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Found 15 results

  1. Selling some batches of alloys: 26ql Brass 3k available 1.5s/k 28ql Bronze lumps 1k available 1.5s/k 42ql Steel lumps 2k available 2s/k SOLD 64ql Steel lumps 2 large crates available (300 per crate) 1.5s/crate 74ql Steel 2 large crates available (300 per crate) 2s/crate SOLD Crates are not included. Delivery possible to any outer-coastal freedom destination, 50c delivery fee for orders under 5s, free delivery for orders above 5s
  2. Hey, I have some more lower quality runes to auction, but this time 2 times as many! 75 runes! ~~8ql ones give 22% (on 33 soul depth) ~~1ql gives 12% (on 33 soul depth) bronze rune of Libila: 10% higher gather QL zinc rune of Libila: 10% less weight tin rune of Vynora: 10% increased rarity chance steel rune of Vynora: 10% less damage taken bronze rune of Vynora: 7.5% wind speed, 5% vehicle speed (any item) bronze rune of Fo: 10% wind speed (any item) gold rune of Fo: 10% raking/harvesting Full list of the runes: Starting bid: 10s Buyout: none Min increase: 50c Sniper protection : 30min
  3. Currently wurm's economy is not doing so well, there is not a lot of choice for consumers or items geared towards different playstyles (wandering vs sedentary) There are many factors to this but a major one is that once you find a high QL iron vein on wurm you have all you need for crafting. Other materials (steel excepted) are not used save for their novelty value, they offer no benefit in terms of function. This suggestion is aimed at changing that, balancing out metals a little better to make copper, tin, gold and silver more desirable and thus encourage the trade of these materials (as well as encouraging players to buy those lovely rods or explore). Changes To Iron (Aimed At Unenchanted items) Reduce vein spawn rate Reduce durability of high QL Iron Items (Low QL seems ok, but high QL iron items last forever) 50% enchant penalty Increase the rate of enchantment decay by 100% (double speed enchant decay) Changes To Steel (High tier items) Scale steel durability buff to balance with iron durability reduction (be nice to keep it the same so steel items are super durable) 30% enchant penalty 10% weight reduction Changes To Tin (Minor Enchanted Items) Increase vein spawn rate Reduce durability (80% of new iron) 10% bonus to skillchecks when imping/creating 30% enchant penalty Changes To Copper (Enchanted items) Increase vein spawn rate Reduce durability (70% of new iron) 10% enchant bonus 10% bonus to skillchecks when imping/creating 10% weight increase Changes To Bronze (Midground between durability and enchantability) Reduce durability (90% of new iron) No enchant bonus/penalty Changes To Silver (High tier enchantments) Reduce Durability (50% of new iron) 10% enchant bonus 50% enchant decay rate (half speed) 50% weight increase Changes to Gold (High tier enchantments) Reduce durability (25% of new iron) 25% enchant bonus 0% enchant decay rate (gold enchants never decay) 100% weight increase The above changes will alter just how much various items are worth and will cause a shuffle in market values. Yes it will make things harder for those of us who have invested in enchanted tools/items, but better now than later. Side Note : (almost all of my enchanted tools are iron and as a fo priest I can't really make enchanted tools so I would put myself in the "hard hit" group)
  4. Rare Hatchet 90ql - Bronze A short but sturdy axe with a thick blade specially designed to cut down trees with but poor in combat. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Vali'. Starting Bid: 35s Min Increase: 50c Buyer pay COD
  5. Lookong for some price checks 1000 90 QL iron lumps 1000 81 QL iron lumps 1000 73 QL iron lumps 1000 61 QL iron lumps 1000 50 QL iron lumps 1000 40 QL iron lumps 1000 60 QL Bronze Lumps 1000 60 QL Brass Lumps 1000 50 QL Gold Lumps 1000 40 QL Gold Lumps 1000 60 QL Tin Lumps 1000 70 QL Silver Lumps 1000 30 QL Charcoal 8000 95 QL iron Lumps 3000 50 QL Brass Lumps 2000 70 QL Bronze Lumps 1000 50 QL Zink Lumps
  6. Please update the Dioptra to state it's material type. I have only seen Bronze, Dioptra.
  7. Knarr is 31ql willow with: lock, anchor, 25 small rafts, 6 large crates, 5 small crates. - 13s 140 salt for 4c each or 5s for all. 518 frying pans ~25ql in 14 backpacks, 37 per backpack, fit in 2 forges - 5s. 4000 bronze lumps 17ql for 1k/1s. SOLD 800 brass lumps 18ql for 80c. SOLD 1500 copper lumps 24ql for 1s. SOLD Rare Forge 51ql - 8s. SOLD Rare Oven 51ql - 8s. SOLD Can be pick up at S19 - Sarmatian Island on Xanadu.
