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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone! I want to sell materials. The list will be updated according to current stock. Delivery will be FREE to any coast (except PVP) . Or you can come pick up. My deed is on Release, S21 on the ingame map, Briarwood deed on the community map: Briarwood The crates the stuff will come in can also be bought for 10 copper each. Otherwise we will swap crates or i unload in bulk storage bins. Payment can be made in silvers or directly in paypal at the rate of 1 euro for 1 silver. In stock: Silver Coins: 0, Price 1 silver= 1 euro Sleep Powders: 0, Price 1s each Support beams: 1500, Price 4s/100 Large crates: on demand, Price 10c each Merchant contract: on demand, Price: 7.5s (only if picked up) Small magical chest: on demand, Price: 20s Large magical chest: on demand, Price 40s Dirt : 12K, Price: 1s/k Mortar: 11k, Price 2s/k Concrete: 0, Price 1s/100 Stone bricks: 9k, Price 2s/k Colossus bricks: 8k, Price 2s/k Slate bricks: 10k, Price 2.5s/k Sandstone bricks : 6k, Price 2s/k Rounded Stones: 6k, Price 2s/k Pottery bricks: 6k, Price 3.5s/k Marble Bricks: 0k, Price 2.5s/k Large nails: 5k, Price 1.30s/k Small nails: 5k, Price 1.20s/k Planks: 5k, Price 1.2s/k Shafts: 3k, Price 1.1s/k Clay: 10k, Price 1s/k Iron lumps: 2k, Price 1s/k Zinc lumps: 2k, Price 1s/k Copper lumps: 2k, Price 1s/k Mixed Grass: 0k, Price 1s/k Fruit: Red Cherry : 100, Price 1s/100 Green Apples : 1300, Price 1s/100 Chestnut : 700, Price 1s/100 Walnut: 300, Price 1s/100 Pineut: 300, Price 1s/100 Hazelnut: 150, Price 1s/100 Blue Grapes: 700, Price 75c/100 Lemon: 100, Price 1s/100 Veggies: Onion: 12k, Price 1s/k, Ql. 99.94 Garlic: 4k, Price 1s/k, Ql.99.94 Wheat: 6k, Price 1s/k, Ql.98.71 Cotton: 2k, Price 1s/k, Ql.99.99 Wemp: 3.5k, Price 1s/k, Ql. 99.89 Wool: 0k, Price 1.5s/k Cheese : 1k, Price 80c/100 Feta Cheese: 300, Price 90c/100 Buffalo Cheese: 600, Price 1s/100 Milk: Cow : Price 30c/small barrel (45 kg) Sheep : Price 40c/small barrel (45 kg) Bison : Price 50c/small barrel (45kg) Blood: White Dragon Hatchling: 2, Price 1s each Kyklops: 2, Price 2s each Sprouts and seedlings, various types, 1 copper each. Gems: Normal gems (opal, diamond, ruby, etc.) ,Price 2c/ql for the ones under 20ql. 1c/ql for the ones over 20ql. (discount available for large amounts) Food: Full CCFP, 10+kg pizzas, Ql. around 50, random buff: Price 20c each. Full CCFP, 3+kg meals, random buff: Price 10c each. Also i can work on order, if you need anything, pm me ingame with what it is and the amount. My ingame name is Johndarkstorm.
  2. Manual Roof Building

    Manual Roof Building Wurm buildings have come a long way. Years ago, it was as simple as two options. Wood or stone. Now we have many different options. Buildings can become a lot more creative than once before. But this creativity only extends to the walls. The roof of a building is pretty ordinary. Sure, you can choose different materials to make them out of. But the layout of the roof is not up to the builder. The game auto-aligns each roof ridge. I propose a new roof system. Manual roof building. Not only would it be practical, logical, and intuitive - it’d add exponential creativity to the way we build our structures! Here’s how it could work. The roof plan would still happen the same: “Right click floor, plan roof above”. BUT whenever you go to build it with your chosen material you would have “roof type” options. The roof types could include(but are not limited to): “Shed roof” - like the existing roof, but can be built against a flat surface(an existing wall) “Gable shed roof” - like the above, but with diagonal walls on the sides. Can expand infinitely when placed adjacent to other gable shed roofs. “Half gable” - for when you want a gable roof to only be on one tile, rather than 2 side by side. These are just a few ideas for what could happen with roofs in the future. As you can see, there are plenty of interesting combinations you could use these roofs with to make very appealing structures! Lean-tos, sheds, gables, and more could all be possible. Almost any building in the real world could be recreated in wurm with the help of these roofs. To allow for proper alignment, the ability to rotate the roof tiles could be implemented (Perhaps with the help of a fancy tool) so that they line up in the way you intended them to be constructed. We already do that with wall types, why not roof types too? So what do you think, Wurmians? Should roofs have the same freedom that we have with walls? Let’s hear it in the comments below! Thank you Leifar for writing this idea of mine out
  3. Hi At the moment you can only begin a palisade on the ground, you can't build it on the border of a higher floor. I've had to throw away some lovely designs (kept forgetting that you couldn't do it) Does anyone think there should not be a limitation Obviously IRL a palisade sitting on a wooden building would likely collapse it but we have stone too.
  4. hello I'm looking for a few people to help in building our server spawns on a 4k map with 2 kingdoms, I have a deed plan you can build from we also have a discord server you can join. If you or a team of friends are interested let me know, I might also be looking for admins/mods to help in running the server.
  5. Considering this

