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Found 1 result

  1. Time: 5pm Saturday EST (10pm Central EU)-(8am Sunday AEST) [07:38:22] You hug The venerable blue dragon hatchling. NOTE: Corpse is reserved for my Rare Gravestone! Make sure to check this thread for updates. Location: Fight will be done @ J13 Meeting Point: Signup: In order to be eligible for loot you must be signed up in this thread at least one hour before the fight. You must post your character name if it's different than your forum name. If you're signing up friends then you must list their names. You need to be the owner the character you sign up in order to be eligible for loot (you can't use someone else's alt). Fighters: 70 fight skill, 70ql two-handed weapon, 40 skill in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing appropriate armor. You must get credit on Twitter or be active in fight log. You may be requested to put on your 70 or 90 fight skill title. Fo priests who can cast Light of Fo are welcome to sign up as well. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for blood and hide. If you want to swing at the dragon then make sure you read the rules below. Fight Rules: In order to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill the following rules apply: Fighters must back out after landing a hit. (It is recommended you use your mouse scroll wheel to watch your combat