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Found 3 results

  1. I spend a lot of time thinking about village designs, road designs, and minimizing transportation. To me, a well built community (whether it be a single village or an alliance of specialists) is an interconnected machine for processing raw materials into finished products. In the past I've worked with a "hub and spoke" design, with one central warehouse where I keep ALL THE THINGS. But, I'm beginning to branch out from that and explore the possibility of creating lots of little specialized buildings for iteratively processing materials. So, for example, instead of hanging out in my warehouse and grinding fletching, I'll have a quaint little fletchery overlooking the sea, and it'll be periodically supplied with everything required to just focus on fletching. I personally find this idea very charming, as it would allow me to have a friend who's an excellent fletcher come stay with me for a while and give them access to that building without putting them in my central warehouse where every single thing I own is stored. I'm using some network graphing software to research skill dependency networks in order to plan an effective building layout. I thought I'd share a snapshot of that research. It is by no means exhaustive, but I thought it looked kind of cool and you guys might find it interesting. The "alchemist" and "apothecary" roles are obviously the same skill set, but it made for a much cleaner graph if I separated them into two locations and roles based on which materials they were working with. I'd probably make two small little workshops for those different roles on either end of the village center. The red colored nodes all make things that a hunter/soldier would use. And obviously all of the gatherers need their own tools, but I didn't want to clutter up the graph with back edges. The grey boxes are locations for intermediate storage. I also added these to clean up and simplify edges around certain nodes such as the blacksmith and alchemist. As a final note, brewing is the ultimate pinnacle of technology, it would seem. I had a good hearty laugh when I saw this. EDIT: Cleaned up some edges that made no sense, like mason to alchemist.
  2. I think bee keeping would be a nice addition to the nature skills. You could have all different types of bees which produce different quanities and qualities of honey maybe the harder bees could use animal husbandry to keep them. You could then use the honey to help brew beer,mead and ciders. Also would be good for healing covers and cooking. I doubt it would be that hard to implement and i feel it would be a nice platform to implement new things for other skills too. You could have protective clothing for bee keeping from tailors and deadly stings like poison in which you would have to visit a competent healer to cure you. Also you could add some nice new foods made with honey. Obviously there are some cleverer people out there with more ideas on this so please let me know what you think! Oswold
  3. Note on new containers listed: similar operation to trash heap or cooking vessel; tick occurs when contained items change state based on hidden timer and criteria. Cider - not a complex process according to DIY guides. Cider barrel Put apple juice into a cider barrel. Leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) for apple juice to become cider. Quality of cider affected by quality of cider barrel and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality. Beer from scratch I know beer is oft suggested, but I couldn't find any active references to method or benefits. Producing barley malt Steeping vessel Put water and barley into steeping vessel, leave for 3 hours gametime (24 Wurm hours). Barley becomes barley, sprouting. Malt bed Put barley, sprouting into malt bed and leave for 15 hours gametime (5 Wurm days). Barley, sprouting becomes malt, green. Put green malt in an oven, campfire or forge. Oven + malt, green = malt, pale Campfire + malt, green = malt, brown Forge + malt, green = malt, dark The finished malt should be BSBable Brewing Grind malt, 'colour' into grits, 'colour' with a grindstone. Mix 1 kg grits, 'colour' and 2L of water in a liquid container to make mash, 'colour'. Put mash in brewing kettle and heat in oven at boiling status of water for 7.5 minutes gametime (1 Wurm hour). Produces wort, 'colour' (liquid) and grits, used. Mix hops with boiling wort to produce hopped wort, 'colour'. Pour hopped wort into fermentation barrel. Wort becomes frothing wort, 'colour' within 3 hours gametime (1 Wurm day), of being cool. Leave for a further 36 hours gametime, (12 Wurm days) until wort become brew, 'colour'. Mix boiling syrup and brew to create sweetened brew, 'colour'. Pour into beer keg and leave for 10 days 12 hours gametime (12 Wurm weeks) to become beer, 'colour'. Quality of beer affected by beer keg quality and beverages skill. Suggestions of benefits: 1/2 stamina benefit of wine of equal quality, alters nutrition value towards 50% but does not fill food bar. Mix 1 kg of grits, used and 2L of water to make mash, weak Boil in oven to produce wort, weak and grits, spent. Do not add hops. Ferment weak wort as for hopped wort. Produces brew, weak. Mix with boiling syrup and leave to mature into beer, weak. When examined, should not include the word 'bitter' in the description. Suggestions of benefits: Alters nutrition value towars 50% but does not fill food bar. Grits, used or spent, can be fed to animals by the same rules governing grain with lower nutitional value.