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Found 19 results

  1. Morkesh Leatherworking If you're interested in one of these items, PM me here on the forum, in-game under the name Timoka or leave a comment. My skill in leatherworking is 99+ and custom orders with higher or lower quality's can be arranged. Armour: Complete leather armour set QL71 - 95C (3 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL81 - 1s20C (2 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL91 - 2s50C (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL71 - 1s (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL81 - 1s30c (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL91 - 2s70c (1 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL81 - 20c (3 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL91 - 30c (3 in stock) Toolbelts: Toolbelt QL60 (6slots) - 30c (2 in stock) Toolbelt QL70 (7slots) - 40c (3 in stock) Toolbelt QL80 (8slots) - 50c (1 in stock) Toolbelt QL90 (9slots) - 1s (1 in stock) Rare Toolbelt QL90 (10slots) - 5s (0 in stock) Saddles: Saddle QL71 - 40c (4 in stock) Saddle QL81 - 60c (6 in stock) Saddle QL91 - 1s40c (4 in stock) Saddles With WoA (Increases speed while mounted) Saddle QL81 WOA81 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA83 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA85 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA88 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA92 - 1s80c (0 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA100 - 2s10c (0 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA80 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA81 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA86 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA96 - 2s60c (0 in stock) Bardings: Leather barding QL81 - 70c (1 in stock) Other horse equipment: Bridle QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Saddle Bags QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Archaeology journals: Archaeology journal (empty) QL70 - 40c (2 in stock) Archaeology journal (empty) QL90 - 1s (1 in stock) Atlas: Atlas (empty) QL70 - 40c (3 in stock) Atlas (empty) QL90 - 1s (3 in stock) Quivers, Almanacs and Animal Rugs: Leather adventurer hat (Cosmetic only) QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Quiver QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Almanac (empty) QL+50 - 20c (unlimited stock) Black bear rug QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Brown bear rug QL+50 - 15c (15 in stock) Black wolf rug QL+50 - 15c (17 in stock) Mountain lion rug QL+50 - 15c (6 in stock) Rares: Rare leather boot QL93 - 3s Rare leather pants QL93 - 3s50c Rare leather cap QL93 - 3s50c Supreme leather sleeve QL93 - 7S Imping rates:
  2. I understand why Bury All was added to the game, for getting rid of butchered parts like meat, hides, glands, etc; but please remove the ability to bury horse gear with the corpse. It's unlikely that anyone would intentionally bury their good gear and it's irretrievable when they do so accidentally.
  3. Welcome to Lonlon Cadence, j15 | come check out our merchants! Feel free to send Sussermans or Zekky a PM in game or directly reply to this thread. We also can improve your leather goods! Currently building stocks. Leatherworking Rug Emporium
  4. Jasiek's Leatherworks Contact in game: Jasiek Location: Independence, Krotharin (S10) Mail: Buyer pay COD Merchant: Placed in Glasshollow Public Market - Central Market. Feel free to contact me in game or here to get more info! Every order is individual! Every stuff can be imped up to 93ql - ask aboute price if you are intrested. Studded Leather Sets Toolbelts: 50ql - 35c (or 5c pp) 15c 60ql - 60c (or 9c pp) 25c 70ql - 95c (or 12c pp) 35c 80ql - 1,4s (or 20c pp) 55c 90ql - 2,7s (or 35c pp) 95c 91ql - 4,1s (or 50c pp) 92ql - 5,4s (or 65c pp) 93ql - 6,3s (or 75c pp) ~ There is possibility to mix ql of studded parts - for more details and prices pm me ~ Horse equipment: Saddles Bridles Bardings 50ql - 10c 10c 25c 60ql - 15c 15c 35c 70ql - 35c 35c 45c 80ql - 55c 55c 70c 90ql - 1,4s 1,45s x Special Zone Others: Containers (40ql) - backpack/quiver/waterskin - 6c Animal rugs (50ql) lion/bear/wolf - 15c Armor improving - pm me with details of armor ql to get the price Alternative payment methods: Sleep powder - 75c Referral - 5,5s Buying: Drake Hide - 30c per 0,01
  5. 5x 89->93QL Saddles with WOA 91->98 + includes bridles and saddle bags. (all dyed with 91QL R=201, G=16, B=6) Looks attractive with custom dyed bardings! Everything can be mailed COD. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions! Have fun! Buyouts / Start Bids (*see below*) No sniper protection Increment: Whatever! No Reserve. Item #1: 1x 93QL saddle, leather (WoA98) - Start Bid: 1.97s // Buyout: 3.97s Item #2: 1x 93QL saddle, leather (WoA94) - Start Bid: 1.47s // Buyout: 3.47s Item #3: 1x 90QL saddle, leather (WoA93) - Start Bid: 1.22s // Buyout: 2.72s Item #4: 1x 90QL saddle, leather (WoA92) - Start Bid: 1.18s // Buyout: 2.68s Item #5: 1x 89QL saddle, leather (WoA91) - Start Bid: 1.1s // Buyout: 2.60s
  6. Helping a friend sell out. All horseshoes are at 91 or 92q and are iron. Only listing by WOA. First set. 52woa, 54woa, 67woa, 72woa. Second set. 73woa, 74woa, 74woa, 74woa Third set, 74woa, 75woa, 75woa, 78woa Fourth set. 82woa, 82woa, 83woa, 85woa Firth set. 85woa, 86woa, 86woa, 90woa Bridles 1. 70q bridle. no enchant 2. 75q bridle. no enchant Saddle. 50q saddle. 100woa Min Bid per item is 1s Increments of 25c No reserve. No buyout. Sniper protection of 1 hour.
