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Found 4 results

  1. [19:49:47] You feel the last of your sleep bonus run out. Currently there is no missions that are feasible to complete (700 sleves/500 shapers sacrifice) or possible to complete (slay 22 champ trolls (quite a few of the trolls are penned)) on Exodus. The turn over rate on these missions is silly, and leaves one with nothing to do to make up for a bit of sleep bonus. I could spend several hours making sleeves and shapers, 5-8? as that is what it would take for these to be done. Sure if more people were making them it could work out but this is freedom and most look at those goals and say fark that. These missions must be brought in line with the amount of active players on a server (seems to be getting smaller every day) and the expiry date shortened on ones that fail to meet the 33% completion level. The biggest problem with the newest changes are that there is not enough missions to choose from, so 3 difficult ones tie up the slots for half a week. If no one has attempted a mission after 2 days it should just be gone. I know you tailored these for the kingdoms on epic but I can't imagine any kingdom enjoying having to sit there imping up clay shapers to sacrifice for hours on end. With your nerf of missions you took away a activity that was enjoyed on freedom, I think you guys need to get your act together and start making changes that actually make people want to play wurm again, or you just as well close the door on the game.
  2. Winter cottage by Goldgretel Hi Everyone, A big week with Rolf announcing taking a step back, he'll still be a part of the team, kept in the loop with updates and occasionally helping out with some old mechanics, but for the most part will be focusing on non Wurm projects. I'm sure we're all sad to see him stepping down but be sure his input will still be a big part of Wurm updates to come. but now... Dev road-map! We also saw Buddas release of the developer road map, we're excited to be able to share with you what we have planned, and will go into further details as time goes on. Needless to say some of these projects will require some big changes in how the game currently functions, so we will be sure to work with you all on getting as much feedback as possible. Dev blog coming! The idea of a dev blog has also been a popular one, so we'll be looking at moving ahead with it! The dev blog won't be held to a strict schedule, and might take a bit to come out, but it'll focus on in depth detail on a specific mechanic or decision, from time to time giving insight into why certain choices were made, or how the mechanics behind things work. 1.3 update This weeks posts also saw another big bit of news, the cooking update! Wurm will be officially updating to version 1.3 with the new update, which is scheduled for around mid November! The exact date is still tentative, depending on bug testing, we'll be opening it up for you all to try out on our test server towards the end of October, so please jump on and try things when it's released. Community Question Community Content - Testing out With the new cooking update coming to the test server, we've decided the old bridges test map is a little outdated. And since Wurm unlimited, we've had all these exciting new maps come up, so I had a thought... The new test map will be a map that's been created for Wurm Unlimited! We've chosen the Orion map by Ausimus. Check out the map here: That's it for this week, with the update this week signifying the push into 1.3, in which a whole heap of changes will come (not just cooking!) We'll cover all of the changes the closer we get! Until then though, Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Hello All, I'm currently attempting to configure a way to inject the commandline/startup variables directly into the JVM instead of opening the Serverlauncher.exe when hosting a Wurm unlimited server, I was wondering what .jar file(s) I would need to tell the JVM to load/start from in order to make this happen, if it is feasible. If it's not as simple as -d64 -server -jar C:\\directorytomygame.jar Xmx 123 Xms 135 etc etc, how would I go about doing this? Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to read this. -Globbin
  4. We have invited Wurm Online's volunteer dev Budda to visit the labyrinth and try his hand at solving it. While we stalk him during his efforts, we get to know him and pick his brain about all things Wurm. >