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Found 26 results

  1. Six years ago I built my first stone building - it was QL35 and it lasted almost 8 months - five years ago I built several 1x1 stone buildings at QL 55 and they lasted several years before damage levels hit 60. 6 months ago I built several buildings QL 75 and they lasted less than 6 months before decay levels hit 60 at the same time I built some stone walls at QL 75 and they have only 22 damage. 2 days ago I built a stone building QL 85 and it already has 3 damage. I left the trowel on the ground outside after building this building and it still has 0 damage. it doesn’t make much sense that a stone wall that isn't part of a building lasts 3 times longer than a stone wall that is part of a building if their QL's are the same. Why is the decay on buildings so much higher than any other object save dirt in the game?
  2. If a building is on deed and for some reason the player who owned the building stops playing, the mayor should have the option of claiming ownership of this building. There is no reason for the mayor not to have this ability, they already have the ability to demolish the building, and or allow other village members the same option. So in essence there is no security issues with the player who was permitted to put up the building up on the deed in the first place. There are many reasons for a mayor to always try and obtain the ownership of on deed buildings, but quite often this is not done as to allow the village member of a deed some responsibility and freedom in doing there own building while living in that village. Often deeds transfer hands several times and a few buildings sit there with no active ownership. I myself in the past with friends joining wurm and playing for a short time then leaving again, along with there building writs. Asking for them to hand over the writ to there first building they put up was not something I ever thought to ask them. Recently I bought a deed and the owner did not have all the writs, I spent a lot of time with catapults and mauls tearing down buildings when I decided to resize the deed, a very time consuming task and such a waste for a nice building as well. What reason is there to force the mayor and members of a village to destroy a building simply because the owner is no longer playing. Quit often the building may be very large, or perhaps so nice you would not want to destroy it in the first place, or maybe a bridge is connected to it or just a good functional building. Unowned buildings in a village leads to huge problems if the village needs to be resized or even maintained, as the mayor will not have ownership of all the buildings. Also just think of the poor folks who for whatever reason let there deed upkeep lapse, they come back to a village they will not be able to re-deed over if there is a unowned building smack in the middle of it. I have seen this happen several times over the years, with people replanting there deed the same day or even a few days after it has disbanded. I have seen a re-deed village with the token very far off to the side of its original location due to unowned buildings on the opposite side where the buildings they wanted to keep along with the one causing the problems all taking perimeter decay. What I propose is a simple solution to this problem, allow a mayor to walk up to a building that is on there deed, right click it and transfer the building to there ownership. Once done the permissions can be set for the person who originally owned the building or the mayor could just destroy it or even assign it to a new villager or just do whatever they want with it, it is there deed after all. I hear lots of talk about making wurm more enjoyable for the playerbase, well un-owned buildings in your village is anything but enjoyable when the time comes to dealing with them.
  3. Painting walls adds a lot to cosmetic options for structures, and being able to paint fences/parapets now is a really nice addition. What about floors and roofs, though? And bridges? People use these all the time in constructing their buildings and their deeds, and options are rather limited when you can paint the walls of your building a certain color but not the floor or roof, or when you can paint a stone building except for the stone bridge used as part of the design. I don't know if there are any technical reasons why doing this would be difficult, but it would certainly be a very nice thing to have!
  4. Just think of all the possibilities if we had diagonal walls and/or curbed walls.
  5. Lava bug

    Hello, we bit played with lava in our token pit, but looks lava somehow go down behind building walls, can see in pics. Now building walls have different heights, 4 and 8 slope: Edit: If GM or devs need more info where it is PM me in forum or game.
  6. These two images explain it all: About the dye + fence issue. The more desirable end result is what we see in the walls. So if fences should follow the values of walls, not the other way around.
  7. So built 2 pottery brick extensions on my warehouse, the walls for under the ends of the bridge are solid with no openings. When bridge planning is done is say's the walls are too weak to support the bridge, which has to be some form of bug.
  8. Can someone please make a mod to increase the max size you can make buildings or make your skills 999 so you can build bigger... You would be a legend if you can make this happen! thanks
  9. I dont know if this is possible but could someone please make a worldedit program/mod like minecraft's MCedit or Minecraft's Server mod Worldedit. Examples: Thanks alot let me know if anyone can do this?
