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Found 7 results

  1. Resurrecting this request from 2016 Please can we have a "rename branded animal" permission in the Settlement form?
  2. “You never know what you will find in caves, so send someone else in first.” Sir Baggins at the foot of an old abandoned cave Hi Everyone! Another week down, and it's a bit of a slow news day today, with ongoing updates and adjustments, as well as collection of feedback and all that fun stuff that comes after a major update. But first... Patch Notes Branding WSA In today's update we introduced a new permissions group for branded animals, grouping anyone with the brand animals permission on a deed. Previously they were all individually added, which had the downside of those permissions staying even if that person left the village. With this update if someone leaves the village, they no longer have permissions to manage the creature. You can also deny permissions to this group if you have a personal horse. W.S.A. Currently this group does not copy over to the corpse upon creature death, so the items will not be able to be looted. This will be rectified in an upcoming update to address this issue. If you are concerned a bout losing gear and not being a ble to collect it please use specific names Discord! A few weeks ago we launched our own Official Discord channel, and this week we were verified! Our server now has A custom invite link at and higher priority voice servers. It also means that our server is verified, and totally cool! (It was already cool, trust me). If you're not familiar with discord, it's definitely worth checking out, it's a great way to stay in touch with Wurmians outside of the game, and also join your own little communities, there's several community ones out there for servers already, so check them out too! But for the official one, check out: WU Beta I know with the release of Archaeology, Restoration and all those other goodies, many of our Wurm Unlimited players are chomping at the bit to get their hands on them. Right now our focus is getting it all working nice and smoothly in WO, and we'll continue to adjust and work with feedback until we're satisfied it's running perfectly, then release a beta. There's no ETA on the beta yet, but it's being worked towards, so keep your eyes peeled for it in the coming weeks! Creature Crates Each weekly news is rightfully met with the question "but what about creature crates?!" I know it can be tough waiting for these to come, and the last thing we want is another bridges, but work does progress on them, just a bit slowly, given the many areas we need to address, and in some cases redesign systems that were never intended to include creatures crossing. It's a long process and one we hope improves border crossing as a whole in the future, but until then though, we have no set date for their release. Community Content In this weeks community content, veteran grinder Ondar shares their tips on grinding as well as what drives them to the grind. I cannot fathom the statement "Yeah, good old WS. Its easier to grind it 3rd time around", clearly a sign of a deranged mind! Ondar has an awesome little blog where they share their wurmian adventures, and also what they focus on to grind, what do you grind and why? That's it for this weeks news, we're beginning to set our sights on future updates and looking ahead into 2018, with plenty more in the works. What could be coming? You'll just have to wait and see.. Until next time though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. Hi! So, I've been running a small private WU server for myself and a few friends. We can't however, for the life of us, seem to be able to get branding to work properly. We've branded a number of horses while on deed, but despite them showing as branded when examined, there's no manage / permissions options when right clicking them, nor is there an option to manage animals when the deed owner right clicks their own body, nor are we able to equip the animals (When trying to put a saddle or horseshoes on them it says "You are not allowed to do that"). I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find anyone else having this problem. Is there something we're doing wrong?
  4. Why is it that only the Mayor can name branded animals? My Fo priest is the AH toon, and to keep bison organized, I have to wait for Isoki to log in and rename/name animals. Having Fo priests (or an assistant mayor title) would be awesome. As a side note, the "Assistant Mayor" title could also be able to mine out supports. My main is the miner on deed and cleaning up the tunnels and opening caverns is kind of a pain. Thanks for all you folks do!!!
  5. [20:56:06] A metal brand on a sturdy metal shaft. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is searing hot. It could be improved with a lump. That's right, now you can brand your horses with shiny rare branding iron ! Starting Price : 1s Min Inc : 0.25S Buyout : None Reserve : None Sniper Protection : 1 Hour Buyer pays Cod.
