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Found 7 results

  1. Hello As title says I am looking for a masonry builder to hire. The task is very simple, I need to build 8 small houses, 2x2, 2 floors, so 16 walls each. I will pay 2s/k actions, I will give you materials, food, water and a bed to gain sleep bonus. I can also give a Woa enchanted trowel if needed. I live at Harmony Bay Market, east of Harmony Bay (about 60 tiles east from there). Feel free to reply here, send me a PM in the forum or contact me in game as Luttuosaa. Have a nice day
  2. I am a returning player. I was traveling to a few different continents in order to build and decorate for people. Some things happened in real life and I got pulled away. I'm looking forward to getting back into it. I'm hoping to find a active or semi active community, with room to grow ,that could use a hand. If my account has not been deleted, I should have money to pay for my upgraded account immediately. I use Discord as primary communication. Please respond to me here, if you are interested, or send me a message. My primary residence was on Independence but I do not mind relocating as this will be a fresh start with only my skills for aide.
  3. Wanting to return to Wurm, but I don't want to play without premium. I currently can't afford to pay for it myself but I'd love to join up with a deed/village that has enough work to offer that I could pay Silver in-game for premium. My character has a decent mining, woodcutting, and builidng skill, at least 40+ for those skills, and I think the rest of my skills are pretty average. Willing to do just about any work If anyone is willing to let me join them and pay me for work feel free to message me, or post here! Xanadu or Indi preferred*
  4. I've noticed recently that some building work has been going on in the south east steppe. I am not sure who is doing it, and was just curious as to who is removing all the roads around. (Please say it isn't me sleep Wurming.) I think it's a pretty great thing, so if you're working towards a larger goal, let me know and I might lend you my unskilled hands.
  5. Hey all, I'm looking for someone to plan & build a few wooden houses for me 3mins walk from Freedom Market on Inde. I'll want some 3x3x3's, 1x1x1's, and a few others so there is alot of planking / building to do. Lots of trees around so that shouldn't be a problem. As for the digger, i'll need you to dig down to rock for me, and destroy some pavement. I'm on a mountain so finding the rock shouldn't be too deep. I need the Mason to create me 2000 bricks & 1000 mortar. Name your price below & i'll get in contact with you! Thanks!
  6. For sale: Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 29.95 Favor: 29.95 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 34.857277 Tracking: 9.976647 Milling: 16.549181 Coal-making: 15.059932 Prospecting: 61.11151 Religion: 7.8804674 Prayer: 18.41475 Preaching: 2.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Healing: 22.060215 First aid: 40.890182 Archery: 1.9140785 Long bow: 1.5409044 War machines: 4.69688 Catapults: 7.9203224 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 26.052517 Shields: 40.412086 Medium wooden shield: 4.698892 Large metal shield: 58.839764 Axes: 27.676865 Hatchet: 35.504173 Swords: 38.012604 Two handed sword: 23.66786 Shortsword: 2.3376155 Longsword: 69.04955 Knives: 39.705616 Butchering knife: 50.81669 Carving knife: 30.00341 Woodcutting: 59.12513 Mauls: 19.345007 Small maul: 8.805675 Medium maul: 48.293343 Carpentry: 71.81843 Fine carpentry: 28.066734 Ship building: 40.553677 Fletching: 9.314545 Bowyery: 10.002278 Toy making: 1.5308295 Nature: 54.711983 Gardening: 36.21992 Fishing: 45.259556 Animal husbandry: 43.597454 Meditating: 26.695913 Milking: 12.961411 Farming: 65.195526 Forestry: 31.245213 Botanizing: 18.946424 Animal taming: 62.976578 Foraging: 13.620347 Cooking: 26.380058 Dairy food making: 8.860531 Hot food cooking: 32.407963 Baking: 14.0328865 Beverages: 2.6686666 Butchering: 42.153732 Fighting: 74.652725 Shield bashing: 4.7101417 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 64.509315 Defensive fighting: 24.56167 Aggressive fighting: 6.641486 Weaponless fighting: 5.299466 Toys: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 11.530021 Natural substances: 28.17247 Miscellaneous items: 79.109474 Stone chisel: 47.00767 Hammer: 77.356514 Sickle: 29.990545 Scythe: 26.094423 Repairing: 61.465073 Saw: 23.492313 Pickaxe: 92.50709 Rake: 49.495472 Shovel: 81.98051 Pottery: 22.796118 Firemaking: 26.09172 Digging: 93.64511 Mining: 90.27328 Smithing: 70.9139 Metallurgy: 7.5826006 Jewelry smithing: 61.474392 Locksmithing: 13.429346 Blacksmithing: 86.27149 Armour smithing: 22.185022 Shield smithing: 54.63221 Chain armour smithing: 3.1403904 Plate armour smithing: 20.052206 Weapon smithing: 62.79649 Blades smithing: 53.701214 Weapon heads smithing: 50.13721 Ropemaking: 37.059383 Masonry: 76.6489 Stone cutting: 49.806274 Tailoring: 34.756577 Leatherworking: 79.06353 Cloth tailoring: 44.486126 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 32.35352 Soul strength: 37.32302 Soul depth: 29.431843 Mind: 42.180286 Mind speed: 25.7357 Mind logic: 50.41325 Body: 54.411457 Body stamina: 41.79795 Body strength: 51.416836 Body control: 38.584873 Asking 330 euros.