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Found 5 results

  1. The built in hot key that's located under Key Bindings, Nature, Botanize seeds is not working. This is what happens when I use it after I assigned a key to it and restarted my game: 1) I select the ground and it says grass 2) I use the in game hot key that I assigned a key to. 3) I don't get any results....there is nothing message under event like this area is picked clean or showing that I am botanizing. 4) to test that my key binding that I assigned a key under isn't working, I made sure that I was able to botanize that square of grass. When I try to botanize for seeds on another square of grass, I use my key to botanize for seeds and see the repeat botanize white message on my monitor, but nothing under the event tab.
  2. At this point foraging and botanizing is way better in getting decent food components (as well as cotton and wemp) than farming it until very high level. While "sniffing" for food i managed to get 98,98 ql pumpkin (twice). few 50ql cottons, same with wemp. And a lot of 30-50ql of other food. Harvesting trees, gets random ql from 1 to 99. Same as butchering and fishing. Only Farming, Woodcutting and Mining as well as Digging yeld QL is capped by the skill. (and cooking but actually its easy to "fail" while cooking) So my suggestion is to revert minig / woodcutting / farming. to a situation when your skill determines more or less minimum QL instead of maximum. Reason : Lets see. even unskilled woodcutter can cut down good ql tree.. even chopping up wont damage it much, unless its saboteur woodcutter. It might take longer on low skill but still, chances of "spoiling" it are rather limited. Same with mining. No matter how dumb you are, you cant make iron ore worse, unless you are purposly damage it with corrosive stuff. Same with rochshards. Rock is rock... ql should be equivalent to prestet QL level of a tile. (of course it could be determined fork (80-90). Farming... yes its more bit complex. But still you should be able to get stuff higher than your actual skill, even me, pretty non farmer in RL i managed to get decent corn in my yard
  3. It doesn't make sense to me that we have branches in foraging.. If your out looking for food, or farming seeds, most of it you don't botanize for, you forage for. Why should branch be in there if you can't cook a branch? (At least I hope you don't eat wood )
  4. As tradition dictates, got to post a suggestion as my first forum post so... Skill level affect which tiles can be foraged from and botanized. Current forage/botanize is preserved, so no screaming nerf at me Forage 20 - Can forage in steppe 50 - Can forage in marsh/reeds 80 - Can forage in tundra Botanize 20 - Can botanize in marsh/reeds 50 - Can botanize in moss/kelp 80 - Can botanize in peat Optional Extra : The harder a tile is to forage/botanize the high quality the items that can be found there (maybe even some unique items for different tile types). Edit : Revisited this with a few extra thoughts. Forage/botanise timer based on skill level (timer = base - skill/10). Item quality is effected by skill (quality found = (base+skill)/2) so high forage/botanise skills will help find higher quality items and lower level skills will drag item quality down a bit. Rose, lavender, cammellia, oleander are added to the botanise pool when in season. Cherry, olive, grape, lemon are added to the forage pool when in season. Forage/botanis ability displayed from 1 tile away at 30, 2 at 60 and 3 at 90 Forage/botanise skill gives a chance to find more items (% chance to find 2 items is your skill level?)
  5. Problem : Being able to forage and botanize reliably will be, and has always been an issue in wurm. We can increase the re-spawn rate of the tiles all we want, but the issue will always resurface as populations increase. Solution : Allow us to "farm" these items in some way. How do we do this without adding a new game item and getting things complicated? Increase the re-spawn rate of these items on enchanted tiles. Pros : We can now effectively farm our herbs and spices, the value of enchanted tiles go up a bit (path of lovers took a blow when horses started eating their profits...literally). Cons : Perhaps the basic concept behind the mechanic is further diluted, there's less requirement to travel vast distances to gather goods. (some people love the adventure, and maybe this was a bit of the inspiration behind why foraging works this way in the first place) Discuss!