  7. 16ql - rare saddle 49ql - rare bridle (63woa) 4x 70ql - rare horseshoes Starting Bid: 20s Increments: 1s Buyout: 25s No reserve, 1h sniper protection Note: C.O.D at buyer expense from Independence
  8. HypnoticHorses Pick up only Location: H9 Xanadu (easily accessible by boat) I also have 5-Speed horses at Sunset Bay Market (was Talula Point Market) @ I10 Purchase Keys from my merchant 5-Speed Horses 50c 4-Speed Horses 20c Pm Me for a current list of horses. In game @ Hypnoticpyro All horses come with a low quality saddle. You can purchase a higher quality one for an additional fee. Horseshoes @ 75ql available upon request. All horses accessories will be placed on horses unless requested otherwise. I will reserve them for 48 hours, but if I do not get confirmation, I will add them back into to the available stock. PM me in game or comment below. Thank you for looking
  9. as topic says want to buy rare bridle. i can pay 5s for it.
  10. Cheers! I'm selling a rare bridle (horse equipment) for 4s, this item can be mailed from Independence, buyer pays COD (10c to same server/20c to other servers). My best regards, ~Ulvi //Edit: Has been sold, thank you very much
  11. 53ql - rare carving knife - 6s Note: Make sure to list the name you want the item CoD too..thanks Sold Item: 35ql - rare bridle, leather - 5s 40ql - rare bucket, oak - 3s
  12. A rather quick auction here. Only 2 days. Starting bid: 1s 50c Min increment: 25c Reserve: None Buyout: I might consider offers No sniper protection - you want it - you secure it with a good bid. This item is located on Chaos. Winner pays COD.
  13. Just as it says. They are currently in the barding graphic, which makes no sense to me at all. Could be fixed quick if you'd ask me.
  14. Up for auction, is a 90ql Supreme Bridle Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Winner: Niki 8s Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here. The winner pays CoD or can pick up from Top Notch x8, y8, Exodus. Happy bidding!
  15. 80ql rare bridle up for grabs, PM or post here with offers. [12:34:49] These thin leather reins, headstall and metal bit should be put on the head of a creature to direct it. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a leather.
  16. Simple as that. Do bridles have any current function at all?
  17. Welcome, customers, to Merfin's Shop of fine leatherwares! I'm proudly and officially opening my little leatherwares shop. The selection of wares is still a bit limited, but will improve soon, I promise. I also guarantee you friendly service, and am willing to negotiate prices if you're placing a larger order and prove to be a pleasant customer All prices are without CoD, within Independence I'm willing to deliver any order above 2s for a low, negotiable fee, depending on distance. A discount if you come to Edoras and collect your wares yourself is, as always, negotiable. Improving fees are 1c per ql up to ql60, 2c per ql up to ql70, (2.5c per cl up tp 80)*. I'm looking forward to hear from you, be it here in the forum topic, via Forum PM, or in the ingame chat. *ql80 is not available just yet, but can be pre-ordered and should be available within a month.
  18. A horse with a bridle would not need a rope to lead or ride. Plus this would give more purpose to a horse's vehicle management. As always, if it's been said before... Pardon the bump