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Found 1 result

  1. The financial state of Wurm Online has long been a topic of debate and discussion among players. We've discussed premium costs, free to play models, and cosmetic items. We've argued about multiple account functions, advertisement, and currency exchange. Some of these discussions have devolved into verbal warfare, but one thing typically holds true no matter the direction of the conversation: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. Some suggestions and ideas about the future of Wurm have been thoughtful and motivating, while others have been erroneous and unrealistic. We all have different ideas with where Wurm should be heading, and the path it will take to get there. Amidst our differences; however, one simple fact remains true: as a community most of us love Wurm and want it to thrive. This isn't to say that it is failing by any means, as we don't have the financial data to support such a claim, but we do want the player count to grow. We have the required components for a well-rounded discussion: an extensive group of varied people and opinions, a passion for something bigger than our individual selves, and a common end-goal. I'm no expert, but this feels like an opportune time to put these components to good use. I'd like to plan a discussion about what money options we see--as players--for the future player growth of Wurm. I specify this as players because while we may be the life-blood of Wurm, we certainly aren't the creators. Respectfully, we have no right to tell the developers what to do with the game they've designed, as it is ultimately up to them where this journey takes us. That being said, I firmly believe we, as a whole, are well educated, well-versed, and experienced enough to create an atmosphere of positive creativity to discuss the continued evolution of something we all love. The discussion I mentioned would take place on IRC, and/or possibly TeamSpeak depending on the feedback garnered in this thread. The atmosphere of this discussion should be surrounded in maturity, friendliness, and most importantly, effective communication; which means listening to the ideas of others just as much as you'd want them to listen to yours. I won't proclaim to be a highly intellectual individual who casts shadows, as many of you are much more educated than myself. To that end I won't limit who can and cannot attend this discussion, as I am the superior to none of you. Everyone is invited. Those that attend are encouraged to offer their own ideas, listen to the suggestions of others, and respond with constructive criticism where they see fit. If you don't have ideas of your own to share then by all means show your support for ideas that you do believe in. I fully understand there will be drama, but I expect civility amidst any dramatic differences of opinions, and hope that we'll maintain a professional and friendly atmosphere to produce growth. However, if there are those that only attend with malicious intent then they will be removed from the discussion to be fair to others who are serious about the topics at hand. By the time we finish the discussion, and hopefully reach an encompassing consensus, we could very well have something of merit and structure. Try not to think too much about the outcome of the discussion, but instead think of the journey getting there. I haven't set a time and date for this discussion, as I'm awaiting feedback to this first before moving forward, but rest assured the plan is to move forward as soon as possible. I have no idea how long this discussion will last (whether it be a couple hours, or a couple weeks), but it will last however long it is desired to continue. Thank you for those who have taken the time to read this entire post, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. As a quick request I ask that you DO NOT start a debate here on this thread bringing up your suggestions or ideas for the possible topics of the discussion as that is not the purpose of this thread. Please limit your responses to support for or against having the discussion itself. This thread was designed as a heads-up and to receive a feedback count for what to expect when planning the IRC channel, and I do not want it to devolve into a forum war. With the proper feedback taken into consideration I'll later announce the time, date, and location (IRC/TeamSpeak) of the discussion. Below is a list of possible topics to have in the upcoming discussion. This list is not exhaustive. Please do not discuss these topics in this thread, as we will discuss them at length in the future at another location and add to the list as we go: Premium rates Payment model Upkeep rates Multi-character accounts (subscriptions) Player currency business (silver for money) Cosmetic shop Shop currency exchange rate (silver to euro) A few people have been confused as to the goal of this conversation, so I want to be clear: this is not a pitch to Rolf. This is data collection, research, and understanding of the monetary structure of the game compared to various suggestions that have been kicked around over the years. I do not have financial data for CC, so this will not be about whether they are thriving or not. This will exist to discuss in detail and educate ourselves on the possible benefits and deficits of suggested ideas such as F2P, cash shop, variant premium rates, etc. I hope this has cleared up any confusion.