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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to Muttley's Market it is my pleasure to offer you my smithing services and quality products at very affordable rates😀 Smithing Services and Products are available in Steel and Iron. Plate Smithing IRON SET 70ql/2s 75ql/3s 80ql/4s 85ql/6s 90ql/9s STEEL SET 70ql/4s 75 ql/6s 80ql/8s WEAPON SMITHING IRON 70ql /50c 75ql/70c I offer special prices for repeat customers on imping their armor sets. If your Item Changes to a Unique there is an Extra charge which is below or If you don't wish to pay the extra Charge then I will Make you a replacement Item and imp it up to the ql already agreed upon. If your item is casted on and you dont wish to pay the extra fee if it becomes unique I'll make you a replacement and get it casted on. Rare-3s Supreme-15s Fanatastic-80s Blacksmithing Blacksmithing Imps up to QL 90 Steel Imps 4s Iron Imp 2.s Labor Services Offered Mining out Veins in your Mine please contact Muttleyita in game for arrangements on pricing and/or shares of ores. My Mining is 90 but please note QL of Ore mined is based on quality of ore vein. Products Available Iron Lumps 64 KG by mail 80+ 50c 90+1S Exeption made for gold / silver or other ores who don't gave 1 kg lumps for those materials the price is the same but the weight is reduced to 6.4 kg Stone Bricks 1k/2s Mortar 1k/4s Soo Why hesistate Contact Muttleyita (European time zones) or come by Harmony sector q 13 ROTTWEILERLAND For your Smithing or Product Needs. Thank you in advance for inquiring about my products and services i value your business and thrive to have happy customers.
  2. DRAGON VENTURES Welcome to the Dragon's Ventures, we are located on Harmony at G-10. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Dragon Constructions Making you Mansion? Want a Colossus? Got a Huge Bridge in mind or just Lightings, We make it way easier! * Price for per 1000 pcs Planks 2s Wooden Beams 8s Stone Bricks 2s Round Stone Bricks 2s Marble Bricks 4.5s Slate Bricks 4s Sandstone Bricks 4s Pottery Bricks 5s Pottery Shingles 3s Slate Shingles 2s Wood Shingles 2s Colossus Bricks 30ql 3s Colossus Bricks 50ql 4s Colossus Bricks 70ql 5s Mortar 4s Support Beams 70s Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Rectangular Marble Table 50c Rounded Marble Table 70c Custom furniture order also available! We also build your buildings, bridges & colossus! Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame. Showroom
  3. A great chance to construct a fantastic smelter, or some fantastic mortar if you so desire! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  4. Selling a bit of everything ! Pickup available at Independence House of Lords M25 (ingame map) or 62x41y (community map). Taking sleep powders as payment for crops and enchants now! Taking orders for any items you may need ! For any questions or orders send a forum message or PM Zoranah or Raldon ingame ☺️ ?Acorns? ?Animal bits? ?Building materials?️ ?Cochineals? ?Collectables? ?Compasses?️ ?Crops? ?Cheese? ?Dyes? ?Eggs? ??‍♂️Enchants??‍♂️ ?Fillets? ?Fish? ?Flowers? ?Fruits? ☘️Grass? ?Herbs&Spices? ?Hides? ?Imping services? ?Juices? ?Leather? ?Maple sap? ?Meals? ?Meat? ?Milk? ?Oils? ⚱️Potions⚱️ ⚱️Potion mixing⚱️ ?Rares/Supremes/Fantastics? ?Recipes? ??Rune attaching services?? ??Sacs?? ?Seedlings? ?Silver coins? ?Shoulderpads? ?Sprouts? ?Tomes? ⚱️Transmutation liquids⚱️ ?Woad? ?Wool?
  5. Hello and welcome to Storagebin's Bulk Goods Shop! I am currently offering the following. Order Status : Available and taking orders Queue: 1 orders @ 1/21/18 Total completed Orders: 27 Warning! Bulk is delivered in crates and you must pay for them! WE WILL NOT UNLOAD THEM into BsBs it takes to long I'm sorry but we have better things to do!! 10c per crate General Bulk Large crates 10c/1 Wood Shingle 1s/1k Pottery Shingles 2s/1k Slate Shingles 2s/1k Rock Shards 1s/1k Marble Shards 1s/1k Slate Shards 1s/1k Sandstone Shards 1s/1k Slate Shards 1s/1k Stone Bricks 2s/1k Slate Bricks 2s/1k Marble Bricks 2s/1k Sandstone Bricks 2s/1k Pottery Bricks 2.5s/1k Rounded stone 2s/k Colossus bricks: 3s/1K Arrow shafts 1s/1k Shafts 1s/1k Pegs 10c/100 Planks 1s/1k Catseyes 2s/300 Mortar 2.5s/1k Concrete 1s/100 Wooden Beams 2.5s/1k Support Beams 5s/100 Floor Boards 5s/100 Any type of Slabs: 2s/100 Resource Bulk Logs 1s/1k Mixed Grass 1s/1k Thatch 3s/1k Clay 1s/1k Tar 1s/1k Peat 1s/1k Moss 1s/1k Dirt 1s/1k Blacksmithy Bulk Large nails: 1.5s/1k Small nails: 1.5s/1k Ribbons 1s/100 Rivets 1s/500 Fence Bars 1.5s/100 Iron Ore 1s/1k Iron Lumps 1.5s/1k Farm Bulk Wemp 1s/1k Chopped Veggies (90-100ql) - 3s/1k - Want something not listed? Feel free to ask in forum PM! Possible payment types Silver Coins, Amazon Email Giftcard Bitcoin Transfer Referals @ 6s each They must be sent before items are received. Paypal isn't accepted the above options work well. I like Amazon Message me if you need help with any of this. Papyrus will be sent if your offline you will get a full invoice by Forum PM, this must be accepted for an offline delivery. Delivery Fees Below Most large bulk is offered in large crates @ 10c per crate - otherwise we'll drop a bsb and unload goods that way. 10% off order if picked up! Always! We will not deliver inland, its not a logical thing to request, if you live inland you MUST pickup your order! Or get near the coast to pickup. Indy: Free Deli: 1s Cele: 1s Exo: 1s Release: 1s Pristine: 1s Xanadu West: 1s Xanadu East: 1s Chaos: This is a joke right? I also do custom build jobs, feel free to send me a forum PM so we can talk about it, I don't always offer this service however.