  8. ________________________ Welcome to Fujiwara's Smithing Shop Mayor: Fujiwara Deed: Norika Location: Xanadu G24 Summerholt region Delivery COD prices Payment: sleep powder = 1.5s 1000 dirt = 1s 1000 peat = 1s 1000 bricks = 2s 1000 mortar = 3s Gold Products Statuette QL20=10c Sheets QL20=40c Altar QL20=1s Mine door 5s Chain barding QL20=1.5s QL50=3s QL70=5s Smithing Products Blacksmith tools are : File, Hammer, Hatchet, Leather knife, Metal brush, Needle, Rake, Pickaxe, Saw, Scissors, Shovel, Stone chisel, Trowel Blacksmith tools QL70=30c QL80=65c QL90=1.5 silver Needle QL50=40c QL60=50c QL70=70s QL80=1.3s QL90=2s Large & small Anvil QL50=60c QL60=80c QL70=1.3s QL80=2s QL90=3.5s Huge Bell QL30=90c Dredge QL25=60c Mooring Anchor QL30=25c Jewelery Pendulum QL20=20c Statuette QL20=25c Armour Chain Mail Set QL50: iron=1.0s, bronze=2.5s, gold=3.5s QL60: iron=2.0s, bronze=4.0s, gold=4.5s QL70: iron=3.0s, bronze=6.5s, gold=6.5s QL80: iron=4.6s, bronze=8.5s, gold=8.5s Animals / Equipment Bisons Bisons get a speed bonus on wagons, wiki If well fed, average speed is their max speed Speed on cart = 17.3 Speed on wagon = 18 Male 5-speed Bison=1s Female 5-speed Bison=5s Horses 5-speed=1.5s Horse Shoe (Full Set) QL52=80c (20c/shoe) QL72=1.4s (35c/shoe) QL82=2.8s (70c/shoe) QL90=6.0 s (1.5s/shoe) Chain Barding QL51=1s QL72=1.8s QL90=3.0s Priest / Enchanted Grass Magranon Casts Travel fee = 50 copper 1 mole sense = 1s 1 strongwall cast = 1s Supply 100ql gem or 40 doorlock = 50 copper Enchanted Grass 1 cast = 1s Lights Lantern QL50=60c QL60=80c QL70=1s QL80=1.5s QL90=2.2s QL92=3.2s Brass Oil Lamp QL60=80c QL70=1.5s QL80=2s Q90=Not available Iron Lamps and Torches QL30=10c QL40=20c QL50=35c QL60=55c QL70=70c QL80=1s QL90=2.0s Hanging Lamps QL20: bronze=15c, brass=15c QL30: copper=10c, bronze=25c, brass=25c, silver=20c, gold=45c QL40: copper=20c, bronze=50c, brass=50c, silver=40c, gold=60c QL50: copper=35c, bronze=70c, brass=70c, silver=60c, gold=80c QL60: copper=55c, bronze=90c, brass=90c, silver=80c, gold=1s QL70: copper=70c, bronze=1.3s, brass=1.3s, silver=1.1s, gold=1.5s QL80: copper=1s, bronze=1.9s, brass=1.9s, silver=1.7s, gold=2.4s Ore Iron QL50=1.0s per 100 kg lumps QL60=1.2s per 100 kg lumps QL70=1.8s per 100 kg lumps QL80=4.0s per 100 kg lumps QL90=8.0s per 100 kg lumps Copper QL60=1.5s per 100 kg lumps QL70=2.0s per 100 kg lumps QL80=4.0s per 100 kg lumps QL90=6.0s per 100 kg lumps Bronze QL30=1.5s per 10kg QL40=2.5s per 10kg QL50=4.0s per 10kg QL60=5.5s per 10kg QL70=7.5s per 10kg QL80=9.9s per 10kg Silver QL30=1.0s per 10kg QL40=1.5s per 10kg QL50=2.1s per 10kg QL60=2.8s per 10kg QL70=4.0s per 10kg QL80=6.0s per 10kg Gold QL30=1.2s per 10kg QL40=2.5s per 10kg QL50=4.0s per 10kg QL60=5.5s per 10kg QL70=7.0s per 10kg QL80=9.0s per 10kg
  9. With the current mechanic, if you combine one of the components lets say iron into 64 kg lump, make it active and use it in a pile of the other lump (in this case 0.50 kg charcoal lump) you can queue a number of actions, and the result is 0.40 kg steel lumps, wen you fail you consume a certain amount of both components, not a big problem for iron, but for charcoal it renders the lump unusable, so you in order to get a full queue in the nest round you need to remove the failed lumps from the pile, and then once you finish all the full weight ones you combine the less weight in pairs, rinse and repeat. If you combine both components you get as a result a single huge steel lump, and this can be bad both because you loose skill and you can end with a huge awful ql lump. Mi proposal is to make metallurgy to work similar to mortar making, so you can combine both components and queue the full number and the result is always a basic unit of the resulting item per action, in case of fail you loose the proportional weight but the combined components still can be used for the next round.
