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Found 17 results

  1. While fighting mobs after the update and trying to use focus, the following happens: - Pre-patch, when I engage in combat with one creature, then target another creature, I could continue to focus against the second creature (this mainly worked when you had 2 focus and after switching targets you would lose 1 level of focus ending up on level 1 focus and then you could keep focusing from that point), that is no longer working (focus on 2nd target after switching doesn't work) - My focus level is locking at 3 and will not go any higher, my fight skill is 50 (focus lock at 3) - and by locking i mean the "eye" closes and is unclickable. I made sure to check my stamina and it was fine, i even did 2 special moves after this occurred. Either this is intentional and was left out of patch notes, or its a serious (combat breaking even) bug.
  2. If you stop riding a horse when you are on a bridge, it is very difficult to manage to get it back under control without GM assistance. You cannot lead or tame it. I have normally been able to do this by charming the horse, then right-click commanding it to move to a non-bridge tile. This usually works, but sometimes does not, probably based on the terrain steepness that the bridge is crossing, or some such. There really needs to be a fix for this. An excellent horse, with good gear is a substantial asset and very painful to lose to a server bug. Not only that, you cannot charm a horse that is branded and cared for by another person. You also have to worry about agro creatures attacking your charmed horse while you are trying to de-bridge it. On the server I now play on, there are no restrictions to priesthood, but on the old Wurm servers, I suspect that broken horses on bridges are even more painful than they are where I currently play.
  3. On Elevation, Libila mission told us to build an Obelisk on the Northwest. After preparing the area in the northwest and attempting to build, event gave the message "This must be built in the northeast". After going northeast and building the obelisk, event gave the message "The Charge Of Song is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point." Mission did not complete and is still sitting there on 1%. Some screenshots: Edit: Just to clarify there's 2 bugs at play here, most likely related. Firstly: The mission details gave the incorrect build location, which was only realised when an event message gave an error when attempting to build the obelisk. Secondly: Upon going to the "correct" location and building the obelisk, it failed to complete the mission, even after moving/rotating the finished obelisk.
  4. Here we are again with another one of the Odynn's post. This time about the economy, free coins and the now useless and utterly broken traders. Wurm economy in it's current state is actually suffering, the pyramidal scheme need fresh players to keep it alive and provide work opportunity for the olders established players. I won't go into the details but it's easy to see how and why that system is not really viable. We all know that Rolf following a few of our most vocal community members nerfed the traders into the ground. Indeed the cash they received on Pristine / Release was insane due to the lack of people owning them, but the average on the olders servers when from 5/7s per month to nothing. On the other hand the newly added mechanisms like forage/botanise - selling to the token - killing creatures - burying them are not balanced properly. Someone botanising daily can reach a gold per month easilly without investing a cents in Wurm. Traders then, what is their point anymore if you only gain 20c per month and pay 35s. Well, none, and that's the issue, instead of investing on Wurm future and spending money, you are better off foraging and botanising all day long, draining the coffers (specially since there is no traders reserved funds - which was something Rolf was supposed to implement). Why give again large amount of money to traders owners, they are stealing from everyone else some will say. Well, investing into Wurm and being a part of the economy thanks to the traders always seemed a good point to me. I mean, they won't judge your 50ql spindle and ease your money spent on the deed upkeep afterall. And this is exactly the idea. Limit the traders income to 80 to 150% of their deed upkeep. This would mark the end of the trader deeds (80c to 1s50 for a 1s deed monthly deed upkeep) but would help the larger deeds to pay for their upkeep and make wurm less costly. Keeping in the long run people pay large amount of premium. Reducing the distance cap between them, maybe their price and limiting their incomes to 5s per traders (can have multiple on a deed though - deed upkeep divided by traders amount and with a random variable on it - capped to 5s per to prevent abuses) would make it worth investing in them again. This new system would make them worth to have on Xanadu as well (no more abuses) and if there is still no reserved money for them, get their payout at the start of the month (instead of all over the 28 days) leaving the rest of the funds available for all the others money distribution ways. For the others distribution ways to work properly though it will require a large balancing on the different ratio (and a nerf on the forage / botanise coins).
  5. not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the search function is pretty broken for me. it seems like it's only showing things posted since the forums came back up from that downtime a few days ago.
  6. So I recently updated my Wurm Unlimted Server and Client from to (the latest). I hadn't played in a while due to work and finally got some downtime. To my dismay, upon logging in I discovered that my entire world was ruined. It was as if someone slammed their hand down on my land and skewed it to poo.. This is really, really upsetting because I can not begin to tell you the hours, days, months I had put into making my spot perfect. (I play alone too..) To log in and have huge cliffs to either side of you is horrid..and then to climb to the only flat area to see that said cliffs extend everywhere..yeah. I really don't want to scrap my world but I am out of options. If there is anyone out there...who has a solution to save my world it would be appreciated beyond words. Photos below.... Please help..
