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Found 10 results

  1. Does anyone have any insight on how to turn off decay for books, paper, and papyrus? I know there was a fix in WO for this, but that was after their support for WU stopped.
  2. Hello My Indy Friends! On my deed I have built a small place called The Oak House. This is a 3x3 building with an Oak growing in the center and out the top. I am filling it with bookshelves and benches and my goal is to create a small library filled with books from Independence. This is where I am asking for your help! I am asking if the wonderful people of Indy would like to be a part of The Oak House and send a book or two to fill the shelves. You would title the book anything you wanted (within reason lol) and add one page with your name, deed name (location is optional), and Wurm date sent. If you would like to add more pages with a quote or message to the reader, that would be awesome too! Since I am a coastal deed, I love the idea of travelers stopping and reading books from different deeds of Independence. Side note: if you are reading this and are from another server, I will have a section as well for books from foreign lands. Id be happy to have your contribution as well! Please send your books to Amantnovi. I will gladly pay COD! Thank you for taking the time to read! Amant Novi~ Lady of Bela Stellamant
  3. I thought it would be fun to try to write a book in wurm. Just a cute little short story or something. I keep running into the issue of disallowed characters, though, and that's making things difficult. Even more difficult, it doesn't tell me which characters are disallowed. Is there a list of characters I can't use? It would sure make my attempts a lot easier if I knew all of the rules...
  4. Read mod

    Hello all (This my first post ever. Please be kind...) I just discovered there are pieces of furniture used for decoration only. Among those are the bookcases (large and small). Wouldn't it be great if we could: right-click select "read", "peruse", "thumb through", etc (different verbs, randomly) and improve our mind stats (one at a time) by a small, even tiny amount? It would have to be a small amout and a longish action timer, so it would not be abused. (Also, I voluntarily left out body stats, as I believe these should be improved by doing things) add books bought or found in the game to these bookcases. Each book would allow to improve a specific skill. We'd then select the book, and select "put in bookcase" to add it to our collection. Books would have a base price that would be quite a bit, say the cost of a large ship or something, even though the "market" would soon regulate itself. A properties file or a table in the database would define the list of books available on the server (title, skill improved, max skill reachable, ql). The amount of boost would depend on the ql and be partly random, and cap at max skill. once added to a bookcase, one could right-click and choose "study", then choose a book, and imp that skill specifically. Again a small amount, capped, and a longish action timer. Large book cases could hold more books than small bookcases, of course. Also, books could not be improved but would decay if left outside, and would be damaged by fire. Priests or people with mind stats above a certain level (high) + a high skill level in a particular skill would be able to write books, thus adding new ones. The QL of the books thus created would depend on the ql of the leather or paper used and the skill or mind stats of the writer. What do you say? (Edit: mistypo)
  5. With the new addition of books and a new journal for archaeology, I feel like this open up a whole new world of fun for wurmians to explore and catalog findings, including those not related to archaeology (archaeology journal) or botany (almanac). The starting point of this suggestion is that books should not decay when placed into a bookshelf. If more books are to be added and used, there should be a safe place to store them. Suggestions to come if we can safely collect our books into a library: A Bestiary - a comprehensive collection of information about animals in wurm, ranging from the small wild cat to the massive forest giant. Knowledge may be gathered by examining an animal with the bestiary (with an empty page in it) activated while it is alive, going based off of animal husbandry (or taming?) skill. It can reveal various interesting facts anywhere from it's preferred spawn range, diet, and other interesting behaviours like the love of chasing innocent newbies around. A second round of information can be taken of the corpse of the animal, with the amount of information based off of fighting skill. This could include it's rough fighting abilities, butchered products, etc. Would be super happy if this bestiary can include pictures like the almanac has. An Atlas - simple as is, add notes to your ingame map and use a filled pen to make a copy of the map with said notes onto a piece of paper to share with others, or to keep multiple interesting maps bound in books together. Fish Physiology - a collection of information recorded from the catches made while fishing. Same as with archaeology, when you catch a fish and have an empty report, it will try to add information to it. Based on fishing skill, this will give a description of your catch, including the maximum caught weight, minimum caught weight, and server of catch. This could tie in nicely with some simple renaming to make certain new fishes only found on certain servers; salmon in the north on independence, to lionfish down south on celebration. If possible, have these behave like the archaeology reports to help find back certain special fish tiles. I see lots more room for report books like this, but these were sitting in the top of my head today.
  6. We need books! I would finally be able to make a true library. Would be a really cool idea according to me to be able to combine paper sheets into several of them, then binding it into a book. You could even use the "rename" function to give them a title on the book the same way signs works. It does not contribute to a massive change in gameplay but it surely would bring a lot of fun and immersion into the game! Also when a book is made, make copies of it in a more streamlined way so that several different people can own the book.
