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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, Wurmians! What a fortnight! We've been hard at work with the big things coming in the next update. A huge update planned before Christmas! This update will include the priest overhaul, the fishing update, and a whole lot more, so let's see what it is! Consider Us Inspired! There was quite the response to our recent “You Have a Moment of Inspiration…” contest. With all of you taking the time to share your inspiration in the game, it really showed that everyone plays Wurm for their own unique reasons, and that inspires us! There are so many different play styles in Wurm Online, and this contest served as a perfect example of how differently everyone in our community enjoys the game. We had such a hard time choosing winners that we’ve decided to reward everyone who submitted entries with a coupon for 2 sleep powders each. Be sure to check your forum PMs if you entered for your coupon code. Now, for our winners… In 3rd place, receiving a rare strange bone… Koreal, who shared a spooky story of a dark castle in Wurm. In 2nd place, also receiving a rare strange bone… Champagnedragon, who is inspired by shaping the land and seeing their ideas come to life, as well as traveling Wurm to enjoy the beautiful views. And in 1st place, receiving a supreme strange bone… Fabricant! Who is inspired by… Well, we don’t know what he’s inspired by, exactly… But it was sure unique, with each picture having us laughing for ages! Congratulations to all, and thank you once again to everyone who participated! Keep on the lookout for more contests in the future. Here, Fishy Fishy As we’ve discussed before, the next big update will include Tich’s major fishing overhaul. Tonight, I was a guest on Emoo’s stream as he joined us on our super secret dev test server, home of our 50 speed scorpion testing track, and a nice big lake to showcase a bit of the fishing system live. You can check out all the discussion and fun here: There's a lot to unpack in all this, namely rods now contain choice of reel, line, hook, float and bait! Each impacts your chances of catching different fish, along with different zones to fish in, and time of day changing what's around too! It's a hugely in depth system with lots of customiation and that usual depth Tich's updates always had. It's been an honour to be able to finish it and have it out, and we hope everyone is looking forward to it too! Xanalag-a-bit-less These past few weeks, we have been quietly working on additional optimization for the servers with a focus on improving performance. The most noticeable change will be on Xanadu, where we have been prioritizing our testing. We’ll continue to work on improvements with the lag, but have already made significant back-end advancements. Please note that this is not in relation to specific lag spikes, but to general performance all day round. You Can Tap Dance if You Want To Coming up next in the starter deed redesigns will be Celebration’s Tap Dance! As usual, we are seeking design concepts to be voted on. For the full details including a deedplanner file of the current deed, please visit the thread here: Submissions will close and voting will open with the next (standard) Valrei International, so get planning! Chain My Heart Another long requested feature in PvP is the reintroduction of a tower chaining system, so guess what’s coming! We’ll be introducing a system that requires chaining towers and influence between the PMK capital and outlying deeds in order to avoid penalties. This system will change how towers and influence currently work by a huge amount, including removing the ability to capture towers, and require demolishing and rebuilding. Linked deeds will get certain bonuses, with unlinked deeds taking penalties over time. Unlinked towers will also be easier to bash so establishing and maintaining those links will be vital to success! There is more in the works with this system, and we’ll go into depth more before the big update so everyone is aware of what’s coming. Haven’s Whispers Many rumors abound about the purpose of Haven’s Landing, with rumours of creatures hopping about, and groans of the CRC being heard all around. Imagine that! All some a little bit will be shared this weekend with the Factional Fight brothers on their stream. Can you guess what it’s for? Community Content Shrimpiie’s Shrimpalong Shrimp-travaganza of Shrimp and Fun (aka the Blackmoor Christmas Impalong) is on again this year! Starting December 7th and running through the 16th, this year’s impalong seems to be shaping up into a huge event with a ton of things that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to come along and take part in the fun. We’ll be there to crush, kill, and maim anyone we can with our crazy spawns… so the more, the merrier! That’s it for this week! We’ll see you next Valrei International (or sooner) with some more exciting news. Until then, though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and The Wurm Team