  7. cant archer enemies on elevation [13:08:07] The permissions for the settlement that the target is on prevents this. they are on deed, im off of their deed why ?
  8. Worried about losing my character who isnt premium. Please assist. Contents of temporary launch log: Time is Tue Sep 15 17:34:31 EDT 2015 Running client version 3.99 === System information === Executing from C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\ Operating system: Windows 10 (arch: amd64, version: 10.0) Java version: 1.8.0_60 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.60-b23 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 4 >>> Main thread exiting. Loading character Sugarscent Loading config default Loading props file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\configs\default\gamesettings.txt Executing C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\configs\default\keybindings.txt Loading props file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\players\Sugarscent\password.txt >>> LoginFrame queue entry exiting. class.Gmezkmi7Hv: Could not access temp file C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\packs\graphics.jar.tmp C:\Program Files (x86)\wurm\packs\graphics.jar.tmp (Access is denied) at Method) at Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at<init>(Unknown Source) at class.oEMb8V5IBR.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:4561) at class.UHu4tvOGG3.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:622) at class.UHu4tvOGG3.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:225) at at Source) I attempted to redownlaod from the website, Java is updated.
  9. I went to test server tonight and the bridge planning there is not working. I was there a few weeks before and there was trouble with building past the first floor because you could not add any walls. There is some kind of blue line highlights in the inventory window that was not there before (classic light). House writs do not have any names showing on them.... I guess the moral of the story is that the test server needs some help we can not even use it right now to test things with. Edit: Well looks like the wall thing was fixed since i looked last and the writ name thing is just a highlight box over the name but the blue is still there. As far as the bridge goes i have no idea why it will not let me plan a bridge it was between two buildings and the ground was level and at the same height. There was no error message in the event that showed why the thing was stopped.. [20:22:59] You carefully place the dioptra on its tripod in front of you. [20:23:01] looks like bridge would be 1x3 (North-South) [20:23:01] The tile border to your North is level [20:23:01] You make sure the dioptra is level.
  10. Is that it doesn't work very well. First off, this is not a suggestion. It's a whine, a moan, a bit*h, a complaint. Salt should preserve food for much longer than it does. It begins rotting far too early. Salt is one of the best preservatives on the planet. It was used as money for cryin out loud. It's broken and needs to be made so it's effects last far longer. I get tired of burning up my salt only to see food begin to spoil far too early. It's not like there's salt laying around on the ground to pick up. The stuff takes a lot of work to find. Fix it. It's broken. It's bugged imo.
  11. Tosiek now favors Jenn-Kellon kingdoms. Tosiek never received help from Elevation. 5/5/15 882 New mission spawned, still considered enemy. Description: Tosiek asks you to sacrifice 1 of the hidden Soulstruck Eyes. We tested to make sure, sacrificed 1 mission item as a tosiek follower and the mission did not complete. It seems that this system is totally broken, tosiek missions always spawn as enemy regardless which kingdom he favors. I'm not aware of a single tosiek mission completing. If anyone knows any differently please post in this thread.
  12. They kill your fps, and they dont even turn off when you empty them
  13. Just logged in after the patch, sitting in my vineyard. Harvest does not have an action, though the sickle can pick sprouts. Others report same in Xan CA chat. Reports harvest works on crops. Cannot harvest grapes with my rake, but with sickle active I get the Harvest option. No action happens when selected.
  14. The player disease mechanic needs to be reviewed (or removed, in my opinion). The implementation is seriously broken currently, in that it's possible to become effectively permanently diseased, in spite of (or regardless of) isolation and micromanaging food/drink/nutrition for hours on end. As for why I think it should be removed entirely, I think implementing something that actively penalizes players for being near other players in a multi-player game is self-defeating if not outright retarded. Skren
  15. Someone has undoubtedly realized this or will in time, but I'll mention it, anyhow, just in case. The "Wiki" link under "Community" from the main Wurm site to Wurmpedia does not act as a link... Instead it downloads a file titled "download" with no extension and an unknown filetype. Is this only my experience? The Wurmpedia its self seems to be in working order or I would not have mentioned this here.
  16. i spent all day yesterday making and imping 10 fishing poles. In an hour of fishing I have broken 3 poles already. Something is wrong with this picture. What is the purpose of them breaking so often? Because all it does is drive people, at least me. away from wasting my time on this. My skill in fishing isnt too high at 30 . but they seem to break even more than at lower skills, and also the poles were imped higher. my carp is at 66 so i imped them close to 40. Im just at a loss as the reasoning behind this feature that seems to punish more than reward. anyway. in short. its probably been said before but, seriously, make this "feature" less punishing. Please?
  17. when im on the wurm online website i click play, which downloads the client, the client then downloads some graphics and sound files, i put my username and password in and click play, the client disappears and nothing happens then ? how do i fix this?