  10. I would like to see some building wall types added to the game. something like wooden shaft walls/doors/windows or maybe mud hut type things (another use for reeds?). I'm trying to make more diverse building types for certain kinds of villages (basically I'm looking for huts). I know we can't make them round, but looking for something more primitive. Images:
  11. STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION OPTIONS: WALLS It seems surprising to me that after about a decade, we still have the same three wall types and very basic construction creativity options in a, for all intents and purposes, game revolving around construction and design. There isn't a single player who doesn't need a structure of some kind, regardless of PVP or PVE servers. That's why I think it's high time to go through a number of additional option ideas. TYPES OF WALLS Log Cabin: Pretty self explanatory - easier than the wooden plank walls, an ideal first home for a new player - chop some trees down and use the logs as well as a few pegs to create your first home - no nails required! Mud Hut: Gather some dirt and some water, and mix that tincture together for some sloppy, nasty, dirty wet mud to sling up yourself a nice one story, 2x2 tile max size mud hut. Perfect for that long trip when you really need to get some shelter. Tee Pee: Of course, what's better than a good old fashioned Tee Pee when you're a wandering nomad? Nothing, that's what. Get yourself some square pieces of cloth, some shafts, and blammo you've got the makings of a nice cozy native home. WALL PLACEMENT As we all know, roads have overgone a nice little overhaul, for paving you can now pave a corner, which makes diagonal roads look like an actual road. Why not structure walls? Diagonal walls would - all by themselves - make constructing structures far more in-depth and amazing. Pretty simple. Round Wall: Also something I would love to see is a rounded wall, for that castley feel, or that gazebo you've always wanted in the back garden. That's all I've got - if more good ideas show up in the below replies, I'll add em in.
  12. So I finished my public pub and invited my friend over to check things out. He tried sitting in one of the chairs but could not interact with it. I do not want to change permissions on the building so someone could come into the building and haul everything out, perhaps we need a separate interaction permission for buildings concerning chairs, or perhaps permissions for chairs themselves such as beds have?
  13. So if you use a bed in a house, or log out and are not added to the building writ, even if the building writ is set for alliance you will wake up outside of the house. Most case's this is not a big deal, but if the house you log out in is located on the side of a mountain the consequences could be fairly traumatic such as instant death from the falling damage bug, or simply finding yourself plunging off a cliff.
  14. With 20 carpentry, since the last update, I can't plan the roof to my otherwise completed single floor building. My other building (planned and completed a few days ago) was no problem. [23:43:25] You need higher Carpentry skill to build at that height.
  15. # What happened: If trying to disembark as a passenger inside of a building it will teleport you into the roof, has happened more than once. Logging out completely helped once, Enki had to help another time. # What you expected to happen: Disembark # Steps to reproduce: Ride on a large cart as a passenger, once inside try to disembark.
  16. Another thing I pondered and found only archived suggestions. Secret door that you have to manually open and has to be successfully searched to find if you are not on the writ. (Bonus points for a creepy scraping sound)
  17. Before I put work into one, I figured I would ask first is this idea is even possible. I.e. dig down through a hill, build a structure of some sort, and then be able to fill over top with more dirt? Essentially having the building inside the hill. Or if not enclosed, then planned just right that the next floor would coincide with hilltop on each side enabling to continue building up with more levels. If that even makes sense.
  18. Okay, so, we all love building mega super awesome epic castles... but why do they have to be split into 14 different buildings that look odd with those wierd gaps? Simple, Carpentry skill limitations and hardcarps set by the developers. What I am proposing is to allow Carpenters to link, just as priests do, to lend their skill to a combined pool. This would allow one carpenter to plan larger buildings. I believe a hardcap still needs to be set for this as well as possibly limiting a carpenter to have 2-3 links (amounts to the combined skills of 3-4 carpenters, of which have a hardcap set on them). The idea would benefit any server; chaos, epic, freedom. Chaos and epic get their longhouse walls larger one large longhouse that wraps entirely around a fortress. One writ. One set of permissions to manage. Furthermore, Freedom can use this to build colosal buildings or forts of it's own. - 70+ Carpentry requirement to link - Increased hardcap to match current hardcap multiplied by number of links? Example is Current cap is 100, then with max allowed links of 3 the combined hardcap for any combination is 400. - All accounts, links or toon being linked to, must be premium. (just incase of exploits from skills not capping at 20 when prem runs out?) - All other current restrictions apply; aka building height, skill requirement for floor types, wall types, etc. Good / bad? Discuss!
