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Found 6 results

  1. As a possible way to eliminate some of the strife with the uniques, what if we change to a pair of buffs: - One for the entire server, that remains with the server for a period of time after the kill "as the dragon's blood gushes out of it's severed head, it vaporizes and spreads across the land, infusing it with an unusual power". - One for the battle group, giving everyone that was directly responsible for dealing damage, or providing support spells/heals, their own special buff. Ideally, a buff that won't cross server borders, much like a writ. I suspect this would eliminate the bulk of the frustrations people have, over not getting their hands on those super valuable unique drops. Penning issues? Who cares. Pen it to hold it for the group to form and kill it. No longer a financial gain to pen anything. Take away that financial gain (and the greed) and you will see much better cooperation. Consider the RoS casts and Impalongs. Those are truly the ultimate community building, cooperative events - as hunting uniques should be!
  2. All Fo buffs and the farwalker effect (gained from praying) have longer duration than normal on Independence. For example oakshell should have a duration of 1 minute for every 3 power but on Independence it lasts longer. The duration shown in the spell effects window is usually wrong (as described here), it reaches 0 and keeps counting down to -59 (and starts a loop between these two values until the effect really expires). I have observed this only on Independence. It works correctly on Deliverance Exodus and Celebration
  3. This is a bit of a buff for spellcasting and extends the enchant options available in a way that (I hope!) won't ruin balance. The potions given from sacrifices will have no base effect. They, instead, can act as "containers" for spells. The quality of the potion indicates the maximum strength of the spell contained. To enchant (or infuse) a potion costs 20 more favour and have a difficulty rating 20 higher than the spell normally would. When drunk the spell is cast (guaranteed cast) on the drinker. An example would be the heal spell. Normally a cast is 40 favour at 30 difficulty, to enchant a potion it would cost 60 favour and 50 difficulty. Edit : Corrected ambiguous statement
  4. Trapping is tough because for all the effort required if you set a trap it will only stay there for a little while before it decays into nothing and dissapears. They lose effectiveness also very quikly from high damage when set. It makes them unviable really. Now if someone disarms it cool but otherwise I am suggesting we change it so that they will remain set for a loonger time. Trappin aint dead.
  5. Currently we have large saddles in the game that are intended for certain large creatures. This shows the devs intended it to be a feature. At this point it is merely a placeholder due to ineffectiveness. No mount competes with the speed of a horse o you will never see them in pvp. I suggest they be changed fit more creatures. IIRC they only work on scorpions and not on other animals. The should also receive a buff to speed since we dont have shoes to clod our other pets (silly I know but thats another thread) In conclusion please allow large saddles to fit a larger variety of LARGE creatures as seemingly intended. (if not intended i am curious as to why only scorpions get them because it would seem logical a unicorn could be geared before a scorp...) AND/OR Buff the speed bonus of large saddles so that they can compete somewhat with that of a fully geared horse. Carebear freedomers eat your heart out, this one is for you!
  6. Id really like to see more added to Alchemy options added. Things that could be added are 1. Healing potions that heal a small amount of damage 2. Maybe buffs that give you short time bonus to fighting skills or any skills depending on what was used to make the potion or drink. 3. Poisons that could be used to coat weapons and last for one or 2 hits on a creatures. 4. Maybe speed potions they allow you to buff your own speed or your horses speed for a short time maybe per 20 tiles of movement or something just far enough for a pack of creatures to loose agro. 5. Flight a short flying Potion make it more like jump even or slow fall so if you run out of stamina climbing a massive hill you could then drink the potion and not take damage on the way down. Anything added to this skill would be amazing, at this stage just HC's is not enough... It would make for more interesting magical classes too maybe limit it to priests only. I would love to see something like this added cause right now it's lacking big time. P.s Leave your thoughts on good potions and poisons that "could" be added. How would they work? what benefits would they give? what damage would they do? lets get the ball rolling and try get some great additions to the Alchemy skill.