  10. I am located on Deli Server at the Miya deed (15x, 39y). All lamps can be picked up at Miya or we can meet at Puzzle Plaza or Green Dog. Lamps cannot be sent through the mail. Below is the price breakdown by lamp type and quality. I am running a grand opening special of buy 10 lamps get 1 free (the free lamp is the same type and quality of the 10 ordered). Here is a link to what all the different lamps look like, I also have a merchant at Green Dog called Merchant Miya. I would be happy to put your order on there if you would rather. Please PM or post here with your order. Gold Hanging Lamps QL50: 30c QL60: 45c QL70: 60c QL80: 85c Silver Hanging Lamps QL50: 25c QL60: 35c QL70: 50c QL80: 75c Iron Lamps (includes Imperial and Torch) QL50: 10c QL60: 20c QL70: 30c QL80: 50c Copper Hanging Lamps & Small Braziers QL50: 20c QL60: 30c QL70: 40c QL80: 60c Brass Lamps (includes Brass Hanging and Oil Lamps) QL50: 40c QL60: 50c Bronze Hanging Lamps QL50: 40c QL60: 50c
  11. I'd like to start selling lamps! First order first serve! 24x 6y Give me the honor of making your lamps, and i'll try to rush them. One order will be dealt with at a time, I can't do ques. I'm not the best, but you will like my prices. Iron Lamps 5c 30ql 10c 40ql Imperial Street Lamps 26kg of Iron per lamp (Hense the price difference) 15c 30ql 25c 40ql Frying Pans 1c 10ql 2c 20ql 4c 30ql 6c 40ql If your order is large enough I will -10% off the total order. Pickup prefered, Free Delivery over 10s.
  12. How many druids out there dream of a golden sickle? How many would be romans dream of a bronze shortsword? A silver bell for those priests wishing to exorcise evil spirits. Stone tools for those primitive cultures. Essentially I think a wider variety of possible uses for each material would be very nice, even if some of those uses are a bit strange. Just allowing existing components to be made with a larger variety of metals. This could open up interesting crafting options requiring unusual components (think of a silver sword, doing higher damage against spirit templars but reduced damage to everything else). Thoughts on this?
  13. PRICE: 4s LOCATION: Kaer Morhen, Deliverance 39x 28y
  14. The title says it all. I've been doing some smithing, but there aren't any bronze mines nearby. Price will vary based on ql and weight. Nothing higher than 20 ql, please. Edit: I didn't mean bronze mines, now I feel like an idiot.
