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Found 1 result

  1. Get Ready for the Challenge! Launching Mid to Late day central european time of December 10. Challenge is going live! New mechanics, nice prizes and features in this first round of creative chaos. Join and take part in what is promising to be a first ever and unique experience of Wurm! So lets share what is going into this round and get planning. How to Join? For the first round of challenge, everyone needs to start a new account to teleport there from the start/ tutorial zone. Challenge will be a separate cluster easily found from the portal map when it goes live. We will at a later point have time to create portals from the other clusters. Maps Click Images for High Resolution Two very high resolution maps for you to get a good lay of the land and the second for resources and strategy. Deed functionality and Reimbursement Draining Tokens is possible so you need to take care and defend your deed during the month. There will be deed stake items active which can be crafted without cost ingame to start deeds. When at the end of the month deeds are automatically disbanded you will receive a normal disband compensation as well as remaining upkeep. Upkeep for the time spent will be gone as well as the tile cost. Protected land is a resource which helps in winning. Note: Guards will weaker against enemy players in order to encourage players to defend settlements. They will however fight with full strength against same kingdom players in order to prevent Griefing. Traders Traders will be limited to start towns just as on Xanadu. They will sell less items in order to avoid griefing when the server is reset/ started. Skills To begin with, you start with 20 in almost all skills. Skillgain is when compared to epics skill curve at least 20 times faster. Focus will probably shift to obtaining resources more then spending a lot of time using them simply for skillgain. Skillgain now benefits from better ql tools and weapons. The starting level of characters will probably be increased the closer we are to the 1 month finish. This so that people getting in later will have a fair chance to get up to speed with some effort. Actions & Timers Most of the previously time consuming actions has become much quicker. Siege mechanics Want to marvel at the new siege weapons and defenses in a bigger version? Just go ahead and click them! Ballista Handles much like the catapult in its operation. You are able to push, rotate and move it if loaded on a wagon. Comparatively it has high armor piercing projectiles and is loaded with ballista darts. Trebuchet Behaves like the catapult but has a much higher damage. You are able to push and rotate it but it can not be loaded on wagons. So the placement of these will be crucial. What mainly sets it apart from the catapult is that you do not winch it to fire. Instead you open it to provide a counter weight which weight determines the range of fire. You use rock shards or any other type of ore shards as the materials of counterweight. Spike barriers Stationary obstacles which are placed in the same way as walls. They are very material efficient and easily crafted. They will not stop movement but you receive damage when standing on the same tile. Magic Turret Magic Turrets defends any location against enemy kingdoms. There will be several versions of this tower with different elemental attacks such as acid, fire etc which will have different benefits against different armors. The turret is not going to be able to take much damage but it adds a new level of strategy to your defenses. It has a range of 4 tiles There is a required spacing between turrets of about 8 tiles They have to be planted in order to function properly, but even if planted they will currently not work in caves. Archery Tower The archery tower has similar functionality as the magic turret but instead shoots ordinary arrows. It will aesthetically have similarities with the ordinary guard tower but will instead be made of wood and is therefore much easier to destroy. There is also going to be a limitation on how close they can be built in proximity to each other. Siege Shield In its functionality very similar to a moveable wall. It can be pushed forward between tile borders and is rotatable to change direction while advancing on enemy lines. It defends those behind it whilst still giving you the ability to fire arrows at enemies. This makes makes an offensive force more versatile when attacking a heavily defended position both in terms of enemy players and defensive turrets. They have no functionality and can be walked through in caves since there are no fences there. Repairing As actions are faster, repairing would also be faster. But to promote attacking bases and smart defensive base building, repairing has been nerfed. This so that a defending party will not be able to simply defend by repairing a Wall against an attacking force. When a wall is destroyed, rubble will fall in its place on the tile border. You can walk over the rubble but it stops anyone from building there before it is destroyed. Penalty of Death The penalty from dying is as before a slight hit on your current skills and your items will be dropped with your body. Competitions Categories and Prizes Most overall points Title “Master/Mistress of The Challenge†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Gold Challenge Statue Face Mask of The Challenge 2 months premium on character of choice Most Unique Achievements accomplished Title “Lord/Lady of The Isles†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Gold Challenge Statue, Face Mask of The Isles 2 months premium on character of choice Most Battle Points Title “Blood Ravager†20 Silver Coins to character of choice Silver Challenge Statue, Ravager Face Mask 2 months premium on character of choice Most Personal Achievements accomplished Title “Selfie†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Silver Challenge Statue, Pale Face Mask 2 months premium on character of choice Most items looted from resource points Title “Pit Slayer†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Bronze Challenge Statue Horned Helmet of Gold 2 months premium on character of choice Player with most HOTA points Title “Guardian of the Hunt†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Bronze Challenge Statue Plumed Helm of The Hunt 2 months premium on character of choice Most Unique player kills Title “Shadow Assassin†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Face Mask of the Shadow 2 months premium on character of choice Most Karma gained Title “Future Warden†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Face Mask of the Enlightened 2 months premium on character of choice Ruler with most land Title “Emperor Emeritus†10 Silver Coins to character of choice Marble Challenge Statue Embellished Staff of the Land 2 months premium on character of choice Village with most HOTA wins (Mayor receives prize to share) Titles “Pack of the Huntâ€, 20x HOTA Necklaces Items such as weapons and masks will not be overpowered but of equivalent strength as similar mid-high-range types. These will probably be handed out as prizes in subsequent Challenges as winner prizes as well. Leader Boards Scores and points will be recorded at all times and summed up in Leader Boards. The Link will be provided to you a while into the experience. Scores can then be followed live from our Web Site. Priests On this first round of Challenge there will presently be no changes to priests. There might still be some last minute changes to balance out the favor gain. Already there is plenty of buzz going around and rumors of huge battles planned. Plenty of old player have reported back to try this new game mode. We will ourself be fighting and building the battlefield to share the experience. So! May the best Wurmians Win!