL 40-60 Small and Large Weapons (50c - 70c) Merchant Taronual Stock QL 40-50 Chain Armor Sets (1s - 1.25s per set) Items in stock can be delivered within a day, anything not in stock has an average waiting time of 3-7 days depending on quantity ordered (larger orders take longer of course). Holidays are not counted (4 of July, Christmas, etc). Tower Construction - You choose the location of the tower, area must be flat before construction. 4s with materials provided by us (Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us), if you have the materials already (500 bricks, 500 clay, 100 planks) then the price is 2s. QL 50 Tower guaranteed for 5 guards. Carpentry/Masonry Services Mailbox - 75c Stone Altar - 25c Imp to QL 70 to any Forge, Oven, Guard Tower or Mailbox - 30c QL 70 Floor Loom - 50c Wagon - 1.25s Large Crate - 25c Small Crate - 15c Wagon + 9 Large Crates - 2.75s Delivery Fee may apply depending on how far you are from us Other construction services may be available upon request, ask through PM or in-game. Items listed as Special Sale are on limited supply, first come, first served basis. This list may sometimes be empty, depending on what we may get our hands on. NONE All information will be updated regarding our stock (including Merchants) and services. Current/Pending Orders If you have an order, please follow this topic, whenever an order is pending. being worked on or completed we post an update. Orders being worked on, which are partially completed Knarr 15s - in Progress If you have any questions PM me please. We thank you for your patronage! *=Price only applies if you purchase 100 small rafts as well, otherwise the price is 25s. **=Unless QL is specified, we'll use any building goods in stock regardless of QL.
  14. Paranormal Beginnings General Store Blacksmithing from Sonnofa 50ql or less - 10c 60ql - 20c Large anvils 50ql - 20c 60ql - 40c Lamps 30ql - 80c per 10 40ql - 1.2s per 10 50ql - 1.5s per 10 Carpentry ​Planks - 1.5s per 1k Smithing Small/Large Nails - 75c per 500 Iron Fence Bars - 2s per 100 Iron Ribbons - 1s per 100 Rivets - 75c per 500 All mailable items can be mailed but keep in mind they're on a merchant and it's first come first serve. Also Located At Will not deliver to pvp servers, delivery can be arranged otherwise for a fee.please leave message & where you want delivered too. Thank you!
  15. Ebon Rih & Cobalt Quay ( x38y12) present Rihland Trading reply here or pm Renala, Cally or Liviella ig or on the forums Enchantment Pricing Guide; 1-49 power == enchant is free! 50-59 power == 1c per enchant power 60-69 power == 1c per enchant power +5c 70-79 power == 1c per enchant power +10c 80-89 power == 1c per enchant power + 50c 90+ power will be auctioned! Carpentry & Blacksmithing Pricing Guide; 1c per 5ql Bulk Pricing Guide; 10i per action Rare, Supreme and Utmost Items will always be auctioned! --- mailables for sale cod paid by buyer 61.19ql oak mallet (woa50) == 62c 61.83ql oak mallet (woa76coc32) == 98c 61.29ql oak mallet (woa44) == 12c 43.72ql iron pickaxe (woa54) == 62c 54.25ql iron pickaxe (woa48) == 10c 70.90ql iron pickaxe (woa67) == 86c 70.40ql iron pickaxe (woa47) == 14c 65.27ql iron saw (woa56) == 69c bulk for sale pickup only! 2000 cooked meat (pickup only) == 3.5s --- ​for auction 30.70ql birchwood rare long spear, FORTHCOMING
  16. Pickle Island is looking to acquire several random things. You can choose to supply one item, or everything on the list (doubtful). The only rule is all items MUST be Delivered unless mailable.Delivery will be made to Pickle Island (33x,22y) on Independence. If interested in supplying any of these orders pm me here or ingame (brycarnia). Prices listed are MAX I am willing to go, so if you decide to charge that price I may go with a cheaper vendor . - 1 Green Drake Hide Cap. Ql and enchants are non-important but will be paid accordingly. Price is Negotiable. - 1 Pair of Breeding Dogs. While same sex couples are ok in certain aspects, in this case I must receive 1 male and 1 female. Looking to pay no more than 1s for the pair, delivery and special dogs pay extra. - Oakenwood BSB's up to 10 total - 20c each Bulk Goods (price listed is max price I am willing to pay for total amount listed, delivery is paid extra) - 1000 rockshards Avg ql above 50 - 1.5s - 1000 bricks Avg ql above 50 - 2.5s - 500 kg's Bulk Iron - 1s - 200 kg's QL 80+ iron - 2s - up to 10,000 dirt - 1s/1000
