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Found 5 results

  1. Currently you can toggle displayed buffs/debuffs on and off in the HUD settings. Know what buffs you have is very useful, making this a great feature. I think it would be clearer and more useful if permanent buffs/debuffs (from meditation or valari items for example) and temporary buffs/debuffs (Hurting, food, magic spells) were separate toggles.
  2. It's been a fair few months now since runes hit the ground running and they've proven to be a wonderful feature to have. The trouble is that priests have next to no chance of every being proficient in creating runes unless they depriest, level FC, JS and SC (all three of which are almost entirely impossible to train to a decent level using creation ticks) and then repriest. Given that soul depth can be trained just as fast as a non-priest this leaves us with non-magic users being the better runesmiths. Given that runes are a form of enchantment; it seems as if magic users would have more knowledge of them and should be the more proficient users. There is also the fact that Mag seems the kind of god who would make great use of runes and Mag's following is extremely low in the PvE worlds. Thus I propose the following changes: 1a. When creating runes priests use their channeling skill OR the creation skill (whichever is higher) OR 1b. Give priests a way to train these skills that is on par with non-priests (giving them stronger "creation" ticks IN THESE SKILLS would be the simplest solution) (edit: added in bold clarification) OR 1c. Add a buff that occurs randomly when praying that allows priests to use their faith score in place of a skill for the creation of a single rune 2. Make the bonus towards creating a rune of one's own god based on faith, giving priests a buff. 3. Give mag priests and followers an additional passive buffing final rune quality (again based on faith) The fact that imbues are also locked to one type of priest is disturbing and seems plain wrong, there is also the follower imbalance since followers of vynora dominate due ot the experience bonus. Thus, the following changes are proposed: 1. Allow all priests to perform alchemy 2. Give fo priests and followers a bonus to natural substance item creation QL (based on faith) These changes should give priests a well-needed edge in rune creation, as well as balance followers a little more.
  3. Good Evening, I have noticed that every day when I log on I have extra time added on my Newbie buffs. I have been playing for a total of [19:00:14] You have played 1 days, 13 hours and 9 minutes. and I still have another 2 hours newbie buffs available. When I logged off the last time I had ~30 minutes Newbie buffs left, and when I logged on now again a few minutes ago I had over 2 Hours left again. Newbie buffs are fun but I am 15 hours overdue and think it should maybe be looked at. I'm new to WO but played many many hours WU and not sure if that might be the difference. Below a link of a screenshot I took Newbie Buff Still Available Kind Regards Farmboy
  4. I am building a server on my home network (to test before I go live) that modifies the original rule set beyond the parameters of the GUI/console. I have seen other servers do it... Increasing QL for newbie tools Adding/removing/changing newbie tools Adding starter buffs (such as the newbie food/heal/aggro buff like on WO) Periodic server messages anything else you can think of that isn't "vanilla" When I built my own server, I could change the experience leveling as well as action speed, but beyond that I saw no additional settings. Maybe I am missing it, but I Googled and searched the Mods section and don't see anything that changes these rules/templates. I have checked the SQLite files and didn't see anything resembling the above. I have experience with Minecraft server administration (Bukkit and Forge mainly), but I am lost here. Can anyone here assist me in how to approach this? Any links or configs you can provide are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Firstly this idea involves altering the gathering of milk slightly, namely by capping it at a player's milking skill. Why? Because milk QL will matter. Another item change is for cheese. Cheese will no longer decay, instead it will become a food equivalent of wine, increasing with QL as it ages if kept in a container. If it has a decay tick on the ground it takes damage. This is to offset the QL hit cheese will take with low QL milk. Milk, when drank instead of water, fills hunger up a bit as well (QL/20% per 1 weight) without impacting nutrition. So 100QL milk will give 5% hunger per 1 weight drank (bare in mind it cannot be drank if you are not thirsty). QL20 milk would give a 1% hunger bonus per 1 weight (just to show the free player threshold). Milk, when served hot, gives a special buff "sleepy" that decreases skillgain by 20% for its duration, however it if active when a player uses a bed it gives a (QL/5)% bonus to sleep bonus earned. If mixed with strawberries gives strawberry milk (20 beverages to make would be nice). Strawberry milk gives a different buff when drank (refreshed) that prevents thirst for a time based on QL. It still fills hunger on top of this buff. This might not be a bad buff to add to other drinks (the more complex the drink and higher the QL, the longer the buff).