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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Dragon Valley's Market presents to your service. If you have any questions or if you'd like to request some items be restocked or added, just PM me on priest DARGOLL or on main DARGOL . /t Dargol /t Dargoll Custom casts (coc, woa, nim, ms) Current skill - 87,8 channeling (Benediction Vynora Enchants) 1s for 70+, 2s for 80+ power if cast on your own items (pay that fee regardless of how much higher the actual enchant is) (Nimb cast multiply by х1.2, MS casts, multiply by х2) P.S. your items can be broke (~0,5%) . Small chance, but it exists! Price list of already enchanted tools/weapons/materials: 70-79 power - 0,33s 80-89 power - 0,66s 90-99 power - 1,8s 100+ power - 3s+ Circle of Cunning (coc) - Increases skillgain when using the tool to perform actions. Wind of Ages (woa) - Increases the speed of the tool when using it to perform actions. Nimble (nim) - Increases chances to hit. Stone Strike (ss) - Improve the success chance of a surface mining action. Notes: If the tool is incomplete(in a head or blade form), any casts on it will carry over to the combined tool ! When ordering three or more products at once through the forum - a 10% discount. Special offers Awls Butchering knife Carving knives Cheese drills Files Grooming Brushes Hammers Hatchets Horse shoes Knifes Large Anvil Leather knifes Lumps Mallets Meditation rugs Metal bruchs Mortar and pestle Needles Pelts Pickaxes Rakes Rope tools Saws Scissors Scythes Shields Shovels Sickles Small Anvils Small Bucket Spindle Spears Stone Chisels Trowels Water Whetstone Weapons !!!Temporarily closed!!! Bows !!!Temporarily closed!!! Fo priest services (to create an order, call first Sethdrake, or 2nd Dargol. Or post request on this thread) Price list: Genesis - Cast on animals to remove any 1st bad traits they may have 0,5s for each cast. Your can come to us (Cadence G9 - Dragon Valley) or we can visit you. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) If you need to cure 3 or more animals, 10% discount. Courier - Enchant spirit cottages and spirit houses to allow them to send mail to other players. 1,00s for 3 casts (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) Wild growth - It nurtures trees advancing their growth and tends fields within a small radius around the caster. 0,70s for each cast. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance) Humid drizzle - is an area of effect spell that tends to (i.e. grooms) all animals in a radius of 4 tiles in every direction around the tile it is cast on, cures diseases and heals animals similarly to Light of Fo, and makes all animals milkable again. 0,50s for each cast. (The price of the visit can be 0.5s+ depends on distance)
  2. DarkRavager's and Xtraspecialk's Wares! Main Skills Blacksmithing - Up to 92ql 50ql = 10c 70ql = 20c 80ql = 50c 90ql = 1s 91ql = 1.5s 92ql = 2s Leatherworking - Up to 90ql PM Xtraspecialk ingame or Xtra on the forums, for prices Cloth Tailoring - Up to 50ql Feel free to PM me with questions on items and prices Shieldsmithing - Up to 90ql 50ql = 10c 70ql = 25c 80ql = 50c 90ql = 1s WOOD & IRON Carpentry - Up to 90ql 50ql = 10c 70ql = 20c 80ql = 50c 90ql = 1s Fine Carp - Up to 70ql 50ql = 10c 60ql = 20c 70ql = 30c Fletching - Up to 70ql quiver of 41 - 50ql = 1s 60ql = 1.5s 70ql = 2s Bowery - Up to 70ql All sizes + a bowstring 50ql = 15c 60ql = 20c 70ql = 25c NOT MAILABLE Stone-cutting - Up to 90ql 70ql = 40c 80ql = 75c 90ql = 1s Imping Prices Masonry - Up to 90ql 70ql = 40c 80ql = 70c 90ql = 1s Imping Prices Compass's possible also up to 70ql All tools in metal are Iron Only, Sorry Gathering Skills Mining - 95ql Cost depends on bulk Digging - 90ql Cost depends on bulk Woodcutting - 95ql Cost depends on bulk (cheaper if cut on location) Charcoal - 60ql or less (i dont keep stocks so please order in advance and prices negotiable) 5 Speed Horses For Sale Also! PM Xtraspecialk ingame or Xtra on the forums (We can equip the horses with saddles, shoes etc, but please ask for pricing for your setup, Saddle's, Shoes, Bridles and Barding possible) All Prices Negotiable, please message me on the forums or in-game. You can also leave a message below. Trades for Sleep powders possible 1s = 1 Powder Location ​23/Q on the In-game map @ Pristine Or Y11 X34 On Community Map