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Found 4 results

  1. Blossom Market merchant directory

    List of merchants at Blossom Market north of Blossom spawn on Pristine. Updated 2 March 2016 Name Player Stock A Annihill's Corner Annihill Basic Cloth leather armour and equipment B Bob Exene Enchanted tools and weapons including steel and seryll, potions, drake hide, star gem C Omeo market place Aussiemel Spindles, cloth squares, rare dirt, ropes, yellow potions D High ql carpentry Wraithfoe High quality carpentry, fine carpentry and bows, some enchanted E Alan Potter Brotunia Enchanted tools F Dibhala Ghengizcohen High quality weapons /tell Hailene for Legendary Smithing services G Allure Ladygodiva Pelts and leatherworking H Oddworld Aum Blacksmithing, pelts and soft caps I Thruds Chainmail Pacha Two chain coifs J Pelts and Farm Stuff Katsuki Enchanted pelts and ropes K Jaggy's Enchants Margus Enchanted tools L Sails and Ropes Explora Sails, ropes, tailoring, some enchanted tools M Magic Carpet Aum Animal Rugs N Awesome Weapons Sandyar 80 Quality weapons O Violet Evening Enchanted blacksmithing, charcoal, pelts, Jewelsmithing, birdcage, table P Sparky Evening Lamps, candelabras in iron, copper, gold & silver Q Tools for You Rokpri Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Fine Carpentry, Jewelsmithing and pelts R Aums Armors Aum Weapons, Sorcery Staffs, Tabards and soft caps S Cmotdibbler Ghengizcohen Leatherworking T Schrodinger Nekoras Enchanted blacksmithing, weapons and Fine Carpentry including steel tools. Also unfinished pylons U Sanity Ladygodiva Blacksmithing and pelts V Avril Rainsome Steel lumps
  2. I am giving away Ariahna's Landing, on Pristine, 5 minutes away from Blossom, on the coast. The deed includes: - large stone house with 2 levels + 2-levels tower above and all basic utilities - around 15 horses with up to 4 speeds. Most of them are old, since I haven't taken care of the estate lately. However, they can still breed and generate income. I used to groom them regularly. - 2 courtyards, one large including the house and one smaller, on the other part of the road. - good protection from nearby guard towers - private mine with iron to last for a lifetime + a silver vein - upkeep 1S/month, paid 73 days in advance - large cart - usage of one small sailing boat (abandoned by ex-owner) - some stored food (lots of meat & pumpkins plus other stuff) There is easy access to all resources you might need (wood, dirt, sand, tar). Great view, safe area and very easy to reach Blossom by boat, horse, or on foot. I selling it because I don't have time to play any more. The price of 4S is only meant to cover a fresh start at some point, in the distant future Please post here if you are interested.
  3. Hello New alt , referal for sale + sleep powder Character in Blossom Msg , Here or PM @Nazir Thank You.
  4. Eagle Port Construction

    Hello! Boat Port disbanded after a long time and I founded Eagle Port at the same place SW just next to blossom. Now I started to build a small port village here. I try to keep the area clean and nice for the road users but after the building many thigs will change. I apologize for everyone who will have trouble with my construction. If you guys have any suggestion post it. Stewen