    How silly 1-10?
  6. Hi! I like very much the stairs. But. I would like to be able to climb up stairs starting next to walls. I would like to put the stairs to room corner. Now it takes up a lot of space needing to have an open tile in front of it and behind the upper end.
  7. Stone Barred Wall

    We have a plain stone barred wall but no stone barred wall. In the interest of design and continuity, could you finish the job? ty
  8. computer build

    I run Wurm Online with 2 fps. I have played wurm on and off for 5 years. I am done always in caves or looking at the ground to keep my fps above 5. I am looking to build a computer. I just don't know how to pick the parts. I am on a small budget of 320 dollars. I could spend an extra 30 bucks, but I am sure shipping will round that up. If a few of you guys have some spare time. Could you surf the web and link me to all the parts I will need to build a computer. I am only going to play Wurm with this computer nothing more nothing less. Please and thank you.
  9. Building Materials List

    Right click an unfinished item > Add to building list. Open the list to see all the mats required for a project. I have a row of fences and a few walls to complete but want to know how many bricks and nails I need to make.
  10. Hi I'm searching for an Skilled carpenter to plan a house for me. The minimum Skill wich needed is 67, i am offering 2 Silver Coins at all. (easyest way to earn money ever) so if you have the skill and are intrested, Post here or wisper me Ingame " Animar "
  11. Logged on today to discover the awning I love so much above my front door is missing.... probably I suppose because walls were updated.... (if the awnings weren't actually supposed to go I will very very gladly take them back.. since the indoor-awning issue was solved long ago..) So, for those of us that really want the awnings.. if we can't just plain ol' have them back.. can we get some sort of replacement that we can build and push into place ?? Otherwise if the awnings were removed for the wall update/expanding update... can the code not already detect when a door is outside or inside and place the awning that way?
  12. Hey all, I built a 4x4 building with a 2x2 open middle. I finalized the writ and started to designate the walls . First is surrounded the the outer ring with slab and the inner 4 tiles with slab as well. Naturally i began to add 1 brick and 1 mortar to just start all the walls. I was going around from inside the walls (like a long square tunnel ) starting all arches on all inner and outer walls. everything was working fine until i hit the 2 outer walls on the west side (the the 2 middle of the 4 outer walls on this one side). every wall but these to went normally ,However there two will not allow me to designate them to any type of building material or style. All I get is the "refreshing" indicator on the bottom of the building window when you right click an wall plan. I hope this is fixable. Thanks all Monctonclown (Deli)
  13. Simply put (idk if its considered a bug or intended to be this way not a lot of people have any info on the issue) I started a house for someone who i thought was going to be an avid Wurmian as my neighbour to help them get carpentry skill and build a house so they weren't just stuck in the woods. I traded them my writ to said house before it was completed (over a week ago now) and i thought it would transfer ownership etc but i have not seen the person on and there are only 2 walls on the house plan and I can't build/plan anymore and people say its probably because i started the other and still counts as mine even though the writ passed hands. Also I'm not a guest on the writ either so i can't finish nor destroy it, so im stuck unable to plan buildings now. :/ So heads up for any people who wanted to help someone out too >.<
  14. My carpentry skill is now 21, so I plan to build a 3x3 house: 9 floor tiles + 12 wall tiles = 21 skill. However, I'd like to leave the middle tile open as a courtyard. Is it correct that this subtracts one floor tile but adds four walls (as archways), so it requires 3 additional skill for a total of 24? I could just leave the middle tile unfinished in the normal 3x3 layout and add inner arched walls later when my Carpentry skill hits 30, but doesn't that impact any additional floors that are placed above it, or is it only the walls that need to be finished before adding a second floor? I'm going to test this later when I'm back home but I figured someone here might have experience with this.