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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone! Last week saw the Grand Tour of Independence, and it was a lot of fun! There were a few hiccups, mostly with the new talk feature requiring an item to be active to use, but otherwise went quite well, feedback has been positive and we will take note of what areas need working on for the next event. The treasure huint on the other servers did have more issues, but we've taken that on board and know what to look out for next time (camouflage chests) But first... Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Domain changes Next week's update will see a change to how domains currently work! The new domain code completely replaces the old system. Previously the map was split up into predefined zones that altars effected with their power, this was fairly un-intuitive as the zone boundaries could be in weird positions in relation to any altars. This is now changed so zones are bound to the altars, and effect tiles in a range from the altar dependent on the altar QL. Each tile as you get farther away from an altar will lose strength, and the base strength is linked to the altar QL. The altar with the highest strength for a tile will have dominion over that tile, and equal strengths will prefer the closest altar. For an example of how this works with two 10ql altars, see here: The other big change to do with this is that now domains are shared across the surface and cave layers - they will no longer be separate. This means any altars on the surface will still have influence when you move into a cave, though at 50% strength compared to the surface. Similarly, altars inside a cave will have 100% influence inside the cave, and still have 50% influence on the surface. By doing it this way, we hope to not overly break any existing setups that have domains set up in each layer, as altars on the same tile with the same QL, but on different layers, will each continue to have dominion over their respective layer due to their halved strength on the other layer. For example, a 50ql altar on the surface will have 25 strength on the same tile below ground, and radiate for 25 tiles - where as on the surface it will be at 50 strength and radiate for 50 tiles. This should make it easy for current setups to remain, while still allowing domains to be shared between layers where wanted. Breeding and creature counts One of the biggest questions on older servers has been about certain wild creatures being hard to find, namely horses. We've looked at the totals vs bred creatures and have found that on most older servers, there are few, if any wild horses (xanadu doesn't count!) So we've made a few changes regarding this. We have reduced the percentage of certain creatures (bison, dog, rooster, pheasant and hen) and increased the percentage of horses. This will mean there's some breathing room for wild horses to spawn. The other issue stems from over-breeding, or large populations of breeding stock. To combat this, we have increased the chance of getting a rare coin from killing a bred creature to make it five times more likely than killing a wild one (about 1 in 20 now). This will hopefully promote culling of unwanted creatures rather than simply letting them loose or taking up space. We'll keep an eye on these two updates and see how they go. Non premium changes One of the suggestions raised in Factional Fights' video was how returning players struggle due to characteristics being reduced to 20, after a discussion among the dev team, we've decided to remove the reduction of characteristics! This means a player who has previously been premium, but since lost premium does not have their characteristics capped at 20, just their skills. This means they may pilot a boat, ride a horse, and carry their tools (provided they could before!). This will go live in the next update, and hopefully make returning to Wurm that little bit easier to get back into. Other tweaks Examining slopes will now give "the border is x slope up/down". Changing paths for Path of Insanity will go live. Continued updates for the unstable client. Community Content Firstly a little bit of our content! I've updated most of the twitter feeds for individual servers, with the Wurm logo and a screenshot from each server! A couple are awaiting the work, but they should be done in time, we're also looking at unifying the twitter handles, but will have to organise that with those who run third party systems. Another piece is the interesting " Alcifer Initiative" a decorative little safety zone for new players, it definitely looks interesting! Thats it for this week, we'll be looking at the suggestions over the next week and taking notes on what we can improve! Until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.