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Found 2 results

  1. After several weeks of careful planning and hard work I am now proud to present to the Deliverance community: the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eridanus Boat Tunnel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The tunnel cuts through the southeast peninsula ("Serendipity Peninsula" as it is called by its inhabitants) and provides an invaluable shortcut for anybody sailing between the southeast mainland and the east coast of Deli. It is located a little bit north of the line Dunegard - Magincia (X-40 .. X-44, Y-38 on the community map), better seen on the detailed map ( This boat tunnel is special in that it has 2 segments: the first is leading north from "Pillars of Orion" on the peninsula's west coast to an underground harbour, called "Eridanus Harbour", the second (longest) one leading east from Eridanus Harbour to "Anubis Gates" on the east coast. The tunnel itself is 2 tiles wide and has maximum depth, so should be sailable by all ships. There is a walkway along the entire length of the tunnel, so it can also be used by pedestrians, riders and cart drivers. There are lamps every 5 tiles, and additional light markers every 30 tiles. Both ends are marked by twin towers illuminated at night by marble braziers: West entrance: Pillars of Orion East entrance: Anubis Gates The project was a joint undertaking of the Serendipity Alliance and some of our good friends. I am particularly grateful to: Odynn Jaz Annyil Talarias Turmoil Ladygodiva Ladycygnet Glomby. Thanks, folks - this tunnel couldn't have been built without you (at least not within the next 2 years ).
  2. MAES KNOLL CANAL IS NOW OPEN TO ROWBOATS, SAILBOATS AND KNARRS ALLOWING PASSAGE TO THE NORTH-EAST!!!! This project will connect the lake at H17 to the lake at G17 through a small lake in the middle to allow quick passage to the north ocean. We just need people who are willing and able to help us with this massive project. - Qdlaty made part of a cave canal from his deed as a starting point - There are four (4) veins in the first part from our lake to small lake in the middle - The second part from the small lake in the middle to northeast lake still needs to be mined - The entrance is open for walking just need to prepare floors and openings - It's five (5) tiles wide so easy for any boat - Just need to leave the opening for the end so we can make it the proper way for big boats - We would just like to be able to sail with bigger boats then Knarr through it - Entrance is opened from both sides, from iron lake and small lake - Inside are forges and BSBs - Boats can be parked at Qdlaty's deed called Maes Knoll or at the entrance to the tunnel (small ramp for loading/unloading) - We plan to update this thread with some pictures of what is done so far (stay tuned) - Qdlaty will cover beams for the tunnel as he has 1k beams and meals That's it in a nutshell. Please reply to this post if you're interested as this will be the communication hub for this project.