  15. Ok, first an introduction. Some weeks ago, the major of our deed, tell me that she want to remplace the crude iron street lamps with street brass lamps, this model: We chit-chated a bit about the matter, and after some research found we need around 50-60 lamps, then I started to look for those lamps, in game and in forum, I was about to give up, because even wen we offer a good price, no one jump over our order, but then a guy in our server offered to take the job, so we come to an agreement about the price, the amount, and a reazonable time frame to fullfill the order. To my surprise, a few days after, this person contact me again, and tell me he have to refrain our contract without complete it, so he give me 20 lamps, a good discount, and lots of apologies for not be able to acomplish the order. The days passed and we yet lack of about 40 lamps, the original plan was to get only 40 ql lamps, so wen i turned the 40 BS decided to do the lamps by my self. I go to the public mine and mine lots of copper, then a friend kindly grant me acces to his own zinc veins, and the things started to go on. At first i was a bit concerned, because while brass and his cousin Bronze are pretty low level aloys used since the prehistory and a fairly common one in the middle age, in wurm seem like there are more like a super metal of the goods, maybe with some super utility or something like that, because if not i can´t see the reazon to make it more difficult to obtain than enriched uranium. Its at least unreal, for not say stupid, to mix 1 kg of a refined metal with 1kg of another refined metal, and end with 0,10 kg of an allmost useless aloy. Can some one explain to me as if i where a 5 years old kid where are the other 1,9 kg of the mix? are our forges capables of such high temps to make some of the metal get vaporized? While i know the fact that with very low metalurgy skill i can´t pretend to obtain high ql end product, at least be a bit more real and give me 2kg of Brass/Bronze out of 1Kg of zinc + 1 kg of copper, or at least 1,5-1,8, but 0,10 really? Its Brass, (or Bronze) not gold or platinum cmon, its a low tech aloy that men knows allmost since he learn how to melt metals with fire. But to make it more ridicoulous, in wurm brass is one of the most useless aloys, the only things you can do are lamps and pendulums, thats all, no armor, no weapons, no keys, no hinges, no padlocks, no nothing, only lamp heads (2 kind) a pendulum ball and anbother one thing i don´t remember rigth now. But w8 the history doesn´t ends there, there is more griefing to the poor smither trying to make use of brass. In the end after a lot of mining, and a lot of fustrating metalurgy, i´ve ended with a fair amount of brass lumps, and was lucky enough to get a 6,4kg lup of 37ql, so i used all the low ql one to make lamp heads, there was a bit of ligth in the end of the tunnel, because i see each lamp head use around 0,8 kg of lump, so i was pretty happy, cause i was thinking that even if not a breeze like iron ones, brass lamps aren´t a unreachable thing. At the end i got 43 brass lamp heads, and in the end turned into 43 brass street lamps, even was lucky enough to obtain a hanfull of unfinished ones that go in the range of 14-25 wen finalised. I empty my forge, put all 43 lamps there and my precious, my own, my shiny 37ql 6,4 kg lump, wahited until glowing hot, and the reality of wurm come over me, and crushed my dreams of 40ql lamps. So in the first image, you can see there, a 25ql one (yeah), couple of 23ql, one allmost 22ql, a couple of 20ql, and a bunch of lower ones, but hey, if a full lamp only uses 0,8kg, while i will not be able to imp all the lamps to 40 or close, at least half or more... Then, the first punch in my face (to be honest that fells more like a kick in my theet) Yes, as you see, a single imp to 25,72 from 25,26 (a measly 0,46) consumed 0,25kg of the my shiny lump, i was o.O this can´t be real, must be some kind of error, or graphick bug, or my client got the wrong decimal rounding... Yeah, you wish. Oh! look, i got a 39ql one, and only cost me half of that lump.... The sade end, after the shiny was completely gone Oh yeah, i got one at 39, 95 other at 37,32, and one downgraded from 23,18 to 23,07, and only at the cheap cost of 6,4kg ol brass lump. Btw, for the ones that never did brass, this mean 64kg of copper + 64kg of zink, or a total amount of 2560 kg of ore, yes as you can read, a full large cart and a 1/4 of other of ores, just to improve 2 lamps from 25 to 39, and to degrade other, lets not forget that one. Then imho, something is very wrong with that picture, and really need to be changed, idk, make the mixing yield more aloy or reduce the amount of aloy needed to improve the lamps, but please, do something because rigth now make things out of brass its a very frustrating and disapointing task, and while i´m not against the concept of the challenge, this one is too much, is not a challeng, but a grief. So, i don´t know if developers read this threads, or if even care about the rants of a single player, but i will be more than pleased to read the opinion of others fellows wurmians chossing the ways of the anvil and the hammer, noobs like me, and ofcourse some of the BS monsters out there. One last tought, i´m very aware of the fact the steel can be even worse, but at least steel have really nice uses, you can do all kind of armours, weapons and tools out of steel, each one having good advantages over his pour irons cousins, while in the other hand, brass has so restricted uses that make it allmos not worth all the trouble to work with. Salu2.