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Found 6 results

  1. Do you have a hoarding problem? Too much stuff on deed? How to cope with the mounting chaos of clutter? You need a Pet Ferret. This tame animal will come to call, can be trained to seek out your FSBs, BSBs and crate racks to find any item you need, and will chatter and try to stand bolt upright like a meercat when it finds it. Also suggested alternative skin: Hoard Hunting Hamster Inspiration from: Retro, Quasiwud and ferrets originally suggested by Gawain below:
  2. Wemp Lot 1 - Wemp Fibre x4.2k 94ql - 3.5s Lot 2 - Wemp Fibre x3k 66ql - 80c Lot 3 - Wemp Plants x7.4k 85ql - 4.5s Lot 4 - Wemp Plants 1k 96ql - 90c Dirt - 5k - 4.5s Wools - 1k 16.89ql - 1s Garlics - 96ql - 90c per 1k Cooked Meat - 2k 50ql - 1s Silver - 1k 16ql - 1s Bsbs - to many to count - 15 for 1s Pickup SE Deliverance - Any delivery 1s Forum PM prefered
  3. To put it simple, while transfering from one bulk container to another, I suggest the addition of an option to transfer as much as possible instead of "As many as I can carry" (refering to the menu below) When transfering thousands of heavy materials such as shards, bricks, dirt, etc it takes eons dragging the stuff from example crates into bsbs. While dragging items from non-bulk containers into bulk-containers there is no limitations, so there isn't really any reason why we shouldnt be allowed to transfer as much as possible from one bulk container to another at once.
  4. the turn options for bsbs appear twice on the menus,i expected them to only appear once.
  5. to be able to store mats in bsbs, fsbs, and crates. without losing rarity. they would still get hit by the 5% decrease in weight. less clutter that takes up memory and therefoe improve fps due to less lag from loading and rendering theres other options for storing like using alts, merchants, etc, and the remove option of gift wrapping,. but just suggesting another way of doing it.
  6. why is it that cordage ropes keep their name in bsbs but the rest of the ropes are renamed as just ropes? looks like a bug to me, i think all ropes should either be renamed or keep their names