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Found 13 results

  1. Sometimes its fun going through the Wiki to find stuff out, but when it comes to finding out if spells will stack- I hate it. So to counter my hate I decided to make it easier for myself and others like me. If there's anything wrong or if your unsure about something, just let me know! (Click Image for viewing) Larger font version, just for you Added;
  2. Hearing stories of people traveling back and forth between servers, I noticed that some people are doing a lot of unnecessary sailing. So I made this little Travel Guide to hopefully make your sailing trips a bit quicker (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) Tips and Tricks : Server Funneling (not an official term, just something I came up with) (Open image in New Tab and zoom in for best viewing) If anything you feel needs changing, please let me know!
  3. So I came across this thread(Model for the Scepter of Ascension) by Emoo, and thought why not draw what I think it should look like! Wasn't too sure if I should have done this thread in the suggestions section. Either way, here it is.. Let me know what you think, its just my impression of what I think it looks like. - A large bulky sceptre, made from shiny white steel with black steel thorns attached to the head. It has a malevolent aura. Ql: 90.0, Dam: 0.0. - It is enchanted with Fo's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards Fo. Sneak peak on next project ...Yeah its Libila- what a surprise!
  4. A fan art concept I'm working on for the Golden Crown of Might.. Will be sure to update the OP as I make progress, this is just a little bit of a teaser I guess This is currently "Fan Art" material, nothing legit just yet. I dont even know if the Steel Sceptre is going to be legit, but fingers cross! WIP.1
  5. Yo! Another Lib drawing Been going at this one for awhile, should have it done long ago but been too busy with little side jobs. [20:33:37] You see the dark Goddess Libila on her dark marble throne as she plays with her mighty artifact,The Glass Orb of Doom. Now to go on to the other 3 Gods, might try Fo next. The hippy needs some lovin. Process A lot of layering on the pencil for the final part(which I did not take a picture of). Over all time, probably something like 7hours, shading the throne to make it look like black/ dark marble was fun.
  6. Mycelium and zombies No, those are not the names of her magnificent weapons of bra destruction. Anyways, this took way longer than it should have, had a little push from Jberg Switched my style up a bit, so her face is much more sharpened, but its still the Lib i know and love. I went very detailed on the bones, hair and shading to counter the cartoon style. I like it J O I N M E Pencil-Artline/A3/ 9hrs Process Next Project Its just Lib on a throne playing with the glass orb of doom This time I'm planning to do all the Gods and Goddess. All of em on their own throne and playing with one of their artifact.
  7. So finally Vynora! This is by no means what she was intended to look like but simply my depiction of her. Also.. "[23:34:51] A pickaxe is useless and you throw it away." Yep, I did it again. Though thanks to a kind soul I was able to recover my losses Thank you Odynn! V Y N O R A Graphite, Artline/A3/6hours Idea Thumbnail Forgot to take picture of the process
  8. "Ah crap I dropped something in the ocean.", "Hey Libila, mind coming down for a sec and grabbing my stuff for me?" *flash of lightning* "Sure thing Boombza. I'll grab it with my trusty scythe- NOT!" *Libila smashes cog* "Who do you think I am?! Foolish mortal!", "Don't you dare summon me again, next time it'll be your head." Haha, so on a serious note this was quite fun to draw, I'm not one for drawing action scenes or even backgrounds so its a bit of a change. I've always thought it'd be cool to see the gods themselves come down to Wurm once in awhile from Valrei, and be this massive being, bigger than anything else. Even putting their avatar's in the shade of their awesomeness. As always thanks for checking it out! More to come, I'll try lay off on the Lib fan-art and do something different. No guarantees haha Process Thumbnail-> 2H sketch -> .1 artline outline/details -> .3artline separating objects -> Erase pencil -> Shading 2H -> Shading 6B -> Shading EE. (Had to use EE because it was hard to separate things with 6B not being dark enough)
  9. Broke my 75coc skiller pick doing this picture, just hitting bind without looking at dmg GG. So its not the same model as the Avatar of Libila, I know. I’m still very attached to my version of Libila.. The process 2H-> 1. artline-> erase pencil -> .3arline-> 2H shade-> 6B shade. Notice me Wox senpai :3
  10. Just making this thread so I can showcase bits of my work outside of Wurm Online Fan Art that I do. Since there isnt an art section(nor is one needed) for art other than wurm I decided to just put it in wood scraps.. .. My drawings in "Wood Scraps", haha sounds about right. Anyways I'll just update it when I finish a piece, comments are appreciated as always. N 0 V A u n m a s k e d 15.12.2013 Fan art for the game Warframe. Thanks for viewing!
  11. So I wanted to draw up and design a crest for my deed, so i came up with this. Pencil -> Ink -> Computer. 4hrs Up coming project! Im drawing up the design for the Bone Altar, the design I want to see in game
  12. Even Libila's Avatar knows how to have fun. Very rough drawing I think, just tried to have fun with it. Screwed up on a lot of things but whatever it was fun. Hours: roughly 8 Tools: Pencil and Artline. Didn't scan it like I normally do so the quality isnt amazing.
  13. Just a little strip about some guy trying to climb Dragon's Fang and almost reaching the top to only notice that, his stamina is about to run out with no place to rest. GG Hours: dunno, probably around 7. Tools: The usual, Pencil and Artline. The comic text and stamina bar was added on Illustrator.