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Found 9 results

  1. I spent ages making a bunch of marble braziers different colours by editing the item data and filling in the RGB values. It looked great, but when I logged off (including shutting down the server), and logged back on again, they were back to their original white Does anyone know how to make them keep their colours?
  2. Selling 3 pieces rare brazier pillar 80ql pc/4s Location xan S15 Kalambaka
  3. Question: Can a marble brazier pillar's flame still be seen 80 tiles away when surrounded by walls of a lighthouse building with a roof on top? Short Answer: Yes. Test Results: We constructed a marble brazier pillar on the 3rd floor of a building with the bowl/flame part of the marble brazier pillar poking out the top of the 4th floor. We tested it from a view distance of 320m (320m/4m=80 tiles) without walls, with walls and no roof, and then with walls and a roof. In all three scenarios, we could still see the flame brightly lit from 80 tiles away. So for all the people who believed the flame would be limited in some way, shape or form by being inside a building and surrounded by walls and a roof, this does not seem to be the case. Happy lighthouse building!
  4. Illuminate your land! Iron torch lamp, Iron lamp, Copper hanging lamp 30ql - 5 40ql - 10 50ql - 20 Copper Brazier 30ql - 20 40ql - 25 50ql - 30 Looking for someone to imp your lamps? Send me a tell and we'll work things out! Delivery and contact information I deliver to only the Freedom servers (Currently based on Deliverance), all deliveries will be made to the nearest coastal point of interest from Deliverance. Deliverance players receive free service! Live on Xanadu? Send me a tell and we'll work out the cost. Contact Genocide in-game to place your order! (Orders must be made through in-game tell or forum post, all orders will be kept in list format, please give two-three days for order completion, this estimation varies on order and how many players are in line.)
  5. I have lot of marble and gold and I question me if it's a good idea make marble brazier pillars to sell them... They can be loaded in a wagon then I supose in a ship too... How much I could charge per each one?
  6. Greenwood Market - "Light up your Life Sale" SOLD OUT - THANK YOU ALL! Brass Oil Lamps 8x Brass Oil Lamps - 70ql - 70c each [8 left in stock] 5x Brass Oil Lamps - 60ql - 60c each [5 left in stock] Iron Lanterns 5x Iron Lanterns - 70ql - 25c each [0 left in stock] Candelabra 5x Iron Candelabra - 50ql - 10c each [5 left in stock] 5x Copper Candelabra - 50ql - 10c each [0 left in stock] Braziers 5x Copper Braziers - 50ql - 20c each [0 left in stock] You can either pick up from Greenwood [26x 27y on Indy] or it can be mailed to you. Mailing cost to be paid by buyer. If interested reply here or send me a PM on the forum or in game
  7. So until Bannisters or railings are created, I'm mostly using Chain Fence for railings and hoping we can get the base of the fence raised up, so it won't hang through floors. Also, the buffer or no walk zone is too big. Makes it hard to walk to the edge of your balcony or tower and enjoy the views. Adding a couple pics. In addition to the chain fence, I notice Marble Brazier sinks through the floor and looks bad from below. Naturally, my suggestion is to fix these What other items are people noticing that do the same and look bad when you place on upper floors?
  8. Welcome to Fringe's Workshop .: Welcome to my shop :. We are located at LunatiC Fringe on Celebration Map (x17, y16) / ingame map( H 13 ) Our status: Free & Take orders Some items can be mailed (courier 90)rare mailbox. Fee for each item: +10c for Celebration +20c for other servers For orders, you can pm: - Tclunatic (ingame or forum) updated: 1 november 2014 Chain Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Chain sets(iron) 55c 80c 1s10c 1s50c 2s Chain(single piece) 8c 10c 15c 20c 30c *Jackets & pants = +10c Chain Barding(iron) 50c 60c 70c 80c 1s Shield Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Small metal shield 8c 15c 20c 30c 40c Medium metal shield 10c 20c 30c 40c 50c Large metal shield 15c 30c 40c 50c 60c Plate Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Plate set 1s 1s70c 2s50 3s75c 4s50c Low stock on ql80 steel Plate gauntlet 5c 10c 15c 18c 25c Plate legging 25c 40c 60c 80c 1s15c Plate breastplate 30c 50c 75c 1s 1s45c Plate sabaton 10c 15c 25c 30c 40c Plate vambrace 15c 25c 35c 40c 50c Plate Helm/basinet/great 10c 15c 20c 30c 40c Weapon Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Iron weapons 25c 35c 50c
  9. I am located on Deli Server at the Miya deed (15x, 39y). All lamps can be picked up at Miya or we can meet at Puzzle Plaza or Green Dog. Lamps cannot be sent through the mail. Below is the price breakdown by lamp type and quality. I am running a grand opening special of buy 10 lamps get 1 free (the free lamp is the same type and quality of the 10 ordered). Here is a link to what all the different lamps look like, I also have a merchant at Green Dog called Merchant Miya. I would be happy to put your order on there if you would rather. Please PM or post here with your order. Gold Hanging Lamps QL50: 30c QL60: 45c QL70: 60c QL80: 85c Silver Hanging Lamps QL50: 25c QL60: 35c QL70: 50c QL80: 75c Iron Lamps (includes Imperial and Torch) QL50: 10c QL60: 20c QL70: 30c QL80: 50c Copper Hanging Lamps & Small Braziers QL50: 20c QL60: 30c QL70: 40c QL80: 60c Brass Lamps (includes Brass Hanging and Oil Lamps) QL50: 40c QL60: 50c Bronze Hanging Lamps QL50: 40c QL60: 50c