  2. Greetings everyone! Welcome to a special breaking edition of the Valrei International, we've come in early with LOTS of new stuff, and with good reason, it's going live next week! To farm those likes prior to launch, I've participated in three drinking contests, two feats of strength, and a one man rendition of les miserables, the things I do to bring you the news... But I digress, there's lots here that has had me excited to the point of losing manliness points, so let's get right in! Samool joins the team As many of you may recall, Samool joined us last year as a volunteer client developer, with a focus on getting the 4.0 client launched. With that done, he began work on some other aspects and has introduced some awesome features, as well as addressed some pesky issues within the client. Today we're happy to announce he has joined the Wurm team in a contracted position, and will continue to work on adding awesome features to the client, including the new preview version, and something I get to reveal tonight! A little to the left if you've ever tried placing an item in just the right spot on the ground, you know it's a major hassle of pushing, pulling, gently pushing and pulling, swearing, crying and throwing cobs of corn at it, but that's about to change See through dye? what is this madness? In the next update, you'll be able manually place items on the ground! Simply select drop > place via the menu, and you may move an image of the item around. Holding ctrl while moving will align to small grids, while holding alt will moving will move in larger grids. Scrolling the mouse wheel will rotate the model. Once you have lined up the perfect place, simply left click, and it appears exactly where you intended! A quick mystery solved, just drop the barrel! You'll need to be able to drop the item from your inventory, so no placing of forges or ovens, but this should help those OCD types with neatly arranging their deeds, just in time for something else well wood you look at that! A long long time ago, every boat had a different texture based on wood type, which allowed players to show off their choices in style, cherry boats had a reddish hue, with willow being a grey, and the best type, olive, being a warm yellow. With the introduction of new boat models, to save development strain and improve performance, only one texture came, which is the boat models you see now, but soon... I like big boats and I cannot lie sail away sail away sail away, enya would be so jealous As you can see above, next update boat hues based on wood type will be returning! wood choice will now change the hue of the hull, and thanks to Saroman and Samool's work, will not require loading a dozen textures! That's not all though... you'll be wagon your tails in these beauties I cart believe how awesome these are! These new hives are the bees knees! That's right, wood effects are coming back, and in force! From bee hives, to chairs, to buckets, bsbs, fsbs, carts, crate racks, catapults, and beyond, Saroman has been hard at work adding in the effects of all wood types on wooden models. His workshop is a gigantic mess of all things wooden, with his friendly supervisor looking on. Lunch breaks are strictly monitored and given every five days As this is such a large work, we currently plan this in a few stages, with more coming out each stage, so stay tuned for that to come Placing items, wood colours returning, you can definitely see why I've been so excited for this special edition of the news, but I STILL have more to share! Introducing... Tickled pink damn, I used the pun in the title! Nope, that's not Photoshop! For those crafty enough to study the pixels of the above image, they may notice that the sail is a different colour compared to the boat, and that's coming too! We'll be introducing the ability to dye the sail separately to the rest of the ship, requiring less dye, and allowing for greater showing off, the colours are more vivid, and don't turn the boat the entire shade too, meaning you can show off your wood type AND favourite colour. But also... I may have purple bedsheets too The real news, wurmians work out how to remove the books before painting the bookcase! Pick a seat, any seat! No getting dye on the handles? Now that's progress Spidermans partyknarr Yep, the personalisation doesn't end at sails, we've also added better dye systems to many things, allowing you to colour the cushions of your chair, the sheets of your bed, and most importantly, banners! Preview client The preview 4.1 client work is ongoing, with some issues being addressed prior to public soft launch, with it becoming available during the update that brings all of these goodies live, which is currently scheduled for next Thursday, 8th of February. I hope you're all as excited as I am to see these come, and just what else is in store (I've heard VERY exciting rumours, that just get better and better! So buckle up, get your wood supplies ready, and as always, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team!