  19. Eel Pond (2x3 or more) Activate: Shovel (needs to be fleshed out) Image Filled with water, attracts nearby geese to settle down and if you catch eels from the sea and carrying it to the pond it can produce themselves into more. Eels lives under ice during winter. Needs to be dug deep in order to successfully work and a bridge can be attached to the pond if needed. Eels is a medieval cuisine for "finer folk". If 2x3, these materials are needed: 70 planks 10 shafts 5 hemp ropes 5 small nails If bridge attached: +15 planks +2 large nail Moat (1x1 or more) Activate: Shovel Option: Dig a moat Is one tile wide and must be placed next to a palisade, stone or tall stone walls. Can be attached via others moats for balancing out the water level or to create a waterfall streaming into each others moats. This already exists in one matter but can be further implemented in the game. Gatehouse (attached to doors, doorbridge) Activate: Hammer Option: Build Gatehouse In order to make the moat fully functioning you need to secure the front door for safe passage by yourself and others. Gatehouses increases the safety of your castle and increases protection from dealing damage. These Gatehouses can be mounted with one archer ontop. As an facing enemy you need to use the catapult or find enough dirt to make yourself way to the gatehouse itself before dealing damage with weapons. Once the gatehouse is destroyed then you can start lockpicking up the gate or using weapons. Depending on the wall type you must use certain amounts to build it. If stone gatehouse: 50 Stone bricks 15 planks 5 large nails 2 Iron Ribbon If palisade gatehouse: 40 logs 15 planks 5 large nails 1 Iron Ribbon Thoughts?
  20. Near to where I live there's a multi-story building that was constructed by someone who has since converted to BL and moved away. However they left the house standing. I have endeavored to knock it down to open more room around my house. (This is in the EPIC environment, by the way) I have catapulted and large-mauled it extensively. Absolutely no wall, door, floor, or roof section remains, on any level. The entire structure consists of "wooden wall plan." And yet, the darn thing just won't collapse. When I use a large maul on the ground floor, it gives me the option to "destroy wall;" I select it, wait the 30 seconds, and get the message "the last parts of the wall fall down with a crash." When I right-click on an upper story I do not get the option to destroy the wall, but instead get the option to "remove wall plan here." However when I select that, I get the message that "This would cause a section of the structure to crash down since it lacks support." (Even though that's exactly what I'd like to have happen.) What am I missing? Someone told me I might have to wait 24 hours after removing the last structure section for the frame to disappear, but it,s been over that and it's still there. Any suggestions? Or might it actually be bugged?
  21. Since we now have multi-story buildings with internal walls and doors (yay!), why not secret doors as well? They would work essentially like stone mine doors. Requiring more skill than regular doors, they would appear like a normal wall of the appropriate type, but would allow passage unless a lock is applied. Would be subject to all the normal rules for internal doors, including locks and picking said locks. Detection would be possible as per stone mine doors (i.e., right-click and Examine a bit of wall you suspect contains a secret door) What do you think?
  22. I was in the tutorial today with an alt looking around the buildings there at the end and they are in need of an upgrade in my opinion. Well I took out Warlanders 3d Deedplanner and made what i think would be better to show off what you can do in wurm. I know they were not looking for a change but thought i would see what i could come up with for the space for fun and wanted to post up what i come up with. Now one of the buildings is a little larger than what is there now but there is space for it and it keeps the access to the field type area in the back. Note: It is best to load up the pastebin and have look around for yourself...
  23. Meredin

    Just finished a month-long project I've been working on, and wanted to toss up a few screenshots. I needed clay, and there was a spot in the middle of the Northmere. So, I raised an island and built myself a place to cook bricks, grind pottery, fish, meditate, concentrate on crafting skills, and generally relax. "Meredin" means "Lake Fort": From above, looking down at the clay pit: From the water: The entire project took somewhere in the neighborhood of 3800 dirt, 2500 stone bricks and mortar, 2000 clay for pottery brick floors, more than a few meals, many shipments of rock and lumber, and the patience of my allies while I droned on and on about my glacial progress. Now the fun part begins. Making myself at home. EDIT: Added a view from the lake
  24. With The addition of capability to build multi story buildings, arches and internal walls, and the recent bug with holes in the middle of buildings, I thought that it would be very useful to to have the capability to extend building ground plans, so can make buildings larger or smaller without having to demolish the whole thing and rebuild from scratch. extending should require the same skill as to build a plan of the same shape and size. could be done by adding an option to extend in addition to the current plan option that requires you to hold the writ for the building in question an additional option could be the option to merge two, or more, existing writs that are next to each other if you extend onto a tile that borders two or more buildings/plans, this would require possession of all writs for the merged buildings.
  25. So, with the new style "building towers" how does catapulting work? Can you aim at any specific level of the tower? Do you take out each wall section of each level independantly or are there rules involved? If all of the walls at a level get destroyed what happens to all the higher walls? A scenario I can imagine happening ... In a town is a building say 5 units tall having all but one of the base walls destroyed then during an attack a bunch of people can go into and up to the higher floors. One other can catapult the remaining wall so you have a free floating building which can no longer be climbed. Players in the floating tower are unreachable by the attackers. I think you can still fire from windows so potentially it makes for safe defence.