  6. I had started this a while ago, power surge killed my post, so no i'm taking up the ddos time to make this again. I guess we can agree that many of the village settings and such are kinda broken, or simply dumb (sorry but its true). The idea behind this thread is to make a comprehensive suggestion about changes to the overall village permissions and roles so we can have a bit better control on what happens inside our deeds. I'd like you guys to help out and don't just post -1, if you disagree with a point or all the points, do explain why (and "i want to grief people" isn't a good point). When you post try to be clear, like discuss stuff addressing each point, and separate suggestions and additions to counter arguments for changes already added. Read other people's posts please, i'll try to add suggestions (and if a mod chips in would be great) as soon as at least 3-5 other users agree to them (users with less than 50 posts will be excluded, i mean alt posts aren't welcome). Some of these also come from other player's suggestions, i'll post a link if i can find them: Taming and picking items Problem: So this is probably the dumbest thing someone ever thought up in wurm. I'm sorry devs, but there's really no way to put it. Why in god's green earth would you associate allowing people to tame a animal within our deed with picking stuff from the ground? And why did it have to be made a GLOBAL setting. To allow a ally to tame you have to allow EVERYONE to tame, and at the same time allow EVERYONE to pickup stuff from the ground on your deed. Suggestion: Separate those two settings for starters, then add them as a role permission, instead of a global thing. This will address several problems at once. First you'll fix the nonsense that is that setting. Second you'll allow people to give tame and pickup permissions either globally (by ticking non-citizens), locally or even select which level of citizenship (if they have many) is allowed to do so. Third you add the choice for people to disallow allies to pickup stuff on their deeds. Not the first time i've seen someone complain, or KOS a ally because a new player "stole" stuff from a allied deed. Set Roles by player name Problem: Sometimes you want a guy to do something in your deed (be it hired help, or whatever), but he already has a village. So what can you do? You either allow everyone in that village to do that task, or allow everyone to do that ask. Both potentially allowing people you don't know, or don't want, to do stuff on your deed. Suggestion: Keep the system as is, but change the village field to village or player (if there's a problem with unique entries, maybe add a toggle button between player and village). The pretty much the same, if the game encounters the name, it creates the role for that specific person. Filter Village Roles Problem: When you add a village to your deed's permissions as a role. You essentially add EVERYONE in that village to do those settings. But sometimes villages have new players on probation that they don't know yet which have reduced permissions, and yet those players will have all those permissions in your deed even if they can't do them on theirs. Its complicated, so here's an example: Player1 of DeedA is longtime friends with Player2 and Player3 of DeedB, so he has open permissions for them to cut wood, farm, dig and mine on his deed, because he knows them, and that they respect his things. Now Player2 wants to do a big terraform project, so he recruits Noob1 to his deed so he can help out with that. But since he doesn't know Noob1 and doesn't want Noob1 to ruin his oak grove, or any of the other stuff he only gives Noob1 permission to Dig in his deed, and nothing else. Noob 1 frustrated he can't get wood from DeedB keeps trying till he gets to DeedA, and basically is able to clearcut the place "cause he wantes some skillz". Not a pretty scenario, right? Suggestion: Do a check on player's permissions on their deeds before allowing on other deeds. If DeedA allows DeedB to cut trees, ok, but if Noob1 can't cut trees on DeedB, then he can't cut trees on DeedA either. Gate Management Problem: Since trolls and such were allowed to enter locked gates, the way gate management works has been left kind of obsolete. The way it apparently worked was if you "opened" them 24h on gate permissions, even if you had them locked they would count as unlocked for all intents and purposes. Which sucks. In my case i had a portion of my deed enclosed in tall stone, with gates open 24h so that players passing by would have a safe place to rest. Also, my mailbox, and water source are within those walls. Since the change happened i had to remove the 24 open thing so that i wouldn't get unwanted trolls bashing my priests while he was near the altar. And i'm sure i'm not the only one that changed this. Also there's the overall issue of how gates work. The gate management page basically either opens it for everyone or not, and the pass fences setting that either allows people to pass all your locked gates or not. We should be allowed to have more control over those things without having to resort to roundabout measures like building gatehouses. Solution: Well i can think of a few: - Remove the gate permission page from the writ and have each gate manageable individually (more or less like mine doors) when on deed. But instead of adding names you could have a check box like the house guest list that would show all roles on the deed so you could check which have access. This would be ideal IMO. - Keep the gate permission page, but modify it so that you can have more control. Add a new role option for "access selected gates" and then on the gates management page add a "select gate" check box. -Keep the gate permissions exactly as it is, but if it has a lock, then aggressive creatures will treat it as locked. Less desirable IMO. Add Lock Permission Got this idea from Problem: At the moment anyone that can walk into your deed can lock stuff that belongs to you. And on freedom you can't pick them. Solution: Either disallow it entirely on deed, add a role option on deed to allow locking of containers, or only disallow it inside houses, but allow it for guests. Wild Growth Problem: Having a Fo priest that doesn't belong to your deed cast Wild Growth on trees or Hedges within your deed keeps giving a error message, and apparently failing (although i read someone saying it would work after several attempts). Solution: Allow Wild growth in general, or link wild growth to forestry permissions on deed. So if you give permissions to do forestry to someone they can also cast wild growth. Expanded Branding: I've had these ideas throughout a few threads about several distinct issues, but i'll cover them here. So branding was a awesome addition to village settings, but imo it can be taken further on, here's some suggestions: Naming animals: Either add a equipable item (nametag or something) that when reamed and equiped on an animal (head or torso) will add a title to that animal. Title should be visible when examining offspring for breeding purposes (knowing who are the parents of a certain calf for example so you don't cross breed). Or add a option to name un-named animals (not horses) when branding. Pop up window with input box saying "You have branded venerable fat cow to your deed, do you wish to name it?". The name would be added as a title-like thing (So in this case Venerable fat cow [bessie]) and would show on examine of their offspring. Simmilar Suggestion Here. Allow villagers of the brand-deed to equip and unequip animals without having to tame and re-tame. Brand is already a testament of ownership. And taming is possible for non-deed members. Disallow non-brand deeds to equip and unequip animals (or maybe add a role option). Make branded agressive animals neutral to deed owners and allies (in and out of their village), as well as guards (unless at war or kos, or maybe a added checkbox on deed settings for guards not to attack branded animals). This would make templars more useful for breeders (although probably branded offspring would need to be auto-branded) of agressive animals as well as allow better use of hellhorses on PvP (including for hots). That's about it as far as i can remember, please comment and leave more suggestions.
  7. I was thinking about how to keep aggressive animals on deed and still have spirit guards active to protect against trolls bashing walls down and had an idea. My idea is that while we have an aggressive animal tamed/dominated allow them to be branded . Once they are branded and turn back aggressive the guards will know that they belong to that deed and will not attack them anymore. This would only work on the deed that the animals are branded to any other deeds guards would attack as normal. I don't know if you can even brand an aggressive animal now or not but thought this was a good idea for keeping hell horses and other animals.. What do you think?