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Found 9 results

  1. Resurrecting this request from 2016 Please can we have a "rename branded animal" permission in the Settlement form?
  2. The day before yesterday when I logged in, I noticed that a couple of my horses no longer had brands. I brand all animals bred by me as a matter of course, so this was odd. They were venerable animals I'd branded months ago. Later I discovered that some foals had also lost their brands, and two lambs that I had branded and named had their names and in one case their brands disappear too. I've never had this happen before so I'm stumped! On the advice of the help channel in game I'm posting here. I haven't resized or dropped my deed or made any other changes. What's up?
  3. Can somebody explain to me the ramifications of the new brandig changes.. as I understood it the branding disappears after leaving the deed of branding,or should I say the permsiions leave the horse??? bison??? Rooster etc?? I don' think I understand the full scope of the changed permisions system..
  4. Hi! So, I've been running a small private WU server for myself and a few friends. We can't however, for the life of us, seem to be able to get branding to work properly. We've branded a number of horses while on deed, but despite them showing as branded when examined, there's no manage / permissions options when right clicking them, nor is there an option to manage animals when the deed owner right clicks their own body, nor are we able to equip the animals (When trying to put a saddle or horseshoes on them it says "You are not allowed to do that"). I've done a bit of searching and can't seem to find anyone else having this problem. Is there something we're doing wrong?
  5. The mayor should be able to unhitch branded animals. When players don't log on for days, or quit, those animals are stuck on carts and the carts stuck on deed until either the cart decays or the animals die. This can take a very long time or lose use of a good animal. Also, "manage branded animals" should give the option of naming them. Players also should have the option of individual branded animals, rather than deed branded animals. As it is now, it gives a disincentive to join someone else's village.
  6. Why is it that only the Mayor can name branded animals? My Fo priest is the AH toon, and to keep bison organized, I have to wait for Isoki to log in and rename/name animals. Having Fo priests (or an assistant mayor title) would be awesome. As a side note, the "Assistant Mayor" title could also be able to mine out supports. My main is the miner on deed and cleaning up the tunnels and opening caverns is kind of a pain. Thanks for all you folks do!!!
  7. Hello I was away for a bit, in the hospital and a deed I had went down. It was located inside Colossos Lake under the name Denderwindeke Point: The horses were named BearSad and EastSilver there were others but those are my two main horses that I got as a gift and EastSilver being the first horse I purcased in Wurm so I would like them back. They are both branded and I found the catapult belonging to a 'A.df'. If anyone has any idea who this player is and can get them message Marah on Wurm or leave me a message it would be greatly appreciated. I have reestablished the deed and have begun to do repairs on the property to have things up and running so he/she can find me in the same location where they left their catapult. Thanks Marah
  8. Related to: and a little related to: Currently, if a citizen has the Brand permission, but no Mount/Manage permissions to an animal, they can simply unbrand it, erasing all permissions; this seems counter intuitive. I think the permissions either need to be separated in the roles management (eg Brand and Unbrand as separate permissions), or make the Unbrand option usable only by players who have manage permissions on the animal (via "May Manage" or "Manage Allowed Objects").
  9. In light of the trouble a citizen had with some horses ( I think the way branded animals currently works might need a tweak. Currently, branding transfers ownership to mayor so, if a citizen brands their horse, they lose access to it until someone with "manage allowed objects" permission manually grants them permissions. It would be much better if someone with an appropriate deed permission is able to set/edit a deed's Default Animal Permissions which would be applied to all animals when they are branded. This way, if citizens are granted ride permission, they can still ride the horse they just branded. The permissions could then be fine tuned by someone with management permissions at a later date if needed.