  17. Location: (X11, Y39) (Map Here)Order Status: Temporary Closed Contact [in-game]: Roggeh Contact [forum]: Roggeh The following are bulk goods and services provided at Midgard Trading Post. We are located at: P,13 on DM's Map; or x11, y39 on Tpikol's dump map, in Celebration. We have a market place where people may place a merchant down for free on a first come first serve basis. There is a free conversions to a Follower and Priest of Magranon. If you have any suggestion on an item we should sell; Give me a PM on the forums. When you post an order here, or send me a PM, I will need to know the following information, along with your order: 1) In Game Name 2) Location where you want the delivery to go.(Will only delivery to places along the coast) 3) Which server you are located on. When your order is complete I will get in touch with you over forum pm or in-game; and we can set up a delivery time. If for some reason I can't get a hold of you, or you don't contact me, for a couple days after the completion of your order, I will put your order on hold for a few days; and it will be deleted if no contact of any sort is made at the end of the holding period. Gems: We accept gems of quality 10 and below, at a going rate of 2c per 1q, as payment for our goods and services. Merchant Stalls: Anyone may place a merchant at any time provided there is stalls available. There will be a public trader on site(soon); if you want to buy a merchant contract should you need one, or other supplies. Feel free to place and remove your merchants whenever you like. Empty stalls are first come first serve basis; so once they are filled, it might be awhile before new ones are made. Delivery Fee: Celebration: 20c Exodus: 50c Deliverance: 1s Independence: 2s Bulk Goods: Bricks x 100 - 25c Clay x 100 - 10c Corn x 100 - 10c Cotton or Cotton Seeds x 100 - 10c Dirt x 100 - 15c Floor Boards - 10c EA Iron Fence Bars x 10 - 15c Logs 55ql - 1c EA Logs 65ql - 2c EA Logs 75ql - 3c EA Logs 80ql - 5c EA Mortar x 100 - 30c Nails x 100 (Mix Anything You Need) - 20c Planks x 100 - 25c Ribbons x 100 - 50c Rivets x 100 - 30c Rock Shards x 100 - 20c Sand x 100 - 15c Shafts x 100 - 20c Slabs x 10 - 15c Support Beam - 10c EA Tar x 100 - 10c Wemp Fiber or Wemp Seeds x 100 - 10c Wheat x 100 - 10c Tools: Carpentry Tools:(Fine fishing rods,Grooming brushes,spindles,spatulas,clay shapers and practice dolls.) (Fishing rods are willow, other tools are oak) 70ql - 30c EA 80ql - 45c EA Mallets: 70ql - 10c EA 80ql - 20c EA Armor: (Prices for armor is decreased by 50c till 25th of December) 80 QL Chain Armor Set - 2.5s 70 QL Chain Armor Set - 2s 60 QL Chain Armor Set - 1.5s 50 QL Chain Armor Set - 1s Carpentry/Fine Carpentry: (When you order one of these items tell me what type of wood you would like them to be; By default it will be cedar.) Bed - 25c EA Bulk Storage Bin - 15c EA Food Storage Bin - 15c EA Huge Tub - 40c EA Large Barrel - 5c EA Market Stall - 40c EA Small Barrel - 2c EA Small Wine Barrel - 5c EA Armor Rack, Bow Rack, Polearm Rack, and Weapon Rack - 20c EA Lumps: (Prices are per 100kg, unless stated otherwise.) Iron Lump below 30ql x 1000kg - 2s Iron Lump 50ql - 80c Iron Lump 60ql - 90c Cloth Tailoring: Satchel 20ql - 5c EA Sheets - 5c EA Small Square Sail 30ql - 25c EA Square Sail 30ql - 80c EA Triangular Sail 30ql - 35c EA Rope Making: Cordage Rope - 10c EA Mooring Anchor QL 30 - 40c EA Mooring Rope - 5c EA Rope - 1c EA Thick Rope - 20c EA Packages: Wood House Package(4000 planks, 200 large nails) - 5s 25c Stone House Package(2000 bricks, 2000 motar) - 10s Wood Fence Package(200 Shafts, 200 Planks, 100 Small nails) - 1s Iron Fence Package(1000 bricks 100 fence bars) - 3s 75c Big Boat Package(Corbita(15s), Knarr(26s), or Caravel(38s) with 100rafts) - 2s off pricing below. Ship Yard: (All Boats will come with a mooring anchor and boat lock and key) (When you order your boat tell me what type of wood you would like the boat to be; By default it will be cedar.) Raft - 10c Rowing Boat - 1s Sailing Boat - 2s Corbita -7s Cog - 12s Priest and Other Services:(Some Priest services are halved if items are provided to sacrifice) Enchanted Grass - 50c EA Mole Sense - 60c EA or 30c EA Strongwall - 1s EA or 50c EA Things will be added as we are able to produce them, for the time being this is what we will offer.
  18. Ordering: When ordering, in game or on the forum, please place your Name > Item desired > Location + coordinates on the map. This will allow for greater efficiency and getting your product to you in a timely manner. Contact: Drfrosty with questions. Delivery: Most items can be COD through the mail. Our mailbox takes 11minutes for your item to be received Cost of mailing will be included in the COD Delivery Fee: (Delivery available on Independence only) 25c – 1.5s Depending on how far the travel is Discounts: Frequent Buyers: = 10% off if you order again within 1 week =5% off if you order again within 2 weeks If your order more than 5s, order includes free shipping (to independence only) 5 Speed Horses 70c each Can also purchase horses at our stable near Freedom Market Iron Tools: 50ql – 15c 60ql – 25c 70ql – 35c Lamps: 30ql – 10c 40ql – 20c 50ql – 30c Jewelry: (Silver only) 50ql Pendulums, rings, necklaces x 1 – 25c Statuettes x 1 – 50c Weapon Smithing (Iron) + WS Tools: 30ql – 30c 40ql – 40c 50ql – 50c Armor Smithing (Iron): Chain Armor – 50ql Full-suit of iron chainmail 50ql = 1s Jacket or Pants alone = 25c Other parts are 15c each. Crops In stock: 1k/1s 1000 pumpkings 58.41 ql 1000 corn 59.07 ql 1000 potatoes 57.87 ql 2000 rye 61.40 ql 412 cheeses 23.25 ql Blacksmithing Tools: Weapon smithing + Tools: