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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys! So as much as I hated the name of the winning entry here we are folks, the first installment of the "Fosters Brewery" series! In this episode I break ground and start work on a HQ for my base of operation and cart shed. This video was shot over two RLdays and in total took about 6hours of play time to construct including making the mats. Let me know what you guys think of the mixture of normal gameplay commentary and timelapse mixture and if you'd like to see this format again for the future weekly episodes! I may have slightly messed up the first part of the timelapse but hopefully you enjoy the rest which i did managed to successfully capture. Thanks for watching guys!
  2. Hey guys so now I'm back actively making videos again I just thought I'd make a new thread that I can drop all my non Wurm related content into. Which will included mainly CS:GO related videos and then random other games (Right now I'm currently piecing together a Rimworld Video series). If you have any requests for games I should play or suggestions for video ideas please let me know! Cheers! CS:GO Rimworld:
  3. Warning: May contain pictures of poorly photographed Richards. I maintain no responsibility for any seizures or emotional trauma caused by the contents of this video. Seriously though, this upload is just so I can post a full video on the Wurm forums since the original one was too offensive! So I hope you enjoy this alternative more family friendly version, if you want to check out the full version please just head over to my Youtube page! No but seriously I'm back guys in Wurm Online after 9months or so of no uploads! I'm so happy to be back there's so much stuff I want to get done and show you guys. So today I'm starting off with my deed on Indie and giving you a sneak peak at the new Wurm Online series I have planned! I'm quickly just going to thank Genocide for designing my new shiny logo for me. Thankyou to Nichow for then taking that logo and making my quick little intro animation I'm really pleased with how it turned out! What can you expect to see from me in the coming months in terms of Wurm stuff? Well I'll be doing a new deed building series with plenty of time-lapses, giveaways, social events, guides and much more! I also want to extend a thankyou to everyone who has messaged me in the last 9 months or so asking how I am and encouraging me to make more videos. It's meant a huge amount to me that there are people that want to see more stuff and the support has meant everything to me! Nah man, I don't care about the video I'm just here to win some free stuff! Well you're in luck then! With myself needing to plant a new deed for this upcoming series I'm giving you the opportunity to name my deed! I'll be keeping it simple and removing any kind of favoritism from my end so whomever has the suggestion with the most likes in 72hrs from this post will be the winner of the competition and not only have a permanent claim to fame in this upcoming series I'll also give you 10s for your brilliant suggestion! Sounds alright hey? Thanks for watching guys and I look forward to seeing some of these suggestions!
  4. So for awhile now I've been pondering the best way to help inspire both new and old players with my video content. Afterall Wurm does have that effect on you sometimes, you'll be wandering around and suddenly find a creation by somebody that you just can't help but want to try and make yourself or put your own twist on. With this goal of inspiration in mind I've started a new video series - Village Showcase! My goal is to travel around different servers (No server or cluster is offlimits for me!) to see some of the most impressive, immersive and different villages that Wurm Online has to offer! So if you have an impressive village and you'd like for me to come and take a tour of your blood sweat and tears then please send me a PM on the forums or ingame because I'd love to hear from you. Episode 1 - Kratos! Since this is the start of the series I've decided to start off with a village that is close to my heart...actually it's mine! Kratos which has only been around for for a couple of years now but already has a considerable reputation for it's self on the server of Chaos. Hopefully you enjoy the little sneak peak of afew of the different parts, even though it's not the most beautiful villages there is no disputing the time and effort that has gone into it from the 60-70 different villagers we've had over the years. With defensive function over aesthetic beauty in most of it's parts; it is a fitting example of what happens when you get a bunch of really stubborn players dropping a whole bunch of dirt of a mountain side on a PvP server. > Episode 2 - Echelon! This episode takes me to the village of Echelon on the Deliverance server. Whilst it has been around since near the time of the server coming into existence the majority of the work done has only been done here in recent times. Echelon focuses on creating a truly immersive atmosphere to play in with heavy emphasis on realism and attention to detail. For such a small village what is packed into the space that it does have and the space management is truly inspirational! I hope you enjoy this video as Huntar/Genocide gives us a tour of his wonderful village! > Episode 3 - Puddlesby! This Village Showcase see me to the server of Release to visit Puddlesby! Which is a massive coastal deed that is right near the middle of the server. Thanks to it's huge size the villagers have managed to make a wonderful homely feeling place to live that is built into the landscape instead of completely changing it. With the idea to make it as reminiscent of an English village it's small lanes and many buildings really create a great atmosphere. This however is not the best feature of Puddlesby; which is it's citizens. A huge thankyou to Tarator, Deri and Pride for taking time out of their day (or in Prides case his night) to show me around their wonderful village. > Remember, if you would like to see you village in the next episode please get in contact with me, I'd love to hear from you. I hope you all enjoy the video and I'll see you in the next one which I'll hopefully be bringing you before the weekend!
  5. Hey guys! This is the first of a series of 13 videos I'll do doing to just explaining what the artifacts are, how they work and why they're so special. I'll be doing a video on each individual artifact, demonstrating their use and their various functions. Of course along the way if there's any info I miss out (It happens, I am human!) I'll be available to answer any questions you may have regarding artifacts either here in this thread or on my video comments themselves. Aswell as this first video I shot video for the mouth of Vynora, Charm of Fo and the Ear of Vynora which mean as I edit them I'll be uploading them hopefully one new video every two days. So if you don't want to miss out on any of the new videos that come out make sure to subscribe! Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy! >