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Found 9 results

  1. My idea to help those crazy long travel times, sailing around Xanadu: Trade Winds. When you reach a decent distance from the shore, you enter into the Trade Winds, which blow 2-3x as strong as the normal winds. We don't want crazy fast sailing near land, because it would make cave canal navigation and docking quite the challenge. I would envision full implementation of this as a new water texture, for the outer 100-200 tiles, leading up to the server crossing border. Don't know how hard adding a choppy water texture would be, but this would be something that could be done down the road. I imagine the speed zone coding could be done quite easily. In addition, it would be fantastic if we could actually see the server border, with some clever little graphic additions. No visible walls or border lines, but some floating debris, like ship wreckage, or a batch of seagulls circling around. Seeing the border was close would be helpful in normal winds, but much more necesary with the Trade Winds, where you could easily shoot through a border crossing unintended. The orange text warning might not provide enough time to respond. Also, while I am at it, lets eliminate the "shark scouts you" message and kick off to water thing. Could we just have a "strong gust of wind" blow us away from those dead zones? Would help in afk sailing quite a bit. Could make it fun and do a pirate ships for the border graphics in those places and "Pirates chase you back into safer waters".
  2. When crossing the server border on a ship, we get thrown in the water more often than not. It's been like this for years, so apparently it's a feature, a bug would surely be addressed by this time. The suggestion is to remove this feature, because it serves no purpose.
  3. If a tile border (all of it) is high enough above water to allow a hedge to be planted on it provided that the tile were flat, then allow a hedge even though the opposite border is under water instead of rejecting the action with "The ground is too moist here, so the sprout would rot." I don't know whether this restriction is a bug or is intentional, but it seems unnecessary to me. In fact the hedge is disallowed if even only one of opposite corners is submerged.
  4. Hi, I crossed into Deli in error, with 2 horses in tow, which are now lost. Somewhere in the P / Q / R 5 - 7 tile area between Newspring Island and the mainland on the west side. If anyone finds them, they are highly kitted out - Potdream is white and Swiftlightning is grey - both have barding and saddles, etc, please let me know. Reward offered if returned with full kit.
  5. Oke, so basically before i start off i wanted to announce that i am aware that a similiar topic like this was up not to long ago. However i feel that topic wanted to change server positions around and much more, while i have no intention to do so. After the creation of the ingame world map i've been stuck with wondering why the connections were made this. Not only that but do they also not offer enough travel freedom. so here's my suggestion, detailed with image and explanation below: Clarification: Red Lines: Chaos connection improvements Blue Lines: Freedom connection improvements Benefits: Celebration no longer a disconnected island due to independence & Xanadu connection. easier travel on Xanadu with celebration and independence connected to different sides. Easier access to pvp for release/pristine. Easier going back from a pvp trip to your server. please comment and let me know how you feel about these routes. Greetings, Libertha/Cardboardboxprocessor
  6. This Is Annoying As Balls. Disembarking a wagon on a tile border with a door/gate on it... doesn't let you re-embark, you have to unhitch horses > push/pull wagon > Re-hitch horses... Just make it so that it doesn't let you disembark somewhere you can reembark...
  7. Had this happen to me more than once: From SW corner of Pristine, sail straight south to Release (works great), then once crossed to Release, head straight West to Xanadu.... This is where the "sticky corner" is. I get a message saying I am about to cross to another island, then splash, I drop into the water, but don't cross over. Try moving and get the message "strong currents etc" and can't move. Try embarking,and get thrown overboard. Only way out of this jam is GM support, which I have done more than once. They are aware and requested I post here. Currently, I just have to avoid the corner, but that corner is the best way to get to my deeds in the NE of Xanadu. Thank you! Edit: Check support logs for "Birdwatcher" alt.
  8. I'm at the border to Cele to Exo but I cannot cross. I got the 'you will soon leave this island and end up on another' message but now I'm just constantly being kicked off my boat. I've tried relogging for /lotime, asking in chat...I even changed computers to see if that was it but nope, still happening. Any help would be appreciated Oh, yes it's my boat and no, I'm not in a corner.
  9. /vteleport or the karma teleport... I crossed the border from Indy - had the usual, has the boat kicked me where is the boat. situation. So i used /vteleport, couldnt do it from indy. it teleported me to my deed (or seemed to) but then i got stuck as soon as i tried to move more than 1 tile. /stuck did nothing.. so i relogged. When i logged back in, i was still on the boat. (the commander of the boat did not see me still on the boat until i relogged, to him, i had teleported successfully) I had used my free teleport and had to use the karma one the second time.. i disembarked just in case it was a boat problem and not a transition problem. It then worked. I find myself with 300 karma instead of 1300 but i guess that's ok because it's relatively useless anyway. I was advised to report this bug. If you can re-credit me my freebie teleport (or award me 1k Karma), that would be mighty fine of you.. either way, I think i won't be the last person to try teleporting from a ship fresh across the border and this problem will, occur again. take care