  7. Granted this is greatly inspired by a similar system found in Black Desert Online, and such occurred to me after browsing another suggestion thread. Overall it involves gaining knowledge of how to better kill particular mobs. Implementation could involve a base anatomy knowledge broken down into specific creatures, monsters, and exotics. Knowledge could be transferred by the written word, and be capped at some point requiring actual hands on work. Knowledge lost overtime and/or have a soft cap working off mind stats? Have as various skills such as Forensics, Anantomy, and etc. OR as a completely separate new system: Knowledge. Kind of akin to recipes? Just a rough quickie blah of thoughts on the matter.
  8. We need some books now for our bookshelves. By taking some leather (1kg) and some papyrus (20 sheets) you can make a book (Weight 2.5kg). Books hold 20 pages worth of text in total when written in, they are written one page at a time (so essentially an array of papyrus sheets). Reading a book works like reading papyrus, except that the menu has a subtree for page number. Optional Extra: double clicking a book and then right clicking a bookshelf lets you store and retrieve the book from there. This being the only non-inventory way to store books in a way that they won't decay. So far so good, like most book suggestions, here is my unique twist. Ideas : Whenever a player gets a rare roll for a skill they also gain an "idea" about that skill (a 0 weight item) that can be traded, but is lost if dropped outside of a player inventory. These are useless on their own but when used on a book create a skill book for that skill which gives a different kind of effect based on the type of idea: Rare rolls give "<Skillname> inspiration" which, when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> manual" which grants +50% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes. Supreme rolls on a skill it creates a "<Skillname> insight", when used on a book creates a "<Skillname> guidebook" +100% skillgain in that skill for book QL*2 minutes. Finally if a Superior roll is granted it creates a "<Skillname> trade secret" which can be crafted into a "<Skillname> tome" which grants an affinity for the skill on use. ALL skillbooks are single use.
  9. Hello! Long time lurker, had to take the step and register now though before I forgot my flash of inspiration. Being inspired by Brash_Endeavors idea for an "Artist" skill, ( and rosedragon's christmas gift idea, ( And as I'm a huge sucker for "useless" things, I am thrilled about the whole concept of having player-written lore, history, fiction and more available in-game. Like rosedragon suggests, books to store papyrus pages in would be great. Although I think they should be craftable. Could be with leatherworking and/or maybe fine carpentry? Anyway, books can then be named and signed, when it's completed and you examine it, the title of the book and the name of it's writer/compiler (not the crafter) will show (maybe QL-dependent like other items?). Players can then create their own works of art to exist in the world, you can travel the world and compile information about habitats and properties of beasts and animals, the collected canon of Vynora's doings or simply the story of your choice. It should also be possible to have sketches and paintings in books, per the "Artist" skill suggestion by Brash_Endeavors. (See and for inspiration, picture from "Jorges Bestiarium", or "Jorge's Bestiary" in english) This leads me to point two, the Printing skill. This skill is used both in the finalization of books and the copying of books and pages. A low skill could mean that the book or page is damaged on finalization failure. On a finalization success, the QL averages out between all the pages and the book itself, making one final QL for the completed book. The finalization can be done by anyone and should not affect "the name of the creator", which is the name used to sign the book before finalization. Copying should not put the original at risk, but could be time-consuming. Maybe one copy-action per page in the book? Failure means damaging the page you're writing on and success means the page is copied. This opens up possibilities to "mass"-produce books and also have rare (not shiny rare) first-edition originals. You can create a library and collect the works of the writers and artists of Wurm, it would be fantastic to see writers become famous, "everybody knows X and her writings on trolls, she writes the best pieces of troll-lore available!". If we take this one step further, we could also give certain books some kind of quasi-enchantment mechanic. Could work a bit like "Heritage" sites, but instead of being GM-protected sites, the books are imbued with knowledge that gives you certain bonuses, nothing magical, simply a bonus to something when you carry the book with you. Let's say the book X wrote on trolls becomes so widely known it's deemed a "Knowledge book", when you keep that book with you, you can a small plus in perhaps combat rating when you face trolls and trollkin. Y on the other hand wrote a "Knowledge book" on fruit trees, keeping that with you when you tend and harvest your orchard could perhaps give you a higher effective skill in the relevant skills, or it could increase the QL-cap on sprouts and harvests. Have I managed to explain how I mean in a satisfactory way? This is all quite rough in the idea stage, but I would love some input and thoughts on this, constructive if you will. -Edit- TLDR: Make books, copy books, collect/buy/sell books, potentially get buffs from "heritage" books.
  10. So while I was playing today I got this idea of why don't we more forms of writing materials! My suggestions are to add in writing improvements such as books, pencils, signatures, and the ability to copy papers and books. This can add in a use for bookcases, gather paper, also more role-playing options. 1. Books(With Title and Author optional) - paper + leather **Also gives a purpose for bookcases 2. Pencils - charcoal + shaft **The ability to erase while the pen can not 3. The ability to make copies of paper/books so you can copy over the information (treaties and other important info). 4. The ability to add signatures, whether it is a custom signature(**deed signatures) or name signature. (Ability to trademark stuff. Ex: treaties, books, papers) **Number 4 would really add in the ability to make in game treaties possible and have physical proof.